5 Ways for Online Teachers to Make Money & Build Passive Income

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First I'll explain why it's important for you to have multiple streams of income and then I'll jump into five ways that you, as an online teacher, can make extra money and build passive income.

Hey I'm Laney an online teacher and business coach. I help online teachers establish successful online teaching businesses with strategies on lesson, planning, marketing and technology.

I am a six figure entrepreneur who has taken my online teaching business and expanded my income by adding on coaching selling digital resources and so much more.

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Okay, so before we jump into the five ways that you can make extra money and build passive income as an online teacher, let's talk about why that's important
Besides needing extra money to make medicine balls at home, I also need extra income just for security purposes, Just like with any job.

An online teacher isn't guaranteed anything when it comes to a job position, Whether you're working as an online ESL teacher or with a platform like outschool you're, not guaranteed to keep your position with them forever.
Many things in life happen again. This is with any job position.
In order to make sure that you never have all of your eggs in one basket, I think it's important for you to generate multiple streams of income.

Now, it's important to note, though, that when I started generating or creating these other streams of income, I was not seeing an immediate profit.