EARN $1,200 Per Day “DOING NO WORK” On Autopilot in Passive Income (Make Money Online)

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PortalKota – How are you in today’s video? I wants to show you how to make if, as many as 1200 in one day, almost nothing works finish autopilot and it is a passive income strategy.

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It can make you a lot of money online and you will earn tens of thousands dollars every month without ever having to create any content yourself without needing any website, is absolute worldwide and is 110 absolutely free.

So if you want complete passive income online autopilot, do almost nothing of the work yourself make sure you look at this. The whole video, because I’ll show you everything step by step, plus at the end of the video I will be announce.

Paypal handout winner from the previous video and what you need to do to to enter next issue. Let’S discuss it, hello, everyone! It’S alan again from here the smart money tactics channel where i post trusted content to help you make money online.

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That will be $ 50 per case. So today guys, I want to show you a brand new strategy. You can use use YouTube to create compilation, videos with a tick.

Okay, guys. This is a strategy, it is a niche that is absolutely bloated at the moment, and people are crushing it, but i want to show you how to get use these channels and earn the number one, and there is another way you can make money using this type Channel this type of niche and crush it, and i’m going to show you exactly how to do it at the end of this video.

So what are these people doing and how earn their money using YouTube with this checkmark niche? That is absolutely bloated. I’M going to show for you some channels, as this mentioned here – vi 6.

Okay, this channel here create compilation, videos they get of tick. They never have to create anything of these videos themselves, but there are some adjustments you may make must make these videos, so you can make money, but i’m going to show you another way that you can also make money with this strategy, guys who are potentially you Do not even have to get it earn channels, you can still absolutely crush it with this strategy.

If you come here, you can see that some of these videos 25 is minutes long. Some of them are a little a little shorter. You can see that this person is really trying to make their videos a little longer, but you do not necessarily have to do.


These are now the thumbnails themselves when they create these thumbnails. They use about a website called canva.com and what they do is they come here.

What they take says, a snippet from the video itself, and they are do not paste it on the canva template and then they are upload it and they create it their thumbnails.

A lot very simple to create these thumbnails and, as you can see here, post every two days two days four days ago, six days ago, they get 61,000 views.

132,000 view 226 000 views, and you probably think, but alan are these channels. Monetized, absolutely is money made for guys here is the channel here by six.

Here is a video i clicked on, and here’s an ad playing on their channel so that this ch, you know that channels are earned from this.

Money is made for videos, and if you come here and a looked, they got other links too in the description of their videos. Okay and then they have tags here and whatever they do here is any type of music.

They are play on these videos. Okay, they pay credit to the artists very important here, so they do not get in trouble with YouTube.

Okay, and you can do exactly the same thing and when you come here guys, I just want to show you quickly know what their most watched videos are.

If we go to the most popular okay, you come here and look, and you can see that some of them videos gets over 20 million views. 21 million views, 24 million views, 18 million views.

The view is there and this niche is absolutely inflate and do not worry, i’m going to show you how to put everything it very important together and if you come to the social page after see, how much does this channel earn now? Am I going to show you about what they are here? He makes between four thousand six hundred to seventy four thousand dollars.

Okay, it’s very much on the extreme side account. But if you come down here and you take a see how many views they get basically show that they get about 14 million views just over 14 million views, if you do it for one dollar, cpm guys, this is 14 000 every month and not bad for A u-strategy where they do not must create any of the content, just need to put it together and once they put it together when they do their own, you know voice coverage or if they have a nice intro at the start, then YouTube can watch to make Money again, it’s because what you did with it content is that you reuse it so from here you can see it.

There are other channels doing it. Also like this here, the best tick compositions called as well. They have 2 million subscribers.

If you come here and watch at their channel guys, they are too earn money from the k. If you watch here, they earn anything up to 30 000 every month.

When you get there here and look at their views, you know if you have it or look at that, they can make anything between five and ten thousand dollars every month again for reuse content and when you get there are more channels doing this guys.

But I want to show you exactly: how are you going to sum it all up how to post these videos together? So you have these.

Tens can start earning thousands of dollars just like these channels, and some of these channels did not start that long ago. Some of these channels only did it for the last time.

You know six to twelve months and they absolutely crush it because tick explodes and there is so lots of content, and some of these people are nich to funny compilation, videos to trend, compilation, videos, so you can decide which way you want go.

So you can make money on YouTube. So if you come tick guys, let’s go to my tick tock profile here I want to show you how to possibly one of can get these videos.

Okay, download these videos, remove the watermark and then start posting videos together. So you can create your own compilation, video and once you have created it, your own compilation, video from there, you can upload these videos to YouTube and then you can start earning money from YouTube advertising revenue once you thousand subscribers four thousand wagure.

But there is an even better way to make money on YouTube and I’m going to show you who in a second.

So if you come here, it’s me tic, toc profile, I’m just going to turn my volume down because i’m going click on one of these videos and i want to show you what you can do.

So if you come here, if you grab one of these videos, you can watch, I have so many different videos and it’s a lot easy to get views on tick. What is why there is so much content.

Let’S say we click when you come here, for example, on this video here and as you can see this video, I’m just going to interrupt it.

It has a watermark here and if you continue to play this video, this watermark is going to move, go move here.

Now well so tik tock moves its watermark and what is good about the strategy I’m going to show you is that you can remove this watermark and then you can use this content again.

Youtube will not know. You, of course, have this. You know about tiktok.

So what do you want do? Is you want to come here and you want to copy this url? Okay? So I’m going to do it this with my video and show you a complete walkthrough like this. You come here guys you copy it here.

So we’re going to copy it, then this is what you want to do. You want to come to a website here.

It is called click ticks and then all you want want to do simple is to paste it url in here. What it’s going to do? Will it download the video to your computer and it will be removed the watermark?

So what are we going to do? Are we going to download it and, as you can see now it is download okay.

So this video is download to my computer as soon as it is downloaded to the computer.

Now i’m going to show you exactly where you are going to get this link and what software are you going to use upload it? So you can make money on youtube.

So now that it video downloaded that you can watch that the video was downloaded to me computer now from here, what you need do you must download for free software account one I recommend is this here called openshot.org. Now it’s free software, you can use to put it all together.

I go to show you where you can get royalties free, music and how you are going to put it together, so you can upload it to Youtube so from here. You are what you want to do wants to enter into any person from your software account.

I go use me one here called camtasia, which is very similar to that software account you are to use. You do not need to use a paid software for all guys. You can use one that is absolutely for is free.

Okay, so, as you can see, I’m just recording this video here. While we talk well, so i’m going to move it now from here, i’m going to upload it file I downloaded, and what I want show you that the watermark has been removed in this way.

I’M going to come here, I’m going to import, I’m going go to media okay! I go to download here and this video should have been downloaded. So, let’s download this video here, okay, we go bring it below okay.

Now, as you can see, it is the video I just downloaded this software is good. So if i play it, you will see that there is no is water marker case.

Let me just play it very fast. You can see that the watermark of there and that watermark from there has completely disappears okay, and you can do it with funny videos.

You can do it with any kind of videos now from here something very much important guys when you download these different tap. Tok compilation, videos you want to do: do you want the sound that is edit already there, because if there is currently music play there, you have to get rid of that music. For what YouTube will do once you earn money, they will have to pay.

Whoever owns it, musical grip or whoever the creator or the owns the music, your advertising revenue is almost everything go to them.

Whatever you want do, do you want to come here and you want to remove all audio, so you can just want to get rid of all the sound, and you want to create your own.

What you want to put your own music on there or you want to cast your own voice, what you create with your phone or a microphone it’s up to you now.

I’M will show you an example of someone it does it and they do it very well. What what you need?

You need the funny clip and then, if you follow all the steps that I show you here, you will get your channel earn money because you are reuse, the content, you create your own and you make it funny.

So you want to to remove that sound there. So when you play it, there is no sound. What you can do now is that you can overcome to youtube. Okay, now youtube has its own audio library and you can get music from the sound library.

If you want to put on music there or if you want to set light music there, for example, in the background, while doing your voice recording well simple, when you come here, you know, let’s not look for anything at the moment, but basically, if you’re over here, If we play it here, just let me set the volume up here, so you can hear it.

Okay, as you can see it’s playing like that. All you need to do well is that we are, will interrupt it. If you come here, you download it. We are going to download this clip.

We are going to upload this track to this video okay, so you can see exactly how it’s going to work so we’ll get rid of this. We are going to come back to me, video editing software.

Here. Let me upload this and we will all return to the video right. So i just got to me gone documents here, so we go download it.

We grab the guys. We are going to put it here. Okay and now we are going to play it well. So you can think if you had anything here, people can watch it okay. Now it’s not going to.

Let you down any issues with YouTube right now from here guys you might want to cast a vote. You know if it’s a clip where you, if you have to tell something, then you can record it.

Of course, you can record it your phone and you can upload it to this video, okay and then that content is again at the beginning of the video to watch.

You create an intro if you want, it is up to you or what you can do is just post a text cover before the video start right. Not that hard to do.

You can watch tutorials on YouTube, very, very simple things guys. Then there is everything you need to do upload this track to YouTube, or what you can do is download much more of this cut.

You can cut out what you know and use only says 10 seconds of a 30 second cut. You can use 20 seconds of one minute cut. It’S up to you, put all these things together and then you will has a funny video you can upload on youtube.

Let me show you an example of someone. It does it extremely well with these checkmark videos. You are going to see exactly what I mean by this, so i’m going to come here.


This man is known as aussie man, reviews, okay and what someone did are they gone and they took his videos and I just uploaded on their channel, which I do not recommend because that’s his content, but they just uploaded it.

But I want to show you an example: okay, so i’m going to play it, i’m going to play, increase the volume, so you can see exactly how to do it.

Then i want to show you how to make even more money on youtube with this strategy, so make sure you keep watching what you are not watching want to miss it.

Let me play it and show you exactly what this person is. This is someone else’s video and he has his. You know he’s talking on top of that there: okay! Ok, yes, okay!

Okay! Yes, your protectors are going to change. [, Music, ]; ok, i’m sorry Jakob good job, even though you kept it in play.

I’M proud of you, I have it, I will set it up, it will come alright. Now, as you guys can see, he has a video here.

Then this video of him going for about seven minutes and he tells that’s all I mean look at this okay. These are videos I saw, but what he did is he away and take these videos he is talks over his channel is well monetized.

Well, and these videos get millions of views. What does it mean? You can hundreds of thousands of make dollars without ever having a without ever having to create you content without ever having to show you face, and you can double with the strategy.

I’M going to show you now. So how are you going to make more money on YouTube as soon as you get it composition? Mark videos youtube guys good, very simple.

What you want to do is get started. Add links here within the description of these videos.

Okay, guys just like I do on my channel like you can see, I have multiple otherwise, you know links here on me, YouTube channel.

Where I promote different things, you can do exactly the same okay and to get different products, because you guys have to remember it is completely automatic. ...

Once these videos end up on YouTube, it’s fine. You are going to earn passive income both from advertising revenue and with the strategy i’m going to show you now and that strategy involves the use of potentially a website such as clickbank.com or any affiliate marketing network.

Okay, clickbank is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks that have come all you have to do. When you go to come click bank, you can scroll down to the left here, hand side.

Now we must remember with this strategy. You do something that is completely generic. Good and what it means is, you have to use a generic offer and what I will do it with this strategy.

Would i come here? I would be to click on games and, as you can see, there are all these different types games that you can promote, for people can buy well, and all you have to do is refer to it, as I did at the beginning of this video for what I promote on my channel account if you take any.

I take look at this. Someone promote fifa 21 um future millionaire trading since 117. Here is another match for 24.0.

Here’S another hayden’s world of warcraft is now 265 dollars. I want you to imagine something you are promote something for $ 265 if you come to this channel here.

Ok, if we click on one of these videos – and you see here that this video, the last video they created here – viewed 93 000 times. Ok, a new reference back to the link in your description.

Okay, let’s see quickly how many money you can possibly make a case. I am going to transfer my calculator here.

So if you look at this – and you say you had 93 000 views so 93 213 see – we have seen here that this product here guys sell for 265 dollars. Now not everyone is going to click on it, the link – let’s say it. Let’S say it less than one percent half of it.

If we do this and you reverse it by five about half a percent of people, click at this link from there people click on this link is generally more interested. Only one percent of the people buy tsy product, so you can turn it around zero point.

Okay, so only one percent of people continue to buy, for it are extremely modest figure guys and you look at what 46 are people buying and you reverse it with $ 265? Okay, that means you have more than 1,235 made just for one video and you have to remember it is passive income.

Okay, this video is only posted a a few days ago and they are going to post, even more videos and more videos and more people will possibly buy now.

Remember I used less than one percentage of people who click what I know. Many more people, click and many more people buy if they click on, but I want to show you very modest figures: okay, so that you know exactly what is involved and you can start making make some serious money on YouTube passive income strategy.

Now there is one more thing you will need guys with this, and this is what you are going to have to go and you will have to download it. This software called vidiq.com.

I will have a link in my description that you can absolutely get it for free and what it will enable you to do is to get these different labels that people use on their videos here like this one used here.

All these labels you want to do. Are you want to look at all the tags? What they use use a very similar title here, get these videos absolutely downloaded free. Let these videos upload create own composition.

You are going to get better in this, and I promise you that you know one month to two months as your channel growth and you start getting more money, your affiliate marketing and then you channel is earned. You can absolutely crush it with this passive income model and make a lot of money online in 2021.

So that was my video today guys and how to make at least twelve hundred dollars per day on full autopilot guys with this passive income strategy. Without doing any of the work, because the content is previously there for you, I announce the PayPal winner from the previous video guys.

What i want you to do, if you want enter the following, give away in everything you need do, is now going to smash down it likes button in appreciation, and there are two things i want you to have comment number one.

I want you to comment. Let me know what country you come from and number two. I want you to. Let me know what is the best way to enjoy to make money online in your own words, and I choose a winner on the following video and you will win my 50 in the draw dollar paypal-give away.

So if you can see your name below guys, congratulations, you are the 25 PayPal giveaway winner from previous video.

Thank you very much for the taste share and comment on my videos guys. Thank you so much for watching another. One of my videos, of which I have is smart money tactics until tomorrow. You take care of yourself and goodbye

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