GameStop Stock Explained For Dummies in 10 Minutes

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PortalKota – GameStop Stock Explained For Dummies in 10 Minutes. Tesla bitcoin and now gme what the heck was going on for the past six months, stock market has been going up and down like a roller coaster, and when you turn on your news, these three magic letters seems to always part of these days.

So what is gmy? What is this frenzy all about in this video? I want to give you my version of this gme saga for those of you who have been following the financial news. You should have seen these keywords in the headlines.

A lot lately, gme robin hood reddit's wall street, bets short selling, short, squeezing and etc.

The story of gme in recent weeks has been one of the most fascinating stories in 2021. So far, it's basically the avengers vs thanos or david versus goliath.

Disclaimer. Here, though, i'm just trying to summarize this story in a simplified version, so it may not reflect the entire story and some of the information might be missing or not completely accurate, as the story continues to unfold, whether you're, already in or plan to join the game.

Please do not make any investment decisions based on this video. You should do your own research before you make any investment and before we dive into the story deeper.