How to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal (make money online)

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PortalKotaHow to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal (make money online). Okay, guys in today’s video i’m going to show you how you can buy bitcoin using paypal.

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There are lots of people out there who may or may not have a credit card or debit card, or they may not even have a bank account for that matter, but they still want to be involved with bitcoin and they’re wondering how they can do it using Just a paypal account in this video, i’m going to show you just how you can do that, and i’m going to show you why you need to get involved in this right now, all right! Well, let’s go ahead and get started on this today.

Here. First of all, my name is kevin lehner with the freedom motivator channel that you see right here on your screen and if this is your first time here in my videos or you’ve been here before and still haven’t yet subscribed, they’ll reach down there below your video Right now and hit that subscribe, button, click on that and don’t forget to click that little notification bell right beside it there.

So you get notified of when i upload new videos to the channel okay alrighty guys! Well with that, out of the way, let’s go ahead and get jump started in on this.

First of all, we’re going to do a little bit of a history type of thing here, because i want you to see something here. So if i come over here – and you see right here – i’m on google trends – you can see this up here in the address bar, it’s

om and you come over here and you’ll notice. What i typed in the search engine right here is by bitcoin with paypal, and you can see right here that the interest in this is going up and up and up this thing is constantly going up all the way across, and particularly right now here within the Last, just the first part of this year, we’re only in february right now, early february, but the first part of this year.

You can see that the interest jumped up really high and then it came back down and it’s on its way back up again right here. All right, so you can see that the trending bitcoin people wanting to know how to buy bitcoin using just paypal all right.

So that’s why you want to get involved with this, because it’s trending right now and i’m going to show you how you can do that in this video, so stick around and keep watching here now, let’s see what the price of bitcoin is right now, as we Sit here right now, if i come over here – and you see here – i’m at bing search engine and i’ve typed into the search engine here.

The bitcoin price look right here, guys the price for one bitcoin equals 48, 000 and 48 600 and 92 cents for just one bitcoin.

And if you look right here, it shows a graph of the bitcoin right here and if you can see right here just back on january, the 26th bitcoin was at 32 000 and here just in the last couple weeks.

It’S come all the way up. What about sixteen thousand dollars just in two weeks, guys? That’S why, if you’re not invested in bitcoin, you need to get involved in bitcoin right now.

In fact, i read an article here. Excuse me not long ago, where jp morgan, you know they’ve heard of jp morgan bank.

The banking trust jp morgan made a statement that bitcoin within the next few years is going to go up over 150 000 for just one bitcoin. That’S why you want to get involved in it right now as soon as possible, because the more it goes up the more money you can make.

In fact, i’m going to show you my account at my wallet where i invested in bitcoin right here now.

I use this platform right here. It’S called uphold. You see it up here in the address bar, it’s, because this is my wallet.

This is my account and at uphold. Com, this is the platform i use uphold and you can come over and get involved with it and it’s very easy to get invested or to buy bitcoin, and what you can see right here.

If you look right here right here is the my bitcoin card and you look over here where my mouse is that’s 172.32. Just four months ago, guys, four months ago, i invested just 35 dollars into bitcoin on the uphold platform.

Right here i invested 35. Look where it’s at right now, 172 and 32 cents so see guys! That’S why you want to get involved and at least get a little bit of bitcoin under your belt, so that as the price rises in it or goes up, that’s the more money that you’re going to make.

Now you can see here my total balance of my accounts. 285 – almost 300 right now, but you see right here.

I’M also invested in ethereum uh, bitcoin cash litecoin and a little bit of the carbon coin right here.

Upco2, you see, i’m invested a little bit in that these other things, but what i’m pointing out is bitcoin here now you can use this platform if you want and uphold, and you can move money from paypal over into this platform uh just by using this particular Uh anything to anything platform right here and you can do that here, but i’m going to show you two other places where you can buy bitcoin using paypal.

Okay, one of them is going to be for the united states and the other one is going to be for everywhere else in the world, so it doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world. You can use paypal to purchase bitcoin. Okay.

So now that you see a little bit of the history here and the reason why you want to get involved with bitcoin is because the price is constantly going up, it’s going to be going higher and higher.

So the sooner you get in the more chance you have to make money, so you want to invest as much as you can afford into bitcoin so that, as the price rises over the next two three years, you’re going to be in a position to make a Lot of money – okay, just by being invested in bitcoin now first thing you want to do is: if you don’t have a paypal account, you want to come over here to

You see it right here in the address bar we’re at and then what you want to do is you can sign up for a free account.

This is all 100 free doesn’t cost anything guys to do this. Okay, now you want to come over to click.

Sign up here, and all you need to do is to sign up for a personal account right here, but if you want to, you can choose the business account if you’d like it doesn’t make any difference either.

One of those a personal will be good enough and then just click next and follow through on their sign up and get your paypal account signed up. If you don’t have one already now, one of the other.

The other two places that i told you i was going to show you there’s two places one’s going to be for the united states, and that’s this one right here. It’S called local bitcoins right here, you come over here. You see it in the address bar. It’S local

You see that right there and, as you can see, i’m on the localbitcoins Com forward, slash, buy dash, bitcoins dash online forward, slash paypal and you can see it right here.

Buy bitcoin with paypal says right here: did you know that you can use local bitcoins to buy bitcoin with paypal uh buying bitcoin with paypal is easy and fast on local bitcoins.

It’S the world’s largest bitcoin marketplace. Your paypal to bitcoin trades are protected by escrow, and our support desk is always there to help you, when you need guidance in learning how to buy bitcoin with paypal, and then you can simply sign up for free.

It’S only free to sign up right here guys and you can see that people are using right here.

People are using paypal to purchase bitcoins right here on this site. In fact, that’s all these are are all paypal purchases right here on this particular site.

So you can come to local bitcoins if you’re in the united states and you can buy, you might even be able to do it in other parts of the world too.

You just have to check and see, but definitely the united states. You can come to local bitcoins and buy bitcoin with paypal.

All right, that’s the first site. Second site. Is this one right here? This will be for people everywhere else in the world. Is this place right here?

It’s called plus 500 You look up here in the address bar, it’s and you see that i’ve clicked on i’ve come over here and i clicked on their frequently asked questions right here and it says right here: how do i deposit money and if you look right down here, it Says right here that you can use a debit or credit card? If you have that and want to use that, but if you don’t, you only have a paypal account right here: electronic wallets, paypal or skrill, and you can even do it.

If you have a bank account, you can do direct deposit, so you can come to these two sites: local bitcoins and plus 500.

om and uh purchase bitcoins with paypal so that you can get involved in this. It’S going to be big guys.

You need to get involved in this as soon as you can, because it’s going to go up and up and up soon here and if any the people are going to get left behind that aren’t invested in bitcoin.

So you want to get at least a little bit of money if you can afford it put a hundred dollars in that’s all.

You need to get started and, as it rises up you’re going to make a lot of money over the next period of the next couple three years here, all right.

So that’s what you want to do come to dot localbitcoins Com here in the address bar and also plus 500, if you’re anywhere else in the world, okay, now make sure that uh, you can have a wallet you can have.

They have local wallets that you can get, which are your own software based based on your computer, to save your bitcoins in or you can have an online wallet such as what i use right here called, there’s many you can go to coinbase.

I can just do a search for online wallets and you’ll find all kinds of them, but you definitely want to get involved in this guys. As you can see, this price of bitcoin has went up just in two weeks.

It’S gone up about sixteen thousand dollars, uh guys really about sixteen to seventeen thousand 000 and uh that uh that that’s making uh making a lot of people some pretty good money.

As you can see, i only invested 35 and i’m already up to almost 200 in bitcoin already just in four months guys, so you want to get involved with it can make sure you come to paypal and get you a account with paypal. And now you know how you can buy bitcoin with paypal.

If you don’t, have your own bank account or you don’t have a debit card or credit card, or maybe you just don’t even want one of those, but yet you’d like to get involved then come over and use paypal and then come and buy you some bitcoin And get involved in this game and begin to make you some money over the next period of the next couple three years, because it’s going to be big alrighty guys. Well guys, that’s the video i had for you today.

I wanted to show you how you can buy bitcoin with paypal account alrighty guys if you like this video reach down there, give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button down there and click that notification bell and also, if you have any Questions or comments about this video leave them down there below and if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing and if you’d like to learn how to do that, because you’re not real sure.

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There that’ll help you learn how to maximize your affiliate marketing and get started, making some big money even starting today, all righty guys well guys, i’m gon na.

Let you go with that and i’ll see you again here in a couple of days or so on. The next exciting money making video you guys take care and have an awesome day. Bye, bye now.

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