How To Work From Home in 2021

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PortalKotaHow To Work From Home in 2021. How are you I don't want to waste your time. This video is somehow short less than 10 minutes, But please please try to watch it till the end.

Try to listen very well, especially for the next two minutes, because it's really very important.

Before I go to the strategy and show you my dashboard and what I did exactly in this strategy, please listen carefully for these two minutes.

Every single month, every single month I get up to 1 million views on my YouTube channel on my videos.

I get hundreds of thousands of views on my website on my content on my different platforms and I'm really happy about this.

I'M making money from this I'm building a business from this, and I am happy, But on the other side out of these millions of views, only one or two or three contacts me and tell me Hassan.

We did this. We are not successful online. We built a business online The percentage is really very low.

Sometimes I tell you only two percent test: the strategy. What I am saying now is only like: 0.

% is trying and trying to do something. I really don't know why. I really don't know.

What are you waiting for Watching videos will not build you. A successful business Watching videos and reading content will not help you in doing anything.