IRA Calculator

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PortalKota – IRA Calculator.The IRA Calculator helps you determine the most ideal distribution method for your clients IRA.

This also accounts for your clients, desired retirement income or the estate value at the end of the IRA distribution.

We can take a look at this calculator from the calculators menu on the home screen.

If you already have a client selected, you’ll be able to loop load their data directly into this calculator, if you don’t have a client selected or if you’re entering this data for a new client, you can simply enter these fields manually, so we’ll load. Our information for John and Mary, the first piece of data, will have to enter is the plan type.

The traditional IRA is the traditional IRA, which allows for tax, deductible contributions and taxable income withdrawals.

IRA Calculator

The Roth IRA has assumes contributions after tax and thus non-taxable withdrawals. The stretch IRA isn’t actually an IRA plan type.

However, it reflects an estate strategy to stretch the IRA accumulation for as long as possible in order to bequeath the IRA to a beneficiary, including second generation, third generation and even fourth generation beneficiaries.

So it assumes that you want to accumulate the capital as much as possible without a large amount of distributions.