Make PayPal Money Selling Bitcoin 2021 (How to Earn Online)

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PortalKotaMake PayPal Money Selling Bitcoin 2021 (How to Earn Online). This video, I show you how to make PayPal money to sell Bitcoin which is a new strategy to make money online this year 2021.

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How to do it? We’re about to find out. This is how to make PayPal money to sell Bitcoin! Also, only a small percentage of people watching my videos are actually subscribed.

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This way I will always notify you I have a new and fresh strategy to make money online so you can be one of the first to use it. So, of course, make the most money. Enjoy it. Today I want to introduce you to the service, Tirlu.

With the service, you can exchange Bitcoin for PayPal at a surcharge of up to 20%. To start working with the service, you just need to create a free Bitcoin wallet and register in PayPal. You can get a free Bitcoin wallet with Coinbase, eToro, Rely on Wallet and LocalBitcoins where you can buy Bitcoin with less commission. But for this video, I’m going to use Coins.

ph because it’s one of the famous Bitcoin wallets in the Philippines since I live in the Philippines.

At the same time, just your phone is enough to do the job. In order to be successful, it is enough not to spend more than an hour on the initial study of information, After learning this, it does not take more than 20 minutes a day to do everything right.

Watch this video to the end and I will teach you how to earn 1 to 1000 dollars per month by selling you Bitcoin.

Before I close, load and get ready to go, there are some quick things I need to say NOT a financial advisor, so you need to talk to yourself before making a crypto move.

It video is also meant to be merely an educational tool to support your own research.

Let’s take now take a closer look at the service and discuss separately examples of how to make money from it.

As I said earlier, you need to register for free to start working with Tirlu the service where you will buy Bitcoin, such as Coinbase, eToro, Trust Wallet and LocalBitcoins. I will go with because it is the easiest service in the Philippines.

You can register at these services within minutes. If you do not know how, you can watch such videos on YouTube.

And if you prefer to register with LocalBitcoins, Tirlu has compiled a guide to buying Bitcoin on it so you can use it. I link the manual only in the description. In continuation, you must also register with PayPal.

com to receive payment from Tirlu. Next, we go to for the most important part.

So Tirlu offers unique services in the market, buy Bitcoin from you with a transfer to PayPal, with an extra flight of up to 20%. For example, the rate is currently on the website 61736,98 USD / BTC.

This means you will get an extra 8052.65 USD / BTC or a total of 15% profit if you sell 1 Bitcoin.

To get started, decide how much you want to start and fill in this form. The best part is that the minimum transaction amount is only $ 1, but you have to decide what amount to start with. And remember the requests of more than $ 100 is usually executed faster.


To make it easier for you, you can go through this guide, which I will also link in the description. I updated it with newly designed screenshots. So I decided to start with $ 150, which is equivalent to 0.0027 BTC. So I’ll just come in.

0.0027 BTC here, enter my PayPal account here and click on Start Exchange. After that, I need to copy this BTC address to which I need to send the payment.

So I’ll just have to open up BTC wallet, enter 0.0027 BTC here, paste the BTC address we copied earlier and just click continue.

Then click send. And as you can see, the payment was complete and successful.

Then we just wait for Tirlu to process the transaction, which usually takes 2-12 hours. After a few hours, I received $ 174.29 directly on my PayPal wallet.

So this is a net profit of $ 24.29, which equates to a profit margin of 16%, which is really insane. With this you can literally earn a fortune.

On the other hand, PayPal can 1-21 days money on new, fresh wallets, this is normal, but after you pass this time, you get 100% of the funds, but if you have a history account, with a history of constant use of the wallet, you get the money right away.

Just remember, if your money is in arrears, In no case do not repay, because then you just lose your money.

Instead, I recommend a look at the question section of Tirlu. Here you can see answers to your questions, such as: “WHAT CAN I DO IF PAYPAL KEEPS MY ACCOUNT?” and “HOW TO USE PAYPAL ACCOUNT CAREFULLY?”

There is a lot of useful information in this section that will help you compile better you work with Tirlu and with PayPal. And remember that the PayPal account must be first fully verified.

I therefore suggest that you read the FAQ section in full before starting work.

There is a lot of useful information you need to know before you start working. So you can earn a repeat of this shot every day, buy Bitcoin and sell it to PayPal the service Tirlu.


This way you can make money by doing simple things every day. Or sell your Bitcoin just for a good profit.

And just recently Tirlu announced the creation of the business club known as the VIP Club.

In VIP Club you will get improved conditions, depending on the turnover which is the amount of transactions you do per week. Let’s then move on to the conditions of the GDP program.

Number 1, to get an invitation to the VIP club, you must have at least $ 700 turnover or the number of orders for the week. Number 2, depending on the turnover per week, you get the following conditions.

If you have more than $ 700 in turnover per week, you get + 0.5% extra rates for the week.

If you have more than $ 1700 in turnover per week you get + 1% extra rates for the week.

If you make more than $ 4500 in revenue per week, you earn it + 1.5% extra rates for the week.

Your potential extra rate will be added to the current rate On the website. Your GDP rate is active for a week. Recalculation takes place on Monday based on last week’s results.

If you have not met the conditions, your personal rate is automatically decreases to the value, according to the turnover you made during the week. Now, how does it happen to get the extra VIP rate?

How to join the VIP club? Use the form on Tirlu website, “BECOME A PARTNER AND GET VIP RATES”.

Enter your email address from where you place orders and your turnover or quantity of transactions for the past week.

Tirlu can check your turnover and give you a personal rate, depending on your turnover in the past week.

This service is an excellent way to sell your Bitcoin at a good profit and to make money, live in any part of the world, act at home and do simple things.

And the best part is that they have a great support team; they always respond to all messages, and they also accept the PayPal commission for translation, which is very happy.

And that wraps it around. This is exactly how you will make 2021 PayPal money sell Bitcoin this year.

Thank you so much for watching and make sure you like and subscribe with notice on such you do not miss any of the new content.

As always, I will see you in some of the following videos.

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