What is Forex Trading (for Beginners)

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PortalKota – What is Forex Trading (for Beginners). Welcome to the first episode in our complete course on how to trade Forex! Hello, I'm David Jones from capital.com and we thought it would be very useful for our clients and non clients (and viewers of our YouTube channel) to put together a complete course from start to finish on how to trade Forex.

So whether you're a beginning trader or you've been trading for a few years, I'm hoping there's gonna be something for everyone in this.

What is Forex Trading (for Beginners)

We're assuming no knowledge whatsoever, even though the focus is on Forex, the foreign exchange markets, the principles we'll be talking about, we can apply them broadly to all sorts of markets.

So even if your interest is in the oil price or the Dow Jones, I think there will be something for everybody in the contents of this course.

So we're gonna start off first of all just defining exactly what do we mean by “trading”. You know people talk about trading a lot but let's just define what we actually mean when we talk about trading financial markets. So let's start right with the basics.
When we talk about trading what do we actually mean?

Well traders are typically looking to profit from price changes in a market, whatever that market is, over a short period of time and when we say a short period of time that can be anything from the next few seconds (maybe even shorter than that) up to a number of weeks.