Work From Home Jobs 2020 [Stay Home and Work] No Experience Needed

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PortalKotaWork From Home Jobs 2020 [Stay Home and Work] No Experience Needed. If you are looking for ways in Switzerland can actually make money work from home, this video is actually for you, hello, my name is diana castillo and welcome to my channel. This channel is about how you can make money online.

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Not miss video, as I mentioned earlier in this video, I am, will share with you several ways in which you can stay work at home and at home uh by the way, if you have different skills or if you have no skills at all, I’m pretty sure That there is a way that will fit you.

Okay, the first way you can actually make money from home it’s by being a customer service representative.

Okay, with that, do you need to know what the product is. You will handle what you need have high speed internet and you need to a to have quiet space.

Ok, it’s something something super important. The first website you can apply to as a customer service representative. It is called next rep, okay, nextrep.

om and you click here is what it is say what it’s like to be an agent who is good, focused on customer service. Only experience so here you will see like uh how environment is actually designed that they have all the tools in order and what they like.

Actually these are people to stay at home. A your company and the representative should be in us, but do not worry if you are not in the u’s I’m going to show you in a moment how you can apply to another one okay, so they go land here on this page and as you can See it’s welcome here is the marketplace: okay, and you can actually work from home here again how actually, how everything works. You are going to set up your own schedule like this.

There is no office, no bus just use your own schedule based on what works for you.

Ok, you going to be make a lot of money. If you decision, if you go to work, you are actually decide how much you are going, be paid.

Okay, you’re going to work home about the commute, all flexibility, so it is really really amazing, and here are some credentials you, the products or services they offer served, is actually food fashion, music, hospitality, education, okay, so you go the opportunity to be. You know you deal with people customer service representative, on the phone chat by email and on the different social platforms.

So here, if you want to join, make sure you go for it follow these steps. It goes take about 45 minutes.

So make sure that if you decide it’s, for you take the time, ok, you are going to click click on work from home. Remember it’s going to be here or it’s going to be at the very top. Okay, you will be asked to complete the registration on the market after you have registered.

You will have the opportunity to schedule a call with a market coordinator anywhere time that actually works for you, okay and it’s going to take ten minutes, bel, okay.

So this is the very first website. It is called, okay, another site where you can actually offers your customer service. You know service or skills or try it right.

It will be sick. It will be like these sick dot com. Okay, one of the things i like sick and, if you want to apply, you can click here where it says, join the team applicable or you can up here, go where it’s career or you can browse off to the bottom and clear Click here where careers say At least one of the things i really am, as with the sick, the fact that they is a global event, so remember the first one. Next rep is only for people in us, but it is almost for everyone. So do not no matter where you are.

You can actually apply here on websites, you can click here. What says work at home and you are going to land on this website. You can see like the benefits.

If you decide to work with them, you are go check and you can post your location to see what are the positions they are in available. It is really flexible uh.

They were in the top century of the businesses. You know giving the opportunity to people uh work from home. Here are some examples of the positions you can watch a video here explain you know their culture opportunities like.

If you decide to work from home – and here you can see some opportunities, they offer have it here many opportunities in order, so my suggestion is to go immediately. It’S the site.

Scype.Com. Remember you can click on the above what say, careers or audience role where it stands. Join the team adjust now okay uh another way, actually it’s uh or another site where you can apply it directly:, okay, karenlabs Com, you can click here.

What says now applies, and it goes be actually the same process. They offer your flexibility, you can actually work from home if you do not like dealing with people, because customer service can be stressful.

Another way you can actually make money by doing translations: okay, you’re, going to do Translations. The very first site I am go – show what it’s called gengo: okay

As you can see, they have their website translated into different languages. They deliver high quality uh.

You know translation fast, more than 70 languages, so here are some of the you know the industries they work for.

It’S about e-commerce travel, marketing for video games, legitimate business. So you like an idea of how actually works.

If you have a want idea how much you are going to pay because remember it is code based on the customer and you go make a percentage, you can choose as okay, the language becomes English and then i translate it Spanish or you can choose the other Languages, let’s say now: we go together, Japanese, so you can see it is a little more expensive.

It’S good to have an idea like how much money will be paid, and if you want to try it, you have to scroll down and click here where it says: carriers, okay or you – can go here too say – become a translator. Okay, so here are the careers. They have have, for example, now you can be a judge.

Ok, it can be from any country if you speak, japanese, when you are in Philippines, okay, so these are the careers they have have and if you have a want to become a Translator, you can click here where it says, because translator, okay and you can actually Become a translator uh.

This is this flexible schedule, so you can a. If you want. You choose the project you want to work on. You are going to have our community. You will have access to the latest technology.

Okay, here, if you want to be like a estimate, how much money you are going to make, let’s do it again with Japanese okay. This is the monthly average. So if you speak more than one language, you can have a great opportunity.

Let us says I do not know you are going to be speak portuguese right or you are going to speak russian right or are you going to talk? Do not know Spanish from Spain now here’s an idea to have an idea of how everything works and okay.

So this is a great opportunity. If you do not want to be. You know how to deal with customers. You can also go to and they are looking for translators and interpret okay.

So this is another opportunity um day. Translations is another site in what you can actually apply.

If you decide to give it a try proposal again, if you speak more than one language and you are really interested try to apply to multiple sites so that you can have a wonderful monthly salary, remember that at the end of the day, all of them offer You wonderful flexibility. It’S like you! Ok, ok!

Maybe i should go go to this site today, because the project they are doing now they will pay me the more money or if you have lots of free time right, you can replace your full time.

Job herewith and something really important and that do you have to understand it: um. Ok, you it’s something that is going to be a job, so that means you have to trade the hours.

If you want to know what is my number one recommendation to make money online and I mean make money while you travel while you sleep, okay, passive income, i’m going the link below is the whole first link in description. Let’S continue the video okay.

Another way you can actually make money with date is a data entry. Um amazon has a website called mtork like this m2.

You can be a data entry here. You can also use a website. I have shown in the past what is clickworker.

om? Okay, click here, where it says, make money as a clicker and they do have different ways of you can actually get money online.

So you have a can be data entry here, but again you will have different ways.

You can do it make money as a clicker. Okay, another one is actually a chat support agent.

Okay, maybe you want to go to work customers, but you do not want to be present they on the phone. You want to help people a chat.

The first website, I will show you it’s called needle needle dot com. Okay, them provides chat, support in order, so you should have good written skills because you know it can be sometimes complicated to talk to with people who may misunderstand them what they are trying to say.

But if you have no problem – and you want try, it go to another site to a site named the

Okay, here on the, you are, will get the opportunity to know that you are offering your services and it’s something people like, and I am by people I mean you know: business people, okay, the business person, because they understand the fact that you sometimes know it Chatbots that they are, Are not that great?

Sometimes people like to talk to you, you know someone to be someone who knows what they are talking about about, rather than like to be.

I do not understand what you are saying: try this or something else you know okay. So if you want to try, it can click here where it says careers and you get the opportunity om here for um to work.

In fact the chat shop, okay. So it’s actually really great and remember that this is all things you can do from home. So you do not have to be. You know, commute is trans.

You are actually traveling to a job in another way that you can actually made money online by a to be a virtual assistant, uh, the first site, i’m going to show you it’s virtual uh.

This is actually bava It can be a bit annoying. So if you googler it go to baobab virtual assistant, okay, so you can be a virtual assistant, as in the best virtual assistant, an uh representative or agent, or you know a ba uh.

You can have different things that you can do because remember. These are things that people are going to be on demand, so you can be a social media representative.

You can be an executive assistant can do sites, you can be do graphic design pieces.

So there are different things that actually you can do it okay, so this is how it actually goes work uh. They will find uh the best virtual assistant in this case it is.

Are you going to be you, the platform that it will launch you? I do not want to say it your boss, but the person who is going to be pay for your service wherever you go start doing the service good. You go completion of the test that you will hold like a final report, um tree.

This is it if the person wants continue to work with you or you can have as many customers as you want. You know you go, the repeat.

The things here are some of the positions they do have available. If you decide to work like uh company itself, you go here’recess, jobs’ click and there is also another site that it is called.

Let it be uh these are called belay solutions. Again, if you want to be, you know a ba, there are many opportunities actually for you, okay, so this is another way to on which you can actually make money, but you have to trade in your time for money.

So if you know for some reason that you are getting sick or you cannot do the tests, it’s not like my favorite way to make money online.

So again, if you want know what is my number one recommendation to make money online, if you want to earn passive income I’ll leave a link below this will be the very first link in the description. My proposal goes ahead and click on it and try it.

Okay, so that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoy this content. If you do give me a thumbs up, it will help me.

It will help my video. It helps my channel if you have comments, questions leave it in the comments area and I will be more than happy to answer them. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and press the notification bell, and I see you on the next video you.

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