Dr Harrison Of Mint Dentistry

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PortalKota – Dr Harrison Of Mint Dentistry. Dr. Harrison is a visionary entrepreneur and the sole owner and founder of mint dentistry, which is one of the fastest growing largest privately held dental companies in the United States.

Dr. Harrison lives in Dallas Texas, with his wife Sabrina and their two beautiful children, Christian and Camila. He is a proud husband, father speaker, author entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Dr Harrison Of Mint Dentistry

He graduated kumite from the University of Texas in Dallas and earned his doctorate in dental surgery at Baylor College of Dentistry.

He is chairman of the board of the International Academy of elite cosmetic dentistry. He is also chairman and owner of tender hands home health care.

In addition, he is the CEO and founder of Christos wealth management, a tax consulting company with hundreds of employees and tens of millions in revenue, he’s navigated the treacherous waters in business and remain rooted and strengthened in his faith. Dr.

Harrison is a leading voice of innovation. Inspiration and influence in dentistry and business you.