Hospital Dentistry by Dr. Soo Jun Mint Kids Dentistry

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PortalKota – Hi, I'm Elaine and I oversee the hospital dentistry program for dr. Peter McIntyre a lot of times.

Some patients cannot tolerate a general dental setting. They have circumstances where they need to be seen in the hospital. Dr.McIntyre provides that service at st.

Hospital Dentistry by Dr. Soo Jun Mint Kids Dentistry

Francis Medical Center and cholera streams, and also at mckee Medical Center and Loveland Colorado studies show that people who maintain healthy dental habits have an overall improved health, meaning a lot of times that reduces their heart.

The risk of heart disease and the dental those people that are unable to maintain a healthy dental, have it that's where our Hospital program can ensure those patients can get that dental or care that they need. Dr., Peter McIntyre has provided this service for over 15 years.

If you feel like someone needs this service reach out to us at 719 for 75, 25, 11 and my name is Elaine, I'm the hospital coordinator and I'll be happy to assist you with the process.