8 ways to make your girl happy, dont be an butt

Well, hey guys, this was a little bit different kind of thing. What I was doing in my last video was – I was singing my song and created, so I didn’t really work out.

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Well, that’s re-enter! Lift up my shirt cookie know right now. Look my shirt off, but my segment is trying to make your girl happy.

Not a girl, not a lot of guys can make their girls happy because you know the juice bags in yeah douchebags.

Why does a juice bags I’m stupid, anyways, some ones the quality to become annoying right is but come on good listener. Everyone wants to feel like they’re being listened to, but girls can be very deeply about being listened to ask questions about things.

She says: if you can follow her concentration, you should be able to ask questions. No, it’s really easy Alice.

Whenever you get something give back a little, it has had to be clockwork, but the idea is important if she gives you a massage give her a foot. Rub the next day, you know give her something that would make her feel like she’s or something um earned.

Her trust guys always have to earn the girls trust be worthy ever trust, guys me not care about it that much, but for girls, it’s a really important issue and number four and closed her with her friends.

Let’S face it, she may never be mistaken for one of the guys, but you can make an effort to include her into the into the game every once in a while. Sorry, for the background, noise share things about yourself that define you, you know, share some qualities.

Open up self disclosure is essential to bonding and has been shown to promote happy relationships. Ask her directly, don’t be afraid to ask her.

If there’s anything, you can do to make her happy or make the relationship better. You know. Sometimes honesty is just what the doctor ordered instead of playing games and trying to figure out what’s wrong by fitting together all the tiny puzzle pieces be blunt and ask her about it.

You know ask her about the things that bugged you never known and um. Sorry Hansel with my notepad, show her your verbal affection from Tammy. No make her feel good about herself.

You know, I think she’s beautiful, say you’re gorgeous or say cheesy pickup lines. He knows not make your girl happy, but just don’t overdo it.

A nice compliment, or I love you goes a long way every once in a while and be a gentleman, you know open the door for your girl.

You know move out of the way, so she can walk, walk on the outside of the sidewalk sleep on the side of the bed, that’s closest to the door, so you can protect her if a burglar comes in um and that’s basically really all of the segments.

Thank you guys for watching and tape stay tuned tomorrow. Maybe on what I got ta tell you, love them.

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