How to keep your girlfriend happy without spending a lot of money

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Hi guys Ryan here in this video is a little bit different for my first one, but my youtube is going to be literally for anything, so I want you guys to comment like ideas, pranks stuff, like that anything, you want me to do well.

This video today is a video on how to make your girlfriend happy by spending less money, like all these guys are out buying flowers, expensive flowers like roses and diamond rings. Necklaces stuff like that me, I went a little bit cheaper. All right. I bought this bracelet and ran.

It’S got elephants on it. My cameraman is gon na. Do a close-up right. There yeah just sell offense that was actually ninety-four cents. They have other colors.


I picked red because it is the meaning of love. Alright, so that’s that next I am a Superman fanatic and like say you adore something like Superman for me and you want to prove to your girlfriend that you adore her more take your Superman or whatever you’re obsessed with and give it to her.

This couple dollars really cheap, also, all right, and finally, I got a dog tag. Alright, and this one, for instance, is a Tasmanian devil and do something and put an a your name. The day you guys got together or something and a skip, sir um.

That is really all this hole. Right here was about seven bucks for all that really really cheap, but also keeps your girlfriend happy. Ah, thanks for watching this video, please subscribe