12 Extreme Riddles Test Your Survival Skills

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12 Extreme Riddles Test Your Survival Skills – You board a small plane: nice you’re, the only passenger on board in a few hours, you’ll be sunbathing on the beach tipping something cold and refreshing.

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But before that happens, you’ll face an epic test to see if you’ve got the kind of survival skills you need to survive in the wild count up your right answers and see what it all means.

At the end of the video you fasten your seatbelt and fall asleep just before takeoff suddenly turbulence you wake up from a dream where you were an octopus in an earthquake, the plane shaking your luggage falls out of the overhead.

This is serious. You strap on an oxygen mask and notice a flash of lightning outside a second later you see another flash, but this time it’s your plane’s engine, it’s on fire, you’re, falling the screeching of ripped metal screams and then darkness.

12 Extreme Riddles Test Your Survival Skills

You pass out after a few seconds. You open your eyes and find yourself falling from the sky.

Okay, get it together! You unfasten yourself from the chair to stop spinning the first rays of sun appear over the horizon and down below you see a dense forest, a green field and a small pond. By stretching out your body, you can change direction, you can steer.

So, where are you going to land or crash? You have three seconds to decide.

The best answer is the forest, a fall into water from that high up would hurt the same as falling flat on the ground, but tree branches can soften a fall. You plummet into the forest and lose consciousness day.

One awake your whole body aches, fortunately you’re not injured, and you can even walk those branches saved your life yeah.

This is a fairy tale now, where to you, don’t have a map or a compass, then suddenly you hear the sound of a river.

You need to choose a direction here. Are the options walk in a straight line, find some moss on a tree and walk in the direction? It’S growing find the river and walk along it. You have 10 seconds to choose, don’t go straight.

If you don’t want to get lost and walk in circles navigating by moss yeah. I just made that up to mess with you.

You should go along the river it’ll lead to a pond or lake, and there might be people there or a road or some signs at least day two you make it to a lake, but there’s no sign of civilization.

Now, what maybe head back up the river along the way you pass out again you wake up and it’s cold. So you drink some river water and try to make a fire.

You collect dry, twigs, brush wood, birch bark and moss, oh sweet, a gas lighter and a piece of paper in your pocket.

What’S the best way to start a fire, put the branches in a pile and pour gasoline on them put pieces of paper in the branches and fire them up make the branches into a triangle place birch bark under and light it. You have seven seconds and it’s getting really cold.

Don’T pour that precious gasoline on the branches it’ll burn out too quickly and those fumes are bad for you. The paper will burn off too fast and the wood won’t catch fire.

The triangle of wood will let air pass through it. That’S the key fire and air a match made in heaven. Get it match. Okay day three, you finally get warm drink some water and continue along the river uh. Oh, you haven’t eaten anything for three days got ta get on it.

You don’t know how to fish. So you go into the forest to find some food. You have a few choices, berries yeah.

They look delicious and seem pretty juicy ants mushrooms. You have seven seconds.

Choose wisely ants are the most delicious and safe thing around you just can’t eat random, berries or mushrooms.

They can be poisonous. Now. How do you get those ants to march right into your mouth? Hey, i can’t hand you all the answers day.

Four, a big bear is blocking your path. You shout to scare it away, but it just looks at you: it’s not happy, and now it’s coming your way.

What should you do run as fast as possible because bears are big and clumsy climb the nearest tree and sit up there till the bear goes away, lie down in a fetal position and stay absolutely still.

You have five seconds to make a choice and it better be the right one. Beers are fast and can climb trees like they’re oversized squirrels.

The right decision is to pretend to be asleep. The bear will see that you’re not a threat and probably will pass you by day.

Five heavy rain starts to fall. You need to hide under a tree, build shelter and make another fire which of these three trees. Should you hide under you have seven seconds before you’re soaked to the bone?

The tree on the left is rotten and might crumble at any moment. There’S a snake crawling in the tree on the right venomous or not. It’S not worth the risk.

The tree in the middle is perfect day. Six, your stomach starts to rumble those ants weren’t, exactly filling you decide to catch a fish at all costs.

You could use a piece of your clothing as bait, but where can you find a fishing rope? You have 10 seconds for this one. The answer is your shoe laces.

They should be enough if you tie them together after a long day of fishing, you finally catch one sushi day. Seven, your journey along the river continues up ahead.

You see that the river splits into two smaller streams decision, time left or right. This could mean life or not. You have seven seconds to decide your fate.

Definitely the right stream. There are wolf tracks by the left stream, a pack of hungry wild animals yeah no thanks day, eight no way you’re saved in the distance.

You can just make out the roof of a big house. You run over and tragedy. The house is totally abandoned and almost destroyed, but you still decide to go in in the hallway.

You see three doors, there’s a sign with snakes and spiders on the first door. The second door also has a sign, a pit with spears at the bottom.

The third door has a lightning bolt sign on it. Probably some high voltage stuff going on in there which room should you choose i’ll? Give you 10 seconds for this one [ Music ] go for the third door. The house is abandoned, so the power’s probably been out for years.

You decide to stay the night rest and move on in the morning, even though it’s super creepy day nine time to hit the road again in the house, you find a piece of broken, mirror and grab it just in case you’ve been walking for hours, but the River doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere.

Then you hear the most magical, sound. You look up a helicopter. You need them to see you, but there’s no time to start a fire. What can you do? The helicopter is about to fly off five seconds.

Quick grab that piece of mirror you can reflect the sun off it and try and direct the light at the helicopter.

Yeah you’ve been spotted, but you can’t be saved. No thunderclouds come out of nowhere and force the helicopter to fly away.

Your best bet stay right where you are, that helicopter will come back for you tomorrow, hopefully day 10, you wake up in a good mood. The rescuers will be here soon.

You take off your shoes to wash your feet in the river, then a not so magical sound. You hear a growl.

Two wolves are staring down their noses at you. You start running in a total panic. The wolves start to chase you they’re catching up.

There are three paths up ahead: the first road is covered in hot coals. The second one is littered with rusty nails.

The third has broken glass all over it, which path are you going to choose? You have two seconds. The wolves are coming right up behind you.

Your best bet is the hot coals you’re running, which means you won’t have time to feel any pain. It might get a little hot, but your feet will be safe.

The wolves don’t dare run through the coals, but they stay nearby great now the rescuers won’t know where to find you wait a minute. How did these three paths appear in the forest anyway, people made them you’re on the right path. Civilization is near yeah, food, water, wi-fi day 11.

The helicopter appears in the sky. Again you whip out your mirror and go to town.

The helicopter starts to fly down, but it can’t land on your side of the river. The forest is too dense. The rescuers are waiting for you.

On the other side, quick three logs lie across the water which one’s safe to run across.

You have 10 seconds so think carefully. [ Music, ], the first log looks old. The river might carry it away at any moment. The third log: well, it’s a crocodile!

You need to cross the river on the second log. You’Re saved next stop a cool ocean breeze, but what you don’t know yet is that there’s one more test you’ll be swept far out into the ocean after you accidentally fall asleep on a little boat.

You rented, but that’s another story. Now, let’s check out how well you did zero to four points, you better not go camping without an experienced guide: hey don’t worry survival in the wild, isn’t for everyone, five to nine points, not bad.

If you get lost in the forest, you won’t panic, but things might get a bit hairy if you have to stay out there for more than a couple of days 10 to 12 points.

Wildlife is your second home. If things get really bad, you could just camp out in the woods forever. Hey just never mind that part about falling out of the plane without a parachute.

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