12 Extreme Riddles Test Your Survival Skills

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12 Extreme Riddles Test Your Survival Skills – You board a small plane: nice you're, the only passenger on board in a few hours, you'll be sunbathing on the beach tipping something cold and refreshing.

But before that happens, you'll face an epic test to see if you've got the kind of survival skills you need to survive in the wild count up your right answers and see what it all means.

At the end of the video you fasten your seatbelt and fall asleep just before takeoff suddenly turbulence you wake up from a dream where you were an octopus in an earthquake, the plane shaking your luggage falls out of the overhead.

This is serious. You strap on an oxygen mask and notice a flash of lightning outside a second later you see another flash, but this time it's your plane's engine, it's on fire, you're, falling the screeching of ripped metal screams and then darkness.

12 Extreme Riddles Test Your Survival Skills

You pass out after a few seconds. You open your eyes and find yourself falling from the sky.

Okay, get it together! You unfasten yourself from the chair to stop spinning the first rays of sun appear over the horizon and down below you see a dense forest, a green field and a small pond. By stretching out your body, you can change direction, you can steer.