13 Easy Tips That May Save Your Life One Day

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13 Easy Tips That May Save Your Life One Day – Once when I was a kid, I went hiking with my family and got lost. I still remember how terrified I felt Lucky.

13 Easy Tips That May Save Your Life One Day

It took less than 10 minutes for my uncle to find me, And I guess that's where my interest in all kinds of survival tips comes from

1. If your wrists are bound with zip ties, rotate and move them back and forth against each other, It's likely to loosen the cords a bit and you'll be able to remove the ties.

Also, while you're being tied, try to clench your fists. Itll expand the muscles in your hands and the ties will feel looser once you relax your muscles again, This will let you wriggle your hands out of the plastic cords.

Note What you originally did to earn getting plastic ties on your wrists is not covered here.

2, If youre in a tough situation, with nobody around to help you out, it's all too easy to succumb to panic.
In this case, you can use a psychological trick: First visualize how to successfully get out of trouble.
Then set several small goals and tackle them one at a time. Itll preoccupy your mind and prevent you from overthinking the situation, For example, being lost in the wilderness.

You can draw up the following plan: Find a safe place, Start a fire, Build a shelter
Find a water source and so on. Itll, take your mind off visualizing all kinds of catastrophic outcomes: 3, If you find yourself with frostbite, take care of it as soon as you can
Despite the popular misconception, do NOT pour hot water on the damaged skin. Itll make things much worse.

Instead, if you can't see a doctor immediately, remove any wet clothing and put the place with frostbite in warm water, Then make sure that the damaged body part isn't going to freeze again and keep it elevated to reduce swelling. Lastly, put a bandage on the frostbitten area.