How to Build Good Habits I 5 Simple Steps for Lasting Change

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PortalKota – How to Build Good Habits I 5 Simple Steps for Lasting Change. Today i will be talking about habits if you are the one who wants to build new, powerful habits or maybe get rid of some of those habits that no longer serves you. This moment is for you.

I will be sharing you with you. Five simple five-step habit, building system that works for me every single time and if you're new here my name is daria and i'm committed to continuous and never-ending learning, self-improvement and growth, and i'm inviting you to join me if you're interested in leading healthy lifestyle building new Powerful habits getting better and better every single day hit that subscribe button, so we can grow and improve together.

5 Simple Steps for Lasting Change

Let'S come back to the topic of today's moment and before i start with the steps i just wanted to ask you: why do you think habits are so important?

The thing is, our lives are largely controlled by our subconscious mind. Why? Because brain doesn't like waste energy and it does what's easier, we do so many things on autopilot.

That'S why the quality of our lives are largely determined by the quality of our habits.

So ask yourself what you're doing today, if you continue to do it in the future, will it assure the future that you want you to have and if it's not maybe it's time to do some changes, so the very first step is analysis.