How to Build Good Habits I 5 Simple Steps for Lasting Change

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PortalKota – How to Build Good Habits I 5 Simple Steps for Lasting Change. Today i will be talking about habits if you are the one who wants to build new, powerful habits or maybe get rid of some of those habits that no longer serves you. This moment is for you.

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I will be sharing you with you. Five simple five-step habit, building system that works for me every single time and if you’re new here my name is daria and i’m committed to continuous and never-ending learning, self-improvement and growth, and i’m inviting you to join me if you’re interested in leading healthy lifestyle building new Powerful habits getting better and better every single day hit that subscribe button, so we can grow and improve together.

5 Simple Steps for Lasting Change

Let’S come back to the topic of today’s moment and before i start with the steps i just wanted to ask you: why do you think habits are so important?

The thing is, our lives are largely controlled by our subconscious mind. Why? Because brain doesn’t like waste energy and it does what’s easier, we do so many things on autopilot.

That’S why the quality of our lives are largely determined by the quality of our habits.

So ask yourself what you’re doing today, if you continue to do it in the future, will it assure the future that you want you to have and if it’s not maybe it’s time to do some changes, so the very first step is analysis.

What does it mean? It means pick the right habit that will have the highest impact on your life. The way i’m doing it, i’m analyzing my current situation and i’m thinking a little bit forward to the future.

What kind of future i want to have, and then i will thinking about habits and qualities that i need to have already in order to assure that i’m moving closer to it, what it does if it builds building with me an inner power and motivation to go Through tough times that i know for a fact that will be tough times and it will give me understanding. Why do i need it, and why am i doing it in the first place?

How to Build Good Habits

So after picking up the habit – and it should be just one – we working only on one at a time – we move into the step number two. It is creating a system because some of the habits a little bit harder to perform than the others.

And if you start with the small achievable steps, it’s going to be so much easier for you to maintain it in a long run, for example, if you sta, if your goal is to get into fitness, your first step should do this just for five minutes.

If your goal is to get into a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy, your first step could be eat just one fruit, the easier, the first step, the easier for you to start and maintain, because once you achieve your first steps, you will feel such a boost of Accomplishment because you’re already on your way, you’re already winning and it’s it’s motivate you to move even further.

It’S gon na give you a winner mentality, every time, you’re winning every single week, you’re advancing, and you will feel more and more powerful and will move forward and forward to the lifestyle that you want.

So the next step is accountability and i talked about it in my every single moment because, yes, it’s that important progress sometimes is very gradual and you don’t see it right away.

But if you making those progress notes, if you have a habit, tracker or calendars, where you can see all the hard work that you already done every time, your brain will release a dopamine and it will feel like a reward for you. That’S why it’s so important, because it will push you further and further as you progress, cues and triggers a huge and habit building system.

And at this point i really encourage you to read one of the best books written about habits called atomic habits written by james, clear, and i will leave the link down in description box and go and buy it if you never read it before. But i just slightly touched this topic: uh try to make your new habits easy to do and try to make your bad habits hard to do eliminate bad exposure.

For example, if you trying to eliminate sugar consumption uh, you should avoid having those high sugary stuff at home and put a bowl of fruit instead, for example, or if you want to work out more put all your workout gear somewhere visible that it’s gon na be Easier for you to grab and go and again, if you want to learn more about that, go and read this book.

It is just the best to explain everything how it works and last step is creating routines. It’S one of the most powerful way in habit. Stacking connect, your new habit to those that you already enjoy doing. For example, if you like your morning, coffee put a glass of water next to it.

So once you come in there, the water is already waiting as a reminder for you to do it, and here on my channel, i’m planning to share with you my own morning routine, what kind of habits i am doing already in order to assure that, i have A productive day, and also i will be sharing with you all the habits that i am personally working on, so i will show you how i’m using all of this things that i just talked about in practice so make sure to subscribe.

Hit those notification bell. So you won’t miss anything and before i finish, i just wanted to quickly summarize and tell that.

Obviously, good habits will pay off in the future, but it doesn’t mean that once established they will last forever and everything will be easy from now on. There will be days when it’s gon na be more difficult.

You will be unmotivated and you will need some extra push and that’s where self-discipline will come in handy, and that will be the topic of my next moment stay tuned for that and hit that like button. If this moment was helpful and i’ll see you next time.

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