How to Conquer Anger in Parenting

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PortalKota – How to Conquer Anger in Parenting. I got to a point in my parenting: where i was so frustrated all the time that iwasn't sure why God had given me these childrenand, that's a really difficult place to be whenit's, not going like you thought it would and ithought.

I was the only one that felt that wayand i came to realize that most moms and dads feelthat way at some point in their parenting journey.

I think a lot of times as parents we get caught, ina trap of saying things we regret or that you knoware hurtful or just are not helpful and it's veryeasy to do that.

When you're caught in the momentand you're triggered and you're frustrated, we havefour boys from toddlers to teens and so there'sa verse that says to outdo one another withbrotherly affection and to outdo one another andshowing honor to love one another with brotherlyaffection.

And so we really made that, like afoundational parenting script in our house and sowhenever, there's a squabble we'll say to our kidswhat: can you do to outdo your brother in thissituation and we don't mean in a competitive wayto, get the upper hand, meaning how can you outdohim In showing him honor and brotherly affectionand, it works for us in our marriage too.