How to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart

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You don’t need to be a theological scholar to understand God’s Word. In fact, god did not give us his word to test our intelligence, but to change our Hearts.

Hello, where we encourage uplift and equip women in the love of jesus christ and the truth of God’s Word.

If you are new here, welcome to beloved be sure to subscribe, so that you never miss a video and for those of you returning welcome back early in my motherhood journey like most mothers, i found it challenging to find time to read my bible or Spend time in God’s Word.

One thing i would do to ensure i was staying spiritually fed, however, was to listen to podcast sermons and teachings, because i could listen while driving or washing the dishes, or even nursing my babies to sleep at night.

My favorite podcast to listen to was living proof with beth moore at the time her podcast posted each monday, and i looked forward to it with anticipation listening to beth moore’s passion for God’s Word and teaching of his truth stirred in me an excitement for his word.

One day, while listening to her podcast, she said something that really stood out to me. She was talking about a trend of seeing more people express that love was their only religion.

Now this really caught my attention, because i had recently heard this same statement by others.

Online love is my religion, love is my religion, sounds great, concise and to the point, but beth moore then asked the question: how do we know what love is? She explained that we know love because of the truth in god’s scriptures, if our definition of love is not rooted in the truth, it’s not good.

It’s the bible that tells us what love is and what love looks like the sacrifice of jesus christ for the salvation of our souls.

I was reminded of the importance to truly keep God’s Word in our Hearts, because there are so many ideas and philosophies today that sound good, but are not true and as believers who are called to be rooted and grounded.

In truth, we cannot do that without the bible. We can’t do it without God’s Word.

As believers, it is of utmost importance to hide God’s Word in our Hearts, so we can then live and be directed by his truth. Not your truth, her truth or their truth.

There is one truth and god is its author and he has graciously revealed that truth to us in his word, psalm 119, verse 11 says i have stored up your word in my Heart that i might not sin against you.

God’s Word is the compass. Our Hearts need to direct our desires and to live as he has called us to. So it’s not only important that we know God’s Word, but that we believe it live it and share it.

We can do that like the psalmist by keeping God’s Word in our Hearts, so today i’m sharing three ways to keep God’s Word in your Heart number, one to keep God’s Word in our Hearts.

We must know God’s Word when we know God’s Word and not only what the bible says, but what it actually means.

We can better decipher the truth of God’s Word from the lies of this world. When we study our bible and become acquainted with God’s Word, it becomes easier to identify any false truths and not become deceived.

We can know God’s Word by studying the bible and listening to sound biblical teaching.

Bible study is not only for preachers and pastors. You don’t need to be a theological scholar to understand God’s Word.

In fact, god did not give us his word to test our intelligence, but to change our Hearts.

I have plenty of videos on youtube: uh teaching you how to study the bible so check those out, and you can also check out, where we have hundreds of videos to teach you God’s Word and help you grow in your faith. Number two.

We can keep God’s Word in our Hearts by memorizing scripture memorizing.

The scripture is helpful because when we memorize bible verses or passages they stay with us, wherever we go, if we are facing a specific battle, we can then memorize scripture on that particular challenge.

So we can remind ourselves of that truth at any time. We may not always have our bibles available, so memorizing scripture ensures god’s truth is always with us as a child.

I remember memorizing second timothy chapter, one verse, seven and every time i was afraid i would recite these words to myself, for god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind.

The other day i was insecure and intimidated that i wouldn’t be able to record a batch of videos that i wanted to get done.

So i had to remind myself of philippians 4 13 I can do all things through christ who strengthens me when i’m anxious at night and can’t go to sleep.

I remind myself of a verse. I remembered in college psalm, 116, verse. 7. Return to rest.

My soul for the lord has been good to you. After having two surgeries last year, healing became a big part of my journey.

I kept reminding myself of psalm 147 chapter 3 that says he heals the brokenHearted and binds up their wounds.

I would recite that verse to myself in the shower in bed at night or in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, because these verses are stored in my Heart, because i’ve memorized them they are always available to me whenever i need them memorizing. These scriptures helped me to directly defend myself against anxiety, fear or restlessness.

Hiding God’s Word in our Hearts does not mean we have to study the bible. 24 7.

little steps in memorizing verses here, and there can go a long way number three.

We can keep God’s Word hidden in our Hearts by meditating. On God’s Word, the writer of psalm 119, who hid God’s Word in his Heart also in verse, 18 shared how he also meditated.

On god’s truth, he writes, i will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways when i memorized the verses that i just shared with you.

I didn’t just memorize them and end it there. I meditated on them and thought about how they relate to my current situation.

It’s not enough to know the verse but to understand how it impacts your life and your relationship with god.

Meditating on God’s Word, means giving space in our minds to think about god’s truth.

This helps us to keep God’s Word in our Hearts because when we meditate on God’s Word, we fall in love with his truth and when we love the truth, we’ll live the truth.

Satan knows the bible. He recited verses to jesus in matthew 4 to tempt jesus, but knowing the truth is not the same as loving the truth, when we really take time to meditate on God’s Word and acquaint ourselves with the good news of the bible, we treasure God’s Word in our Heart meditating, on God’s Word, takes us beyond simply knowing the words in the bible to understanding the impact of those words in our everyday lives.

When we gain that understanding, we’ll move from simply knowing the bible to delighting in its truths, keeping God’s Word hidden in our Hearts ensures his truth is always with us.

One of the greatest hindrances to our walk with god is our own forgetfulness.

We forget that god is good. We forget that he’s already covered our sins. We forget that he’s in control and we can trust him and we forget all the good that he’s done for us in the past.

Keeping God’s Word in our Hearts helps us to not forget that we may be encouraged equipped and eternally changed by the truth of his word.

Now i’d love to hear from you beloved.

Do you have a memory verse that you think of in cases of emergency? Let me know in the comments to help you keep God’s Word in your Heart.

I’Ve created a memory scripture worksheet with scripture, verses, organized by topic for you to memorize or meditate on when you need them most click.

The link in the description of this video to download your free copy today, if you enjoyed today’s video, i also want to invite you to check out my video bible study series called matters of the Heart, a bible study on emotional wellness through the book of psalms Click the link in the description of this video to learn more and study with me, as always.

Thank you so much for watching today and until next time be beautiful, be blessed and be loved.

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