New Bonneville Bobber Features and Benefits

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PortalKota – New Bonneville Bobber Features and Benefits. This is the new 2021 Bonneville Bobber. The latest generation of triumphs, stripped back elegant custom classic. The new bobber has been significantly upgraded for 2021, with more performance, more capability and even more style.

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The bobber has a totally unique and instantly recognizable silhouette inspired by the 1940s bobber movement, where bikes were tuned to go from a dead, stop to flat out as fast as possible and stripped off any non-essential parts to make them lighter and faster back then, the triumph Bobbers of the day stood apart for their distinctive style and attitude fast forward to today, and the story continues with the 2021 model, which replaces the previous generation bobber and bobber black. So, let’s run through what’s new and what makes this new bobber so good.

First, the unmistakable bobber style, which has been enhanced further for 2021, with a 16 inch fat front wheel and new chunkier 47 millimeter front forks, giving a really muscular and imposing front end presence.

The new front wheel is complemented by a wide rear. Both have a classic wire spoke design with black rims.

The tires avon cobras have been specifically developed for the bobber, with a lightweight construction for excellent high speed, maneuverability and class leading stability.

You also have new twin disc front brakes for 2021, with brembo two piston calipers for excellent and controlled stopping power on the rear is a single disc setup.

Triads, sophisticated abs and switchable traction control are standard for added safety and security central to the bobbers authentic hard tail.

Look. You have this innovative floating aluminium seat with mono shock suspension and distinctive cage, swinging arm for great wheel, control and added comfort.

The seat is ergonomically. Optimized and sculpted for comfort, with a beautifully stitched, deep foam pad.

One of the reasons the bobber has been so successful is because of the riding experience which is truly exceptional, sure, footed and agile, comfortable and confidence inspiring with an incredibly low and accessible 690 millimeter seat height.

The riding position is adjustable and the seat can be repositioned up and forwards, or down and backwards to optimize comfort and control for all sizes of rider. The instruments are adjustable too, so they can be tailored to match for 2021.

The instruments feature a new bezel, including a metallic embellisher, with subtle, bonneville branding.

There’S a new dial face with translucent silver markings and more integrated warning lights.

The multi-function display is controlled by an easily accessible handlebar mounted scroll button. When it comes to looks, the bobber has all of the signature hallmarks and beautiful details.

You would expect minimal steel fenders with a center ridge and return edge, wide flat bars with broad adjustable levers, a sculpted top yoke, rubber, gators, classic rear drum brake inspired hub side mounted ignition barrel.

Black painted bar and mirrors led bullet indicators and a new signature full led headlight for added visibility and where market legislation permits for 2021, the headlight features. Triumph’S signature led daytime running light and adding to the minimalist style for 2021.

Are these new black engine covers cam cover and sprocket cover, giving the bobber a new meaner, moodier edge? The new bobber is powered by tribe’s latest generation.

Bonneville 1200cc high torque british twin engine upgraded for 2021.

The new engine is more responsive thanks to the reduction in inertia and has a fuller, smoother torque curve.

Peak torque is an exceptional 106 newton meters at a low 4000 rpm, the charismatic 270 degree firing interval gives a beautifully smooth and linear power delivery with the new engine delivering a notable lift at 5500 rpm peak power is 78 ps at 6100 rpm.

It also exceeds euro 5 requirements giving lower emissions than the previous generation and excellent fuel economy.

Riding distance is also enhanced by the new larger 12 liter fuel tank, which gives you up to 33 percent. More range.

Sophisticated ride by wire system ensures precise throttle control and enables the two enhanced riding modes: road and rain.

These adjust both the throttle, response and traction control settings to add to confidence and safety.

In all conditions. The unique twin air box intakes are located under the seat, while the straight line exhaust pipe run.

Cleverly conceals a catalyst box, slash cut sawn off silences, complete the picture and deliver a rich and raw bobber sound.

A very high service interval of 10 000 miles or 16 000 kilometers helps to keep the ongoing cost of ownership low for 2021. The new bobber also gains cruise control.

It’s set by this button on the handlebar and is really simple to use. One pressed for on one press to set the speed and one press to cancel other high spec rider focus technology that comes as standard includes a torque assist clutch which reduces rider fatigue in heavy traffic.

An engine immobilizer incorporated into the key and the internal wiring ready to plug in the accessory fit heated grips these have three modes and are accessed through a really intuitive button built into that left grip.

The bobber is a great platform for customization and has formed the basis for some really beautiful custom machines as a starting point.

There are over 70 genuine triumph accessories to choose from these, have been designed, developed and tested to the same exacting standards as the bobber itself and comes with the same two-year warranty options range from silencers to a fox, rsu, rider, footboards statement, seats, chrome, embellishments, low and High handlebars, elegant, minimal swing, arm mounted bags bar rises and for added security, a choice of locks, so there you have it the new 2021 Bonneville Bobber, all of the bobbers peerless authenticity, elegant engineering, innovation and category, defining capability and comfort with enhanced performance and range higher Specification technology and equipment and all new blacked out styles.

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