New Mercedes C-Class 2021 reveal – Most Luxurious Midsize Sedan Car!

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Welcome to the new c-classit’s, where modern, luxury meets driving dynamics and all that in a damngood-looking form that you just want to own.

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Our customers have tasked us to develop a car that combines human-centered, innovationswith sporty and modern design. Onethat. You fall in love with once again and we’re convinced we succeeded two times over today, we’ll show you not one but two new-class family members.

This is c-class wagon for those that want the sportiness and thecomfort of the sedan, with even more space and worldwide many of ourc-class customers opt for thisvery good-looking tail end and many times notbecause they need it, but because they desire itfun, looks and practicalityhave never fit better.

Togetherwith, a spacious, practical cargo area, that’s larger than the outgoing models by 30 liters, that’s about the size of a case of beer or for me, as the fatherof, a toddler.

It’S a couple of packages of diapersthese. Two new cars are the upgrade of a verysuccessful mercedes. The c-class has become ourbest-selling model in the mid-sized sedan.

Segmentit was first introduced as the 190 in 1982.the. Popularity of this baby benz paved the way for the c-class. When it came out. In 1993.

n, total we’ve sold around 10.5 million-class sedans and wagons fast forward. Tojust last year, when one in seven mercedes-benzcars sold was a member of the c-class familyand, with so many variants to date, we’veoffered something for almost every tastefrom mild to wild.

It really has become the perfect, desirable, packageluxurious, sporty digital and, of course, sustainable and very comfortable. Lets check out the inside wait a minute comfort, zone is that something you want to avoid.

We are talking about the c-class comfort zone in this case is desirable. The feeling we wanted to create inside that once you get into this car front or rear you’ll, never want to get out again.

This car makes everything easier for you. Oh, you left a toy there mason hold onhere, you want a toy yeah! You want one too, oh perfect.

How about a sheep all right, off to daycare, the c-class is a real comfort zone, because it takes care of you and those important to you sounds like the s-class to youthe c-class actually shares manyof.

The innovations of the s-classthis is true, especially for the interior, you immediately feel, relaxed and extremely comfortable surrounded by high-quality materials. A stunning ambient lighting adds to the atmosphere and it matches any mood you can imagine. Thecentral display has been angled towards the driver.

Give the vehicle even more sportiness andit, makes you want to drive off straight away many attractive features such as the eye-catchingair vents inspired by aircraft turbines, land, the interior and upscale look and feel the exterior design is elegant, fresh dynamic, yet immediately recognizable as a classy, mercedes-benz, c-class, but the sedan Or the wagon, the well-proportionedthree-box design, with its kept backward layout results in a larger passenger compartment and striking rear.

In fact, the new c-class hasan even more luxurious interior than ever with all the trappings of luxury and this is the new benchmark for beauty within its segmentso beauty, comfort and features all greatbut.

Today we expect things to adapt to us, and certainly, not the other way around. So, for me, the ideal comfort zone has to be smart. Intuitive and personalized make an interaction.

Almost seamless cutting-edge features like navigation, withaugmented, video biometric logging voice, assistantand, smart home function are all part of the new-class thanks to one intelligent user, interfaceour mbux, all major streaming, providers are integrated in the c-classenjoy much sound by voice or touch you just name it but can probably Do it for you hey Mercedes?

How can I help what’for breakfast, oh waffles, sound good those are good. Okay, maybe not that but. If you really want wafflesmbus can order them. For you, mbu x is much more than, just the personal assistance.

It serves as a central nervous system that intelligently networkall vehicle’s functions, this predictive, systemmakes, driving and even life in general much easier for our customers, it’all about artificial intelligence have.

You ever had a car this smart moving on, let’s drive the new c-class gives you a unique feeling of being totally in control for.

The first time in this segmentwe offer re-access steering rear axle, steering provides outstanding dynamic stability at higher speeds as well as compactness and agility, in city traffic and winding mountain roadsin fact.

The driving characteristics have been improved all around for an even sportier feel. As responsible chief engineer of course, I’m proud of our new c-classfor me, it’s the quality of mercedesengineering that can be found in every detail from styling to powertrain all engines are newly developed and come with our second generation integrated starter generator.

Gasoline and diesel plug-in hybrids will follow soon all in all the new c-class delivers the feeling in a compact, sporty package, which includes groundbreaking technology to make it even safer than ever many intelligent assistants.

The s-class is now also available for the new-class. Take the digital light feature for exampleit shows you the road at night in the smartest way possible. No babe don’t turn on the lightsso.

There is one key question left one that’linked to today’s mobility. Like no other and that, we need to address with our red chief marcushow electric.

Do you feel about the new c-class, oh very much, both the sedan and the wagon will come as plug-in hybrid versions with your choiceof, gasoline or diesel engines? If you remember this is the first time the c-class has gone electricthe.

First, fully, electric attempt was in 1990 with the experimental 190e electrode. This was a great example of our pioneering spirit in electricmobility, but we have come a long way since then especially in terms of range.

Now I’m sure everyone is keen to know how far you can drive electrically the new c-class, plug-in hybrid, gives you 100kilometers of electric driving, pleasure and it’s everyday electric vehicle.

It is practical the battery doesn’t even restrict the spacein, the trunk or cargo area. Finally, for our more outdoor-oriented customers we’ll soon be offering another, exciting model, no matter which you choose you will get the sportiness of a sports car, plus the comfort of an s-class because sometimes just sometimes.

It is okay to stay in your comfort zoneso. In a nutshell, what’s the new c-classall about intelligence, sustainability, just plain fun and it’s a new chapter, and the success story of our most popular model? You

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