New Mercedes C-Class 2021 reveal – Most Luxurious Midsize Sedan Car!

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Welcome to the new c-classit's, where modern, luxury meets driving dynamics and all that in a damngood-looking form that you just want to own.

Our customers have tasked us to develop a car that combines human-centered, innovationswith sporty and modern design. Onethat. You fall in love with once again and we're convinced we succeeded two times over today, we'll show you not one but two new-class family members.

This is c-class wagon for those that want the sportiness and thecomfort of the sedan, with even more space and worldwide many of ourc-class customers opt for thisvery good-looking tail end and many times notbecause they need it, but because they desire itfun, looks and practicalityhave never fit better.

Togetherwith, a spacious, practical cargo area, that's larger than the outgoing models by 30 liters, that's about the size of a case of beer or for me, as the fatherof, a toddler.

It'S a couple of packages of diapersthese. Two new cars are the upgrade of a verysuccessful mercedes. The c-class has become ourbest-selling model in the mid-sized sedan.

Segmentit was first introduced as the 190 in 1982.the. Popularity of this baby benz paved the way for the c-class. When it came out. In 1993.