Why this New Porsche Taycan 4S 2021 is so IMPRESSIVE? | Car review

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This 4S is the most affordable version of the Taycan EV and its the best yet. Thats because it still offers superb performance and genuinely engaging handling, yet it mixes this with a great blend of ride comfort and refinement.

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Wed like more range, but combined with excellent charging capability it means the Taycan 4S is still incredibly usable, bolstered by solid practicality, sound on-board technology and great quality.

Its the pick of the range. Porsches Taycan Turbo S was something of a game changer when it arrived but, at nearly �140,000, that blistering performance and ability didnt come cheap.

Now weve tried the more affordable (thats a relative term) �83,580 Taycan 4S in the UK, to see whether this entry-level EV is the one to go for. Well cut straight to the chase; it most certainly is, and for many reasons.

Firstly, as weve already said, its so much more affordable than any other version in the line-up but this doesnt come at the expense of how the model drives. The beauty of an electric car is that it delivers its performance in a big hit thanks to instant torque.

While the 4S is less potent than its bigger brothers, it still produces 563bhp and 650Nm of torque (when fitted with our test cars �4,613 Performance Battery Plus, which delivers more power, torque and range).

This means, despite its chunky 2,220kg kerbweight with four-wheel, drive, itll still leap from 0-62mph in four seconds flat.

Thanks to launch control. You can simplify that by saying the 4S offers as much performance as youd ever want from a luxury four-door saloon. With that immediate throttle response being the key to its urgency,

Even at motorway speeds the acceleration doesnt tail off, unlike with some other high-end EVs. However, whatever the spec every Taycan is so much more than a straight-line point-and-squirt machine From the way it steers to the way, it rides its recognisably a Porsche in its dynamic approach.

Only its one for a new era –
The 4S steers with a natural hunger for corners. It exhibits a precision and lovely weight, with our cars �1,650 rear-axle steering coming alive in Sport Plus mode to really sharpen agility.

Grip is strong, and in most situations the car generally feels lighter than its true kerbweight; the �1,052 Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus system acts with the electric motors to help turn the car.

The body control over that mass is key, yet with standard adaptive air suspension the 4S rides with a fluidity that means combined with the lack of engine and wind noise its impressively refined, too. One important facet of this EV that needs a little more development is range.

While a claimed 257 miles for this exact spec (, including optional, wheels, ) isnt too bad small mainstream SUVs, costing less than half as much manage more, Although they dont match the Taycans performance range could still be better for the money. We saw a predicted 220 miles from a full battery in cold conditions.

The Taycan offers very impressive charging capability, though accepting up to 270kW in Performance Battery Plus trim With a feed of this power. Itll take only 23 minutes to go from a five to an 80 per cent charge Inside the Taycans. Cabin comprises four screens, including a 16
8-Inch digital dash, The other three screens, are all touch sensitive.

The lower panel controls the climate and can be used as a touchpad for the upper central screen, while theres a panel in front of the passenger too Material quality is fine and the build is brilliant, but leather trim isnt fitted as standard Otherwise kit is relatively generous For a Porsche as youd expect at this price, Strong safety tech, including AEB and lane-keep, assist all-round parking, sensors nav with Apple CarPlay connectivity, (, but no Android, Auto ) cruise and climate control LED headlights and a powered tailgate are all included.

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