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PortalKota – 10 AIMING TIPS for INSTANT IMPROVEMENT in VALORANT!. Welcome back to a brand new skill capped video. Today, i’m going to show you 10 aiming techniques that will instantly improve your aim and help you secure some more kills in your games.

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Now, without any further ado, let’s head into technique number one: this one is absolutely crucial to master and ballerin and it is cross hair placement.

If you can learn how to correctly position your crosshair, you will instantly see a huge improvement in your gameplay first. Let’s make sure we understand what crosshair placement is.


Crosshair placement is where your crosshair is at at all times, while you’re playing this could be while you’re pushing onto a site, or even just while you walk around good crosshair placement, consists of pre-aiming areas.

You could get peaked from and keeping your crosshair at head level. Doing these two things consistently will quickly garner you more kills than you could ever imagine.

This may seem like simple advice, but actually implementing it into your gameplay could prove a little difficult.

The best way to really understand this is by seeing the difference between good and bad crosshair placement in this clip.

Here we see a player with bad crosshair placement, their crosshairs too low they’re, not aiming at areas that they may get peaked from and they’re forgetting to check many angles in this other clip, though, we see the same route, but with great crosshair placement.

We see the crosshair positioned at head level, they’re always checking angles and pre-aiming important angles. They may be peaked from.

If you can keep this sort of cross replacement, the entire game, you will be in a great position.

This will not be perfect at first, but with a couple of rounds of practice, though, you should be able to get this down pretty easily and if you’re serious about improving then go to skillcaps.com to unlock our hyper improvement system.

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You’ve always wanted at skillcap.com link in the description below and next up. Let’s talk about technique number two that is equally important to understand, and that is angle advantage.

You may not know it, but your distance from an angle is going to majorly affect your gunfights.

There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main one is angle advantage angle advantage is a mechanic in valorem and in many other fps games that gives the player that is farther away from any certain angle and advantage it works like this.

One player is holding an angle from far away and is able to see the opposing player’s shoulder sooner due to the way that vision works.

This essentially gives the player that is further away from the angle, a massive advantage in this gunfight, because they will see the enemy much sooner.

The best ways to avoid running into this issue is to hold angles from as far away as possible and try to jiggle peak any angles that you’re peaking close to simply knowing about this technique and utilizing it when possible, is enough to take you to the next Level in so many different situations, and next i want to talk about a technique that players often confuse.

This is tap firing versus bursting versus spray, knowing when to tap fire and knowing when to spray, is critical to winning gunfights.

There are an infinite number of possibilities that could happen within a fight, so, instead of trying to go over them all, i’m going to teach you a couple of rules that you should be following.

First, if the player is very far away, you must tap fire. This will keep your bullets accurate and give you the best chance of winning the fight extra points.

If you aim for the head, as you do tap fire, and if the player is around 20 to 30 meters away, you should burst fire.

This means you should be shooting three to four bullets at a time from your weapon and controlling the slight bit of recoil as you do this, if they’re any closer than that, you should try to spray the player down and control your recoil as best as you.

Possibly can using this technique of different firing methods at different distances will help you stay consistent with your frags and will also make it much easier to decide how you want to handle different situations.

Our next technique ties into the last one pretty well, and this is spray patterns simply trying to spray a target, won’t work.

You must understand how spray patterns and recoil works. First, let’s understand exactly what a spray pattern is. A spray pattern is the pattern that your bullets make as they spray out of your gun.

The most important part to understand about the spray patterns inVALORANT, is that every single weapon has a different pattern.

You have to recognize this and remember to practice your spray with all of the guns that you might end up using, even if you’re used to using the vandal.

You still may find yourself in a situation where you’re required to use a different gun, such as the spectre, knowing the spray pattern of these random guns that you end up picking up along the way is a great way to take your gameplay to that next level.

The next part of spray patterns to learn is how to actually control them. This is actually pretty simple and only takes a little bit of time and practice to learn the pattern of a gun simply spray.

This target, without controlling the recoil at all. This will show exactly where the bullets hit, and you then have to simply invert this pattern and make that movement with your mouse.

So if the recoil goes up into the left, you need to move your mouse down into the right learning these patterns and learning how to control them with all the guns will instantly improve your skill and valorem heading into technique.

Number five we’re going to quickly go over movement and accuracy and explain how this affects your aim when you’re moving and valorine your bullets are much more inaccurate. This scales, depending on what kind of movement you’re making, though, if you’re jumping your accuracy will be non-existent.

If you’re running it will be slightly better and if you’re walking, it will be even better than that really any type of movement is going to negatively affect your aim, which is why it is so important to stand still while you shoot too often.

I will see a player running around as they try to shoot an enemy player just to get absolutely destroyed by this enemy.

Standing still may feel weird, especially if you come from games such as call of duty, but it is key to picking up more kills and valorent as you move through, the ranks standing completely still does get more and more dangerous, which is why you might see some Pros play in a way that makes it seem like they’re moving as they shoot, but in reality they’re just using some more advanced tactics as they play.

One of these more advanced techniques is straight. Shooting straight shooting is a very powerful skill to have, as it allows you to move and fire your weapon at the same time, but actually stay accurate.

While doing so in order to strafe shoot, you need to move side to side with the a and d movement keys and shoot in the seconds that you’re standing still.

This will require you to learn some of the rhythm and timing of it, but you will be moving back and forth and shooting all within a very close time frame.

This is one of those things that just requires a good amount of practice to perfect, and this is why you will only see higher skilled players, utilizing it many of the lower elo players either.

Don’t have the time or willpower to sit for 30 minutes in the practice range simply moving back and forth and shooting, if you can be one of the players that puts in that extra effort to learn skills like this, you will quickly see your gameplay improve as Well, as your rank, remember only shoot while you’re standing still with this strategy, because movement and accuracy is still a thing and heading into technique.

Number seven we have tracking tracking is a certain type of aim that is extremely undervalued.

Invalid tracking is pretty self-explanatory. It’S simply the act of keeping your crosshair on a target and tracking it as it moves. Many players will only practice their aim on bots that are standing still or on a target that doesn’t move.

This may help you in certain situations, but a majority of the time you are fighting players that are moving in some capacity. This is why it is so important to learn and practice.

This skill of tracking i found the best way to practice tracking within valorem is on the bots within the practice.

Range turn them on strafe mode by pressing the f3 key and then simply try to keep your crosshair on them as they move.

This will greatly improve your tracking ability and will quickly get you some more kills within your games for number eight, we have another aiming type and that is flicking.

This is definitely the most attractive, aiming strategy that there is most of the insane aim clips.

You see, involve a player, making a crazy flick to take out an enemy player, and even if it may not be the most effective strategy, it does still work.

Flicking is also pretty self-explanatory. Flicking is the act of quickly transferring your crosshair from one area to another in order to obtain a kill.

This is often done with an operator, but can still easily be done with any gun. To practice flicking, i recommend doing the exact same thing as tracking, except leave the bots standing still and simply flick your crosshair from head to head as quickly as you can.

This can become even easier if you focus on the enemy’s head as you flick, rather than trying to look at them from the peripherals of your eye, focus your eyes on the enemy, flick and shoot for number nine.

We have peaking. This may not seem like an aiming technique, but the way that you peak has such a massive impact on your aim that i had to include it.

I can’t go over every single peaking technique, but we do have a video up on the channel on that. So go check that out.

If you are interested, the main thing with peaking that i want to talk about is the simple jiggle peak jiggle peaking is essentially strafe shooting, but at an angle this is done exactly like strafe shooting.

But when you move to the side you will be behind cover, this makes it infinitely more useful because you can switch up the timing and are also much harder to hit because you have cover. Basically any angle can be effectively peaked with a jiggle peak.

So learning to do this will instantly give you an advantage over any player that doesn’t have this in their tool belt and, finally, for technique.

Number 10: we have aiming down sights aiming down, sights isn’t talked about nearly enough within the community, even though it is one of the unique features of valerie aiming down. Sights is only really effective if you are at an extremely long distance.

The reason this is true is because of the fire rate decrease, as you aim down sight, aiming down sights reduces how many bullets per second you shoot, which essentially makes you deal less damage.

This is why it is important to learn and practice your aim, while not adsing. If you watch pro gameplay, you will notice for 90 of fights. They stay unaimed because they’re trying to maximize their damage in any way that they can.

Obviously, if you are in a long range encounter, especially on a map like icebox, it is much more viable to ads, but still try to recognize whether taking that fire rate nerf is actually worth it in that situation.

Wow, we just went over 10 of the best aiming techniques on valorent that are going to instantly help. You improve your aim.

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to comment down below and let me know which tip helped you out the most and while you’re down there be sure to drop a like and subscribe to the skill cap channel so that you can keep up with all of The best valorem content on youtube and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank that you’ve always wanted.

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