2020 Mazda 3 // The ONLY THING Entry Level is the PRICE!

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PortalKota – 2020 Mazda 3 // The ONLY THING Entry Level is the PRICE!. What’s going on YouTube, So Mazda has been on a unique quest over the last few years to combine both best-in-class driving dynamics with best-in-class luxury.

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This new three is the latest example and today we’re taking a look at the 2020 version, which has even more standard equipment.

Now, of course, We do want to pause for a second to thank our friends at Paul Miller, Mazda for giving us access to this Mazda 3 and, if you’re in the market for any new Mazda, Make sure you stop by their dealership or visit them via their Website which we provided a link to in the moment description, So with that all set, let’s see if the Mazda 3 is the best car in the segment
So Kicking things off on the outside this new generation has certainly made a premium impression.

2020 Mazda 3 // The ONLY THING Entry Level is the PRICE!

This is a very wide and low looking car, especially here in the front with this grille and headlight combination. One of the nice things is that every trim is going to have this grill And also the headlights will always be LED, though The premium has a slightly fancier adaptive arrangement.

As far as the rest of the styling, the sedan is about eight inches longer than the hatchback, Which does contribute to the hatchback being the sporty looking model and this being the more sophisticated.

Looking Around back. The design is finished off with dual exhaust outlets and LED tail lights on every single model.

So overall Mazda did an impressive job with this exterior and has definitely set the bar for premium design in this segment. Now, like most Mazdas, they do throw in nice large wheels for the majority of trims.

These 18 inches are on the select through the premium trim and now for 2020.

The premium will have a slightly different finish. The base model is the only one that will come with 16 inch alloys Heading out to the mirrors. They are always body colored and power.

Adjusting and blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert is standard on all, but the base model, and Now that brings us to one of our other 2020 changes, which is arguably the most important, and that is that the eye safety sense package is now standard on.

Even the base model for 2020 That suite includes forward emergency, braking Lane, Keeping Assist Automatic, high-beam headlights and adaptive cruise control with stop and go, But anyways guys, that’s it for the exterior.

So now, let’s see the upscale cabin before taking it out for a spin. So every version of the mazda3 does come with this brand new Mazda key fob.

However, you will have to go for the select or up to get their smart entry system. Then, of course, they have also upgraded these smart entry sensors, So you do have them on the back of the handle.

All you do is just All right, so taking a peek inside our 2020 Mazda 3 interior, As you can see, it does continue to have the very premium look that debuted last year when it was fully redesigned Now talking about your color and material options.

There are several So on the base model. It’s going to be cloth in black only when you go for the Select or preferred model Like what we have here, that’s going to upgrade you to leatherette seating And that’s going to be in black or greyish, which is basically a gray and beige combination.

As far as the premium model, that’s going to come with the real leather in black or white colors, But you cannot get red like you can on the hatchback model. Now, turning over here to your door trim, It is very nicely appointed.

As you can see, you have a nice leatherette Material that goes through here and all through here and as well as above it with nice, stitching detail and the top is also soft Touch as well. One of the things I really like are these beautiful, real metal.

Speaker, grilles Definitely a lot more premium looking than you expect for a car in this class. As far as your windows, they are one touch automatic for all four And then coming down to the seat itself. This is the 8 way power adjusting seat.

This comes on the preferred model and up
You do have 2 way lumbar as well As far as the seats themselves. Like I was saying this is the leatherette seating.

It definitely does a very good job of feeling pretty realistic. You know into a lot of people. You won’t even notice the difference.

Well, I do also want to mention that you have two person memory seating, That’s also on the preferred and up and they’ve relocated the buttons right here.

So obviously, this is just one year off of a full redesign, so you’re not really going to notice any changes, But that’s definitely a good thing, because the materials in here are fantastic for the class. So you do have a soft touch.

Dashboard that runs all through here and then, when you come to this middle portion, This is all covered in a nice leather wrap material with the real, genuine color contrast stitching To drop down to our lower areas.
These are also covered with the same leatherette and stitching, And then you also have the piano black.

So it’s really it’s a very classy looking cabin And, like I said, a lot more than what you usually expect for this class of vehicle Now standard on all models.

You do have push-button start Now over here at the gauges. One of the nice things about the mazda3 is That they include the premium digital gauges on all the trims.

This is actually usually reserved for the higher-end models on other Mosta Vehicles, but on this model you do have a standard and, as you can see, it is reconfigurable, so you can go through and change Different designs and whatnot.
So it definitely looks very premium.

Additionally, if you went for the premium model, you would have at one of the projections style.

Head-Up displays Now coming back to these steering. You do have electric power assisted, steering and on all, but the base model. You will have this nice leather wrap steering wheel. As you can see, this is the newest monster.

Design, see The buttons and stuff are finished in a different way. Steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping, but heating is not available.

However, Mazda does include rain sensing wipers standard on all, but the very base model, which again is pretty rare for the class Now rolling on to interior storage. The Mazda 3 definitely does very good for itself Now, with your center console here.
This is a little bit different.

You have to slide it back first and then it kind of releases and dampen has a dampening effect. Well, it goes up But anyways once this comes up here, as you can see very nicely sized bin.

It’s quite large. You have a felt lining down at the bottom. Additionally, you will find one of your USB ports, as well as the 12-volt outlet And then up in front of that.

We have another really large bin with our two cup holders and other USB port, And you can option this on to be a GUI olace phone charging pad as a standalone option.

Now coming back to our shifter here. This is obviously just a traditional shifter, So you pull back for Drive. You can bump over here to the left to do some manual shifting, However you’re gon na have to go for the top-end premium model before you get paddle shifters. When we go into Reverse with, you will find a standard, backup camera.

The resolution is actually quite nice, but we do not have active trajectory on any of the models. However, on this model our mirrors do till down when it reverse, to help. You see the parking lines better, I’m in back behind the shifter
You will find an electronic parking, brake and auto brake hold feature Now talking about some of the other controls you’ll find over here. This is your Mazda Connect controller.

You know we’ll talk about it a little later, but the screen now is non touch with this new generation, So we do all the controlling down here with this knob and these shortcuts Off to the right of that.

You also have your volume knob for the audio system. Now on the preferred and the premium model, they come with the upgraded Bose, 12 speaker premium audio system, So we’ll go ahead and take a sample of this Souths quality of this system is definitely excellent.

Overall, All right so we’ll go ahead and head on up here to our climate controls. This is the dual zone automatic setup. This is standard on all, but the very base model, as you can see, It’s very simple to use.

You just have these two knobs for your temperature adjustments and then the rest of the buttons are located physically here for your zones, and your fan speeds Below that. You will also find the three-stage heated seats.
Those are also included on all, but the base model All right so now that brings us up here to our brand new Mazda Connect system that debuted last year We’ll go ahead and take a quick look around the system.

Now, like I already said, this is not touchscreen anymore on the Mazda 3, So, as you can see, it pushes back It’s a little bit more recessed, But it’s more in the drivers, line-of-sight, and then you use this controller down here at the bottom to make your Adjustments, So this is your home screen right here and you can just go through these same sections. I believe it’s pretty much the same as the outgoing Generation of the system, so you have your phone and your audio and your navigation.

Now, in this particular model we don’t have the built-in navigation system, That’s only on the premium model.

However, so long as you go for the Select model or app, you will have both Android, auto and apple carplay, Which is probably more important to most of you, guys. Anyways We’re not really gon na dig into a whole bunch of details here. I just wanted to mention those few things.
If you want to learn more about the system, we will be making a dedicated technical moment Later on in the year.

I’m heading on up here. We just have a regular dimming mirror. I Think you will also notice we do not have a moon over here.

On this specific example, You will have to go up to the premium model to add a moon But anyways guys. That is going to conclude all the stuff to look at in the front of the mazda3.

So now go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason, who will go to the back areas, All righty, so turning and looking at the Mazda 3 is rear door trim. The materials do follow through from the front, So you have an extremely nice rear door.

Trim with leather going all the way through here up in this area, some more leather with stitching and Even the top portion is soft touch plastic Down below that we do have some bottle storage, as well as a little storage compartment right here Now here in the Center, you will find a lack of features in the mazda3 across any of the trim levels, So you’re actually not going to find any vents or heated receipts available in the Mazda 3s Rear seat, which I think is a little bit of an overlook, especially in this.

Otherwise, extremely upscale cabin. However, turning over, you still do have a Fold-down armrest with cupholders inside as well as your assist grip coat hook, and you do have some LED dome lighting Now.

As far as the actual space itself is concerned, behind Drew’s position, I have about four to five inches of rear legroom and my feet have no issues going up underneath the seat, The technical measurements come in at thirty five inches of rear, legroom and thirty. Seven inches of rear headroom That does place it on par with most in the class
However, that is a little bit less than the Civic Sedan Now walking up to the trunk. All you have to do to open. It is locate the little button underneath of the Mazda emblem and it does open right up And once it does open. You’Re gon na find thirteen point two cubic feet of space, And that is pretty class competitive.

That’s right on par with the Toyota Corolla. It is a little bit less than the Honda Civic though, However, as you can see, it Mazda does finish it very nicely back here.

So you have a really nice carpeting here along the floor. Underneath of it, You have a spare tire And of course the rear seats do fold 60/40 split. Another thing I do want to mention is, of course you do.

Have the Mazda 3 hatchback. If you need more cargo space, Obviously that’s going to have a ton more than the sedan model Over here on the passenger seat.

It is manually adjusting In front of the passenger. You do have a good sized glove box as you can see It folds down as dampened, and it does have quite a bit of space. As you can see, it goes back a very good distance and Up top we do have a Sun Visor.

It does have him here LED lighting, and It does also detached and have an extension in the end, But anyway guys that sums up all the practical stuff about this Mazda 3s rear areas.

So now let’s go ahead and take it on the road and see where this car really shines, All right, so first taking off in the 2020 Mazda 3, It’s been probably Six to eight months since we last drove the Mazda 3.

So it kind of feels fresh again and to say very impressed right off to start there with the power That it just feels a lot more powerful than a lot of the competition. Now. This, of course, is the two and a half liter skyactiv-g engine, naturally aspirated.

It makes 186 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque, so really it doesn’t just feel faster.
It definitely definitely is faster, It’s more or less equivalent to some of the competition
They have like a lower-end engine and an upper end engine. This is basically giving you the upper end, engine standard equipment now Even Mazda, and the last generation used to have a 2-liter in then a two and a half.

Now you just have the two and a half straight from the start, So you do start out with basically midsize sedan or the Hertz and torque numbers Versus you know something like a Corolla is and one third one is the some of them are about 140. My car is 147.

You definitely feel that difference And then extra horsepower over my car, I’m just still so impressed by just how like spunky this feels It doesn’t seem like the power difference would be so noticeable.

Would you say if I said I mean it was like like the mid-range torque or whatever just can? I just keeps pushing you. It has the feeling of being propelled with a lot of the cars just feel like they’re. Just Dragging here’s like go, go go and this you know down low.

You still feel like you have that sensation of speed. Now I should go ahead and mention the SKYACTIV X engine. We still don’t have a US launch date for that engine, but monstah will eventually be bringing that to the three just not right now And Wow.

I do have to say here Once that we’re up to speed go in about 45 miles an hour. This car really does not.

It does not ride like a car in this class. Normally, does You know I’m not gon na throw shade shade at my own car or anything, But this is not even in the same link as the right quality of light.

My car, it just feels like it honestly, is like a luxury car experience in here, and I’m probably gon na get flat for saying that a lot of people like to rest me for saying everything right. It’s like a luxury car, but this really does go ride. In one, it actually has a Extremely nice suspension, and just in here
You just have a premium environment,
It’s very quiet: Do you hear anything Yeah?

No, it’s really hushed. It really has the same like type of ride as a Mazda 6 and the Mazda 6 has a fantastically nice ride too.

So You’re gon na be very very impressed when you get into one of these Mazda threes because it really delivers an exceptional comfort and luxury experience here All right.

So let’s go ahead and talk about the transmission. Now, what you’re looking at here is a six-speed automatic transmission.

That’s the only option for this Mazda 3 sedan. You, if you want the manual transmission, the six-speed manual, that is only available if you go for the hatchback.

So that’s something to keep in mind if you’re choosing between the two But really as far as this transmission, it performs very well, It has very smooth shifts.

You know six speeds is not a really high number or anything. However, in this class of vehicle really a lot of the competition.

Probably the majority of the competition has the continuously variable transmission, so I would definitely say that I prefer this traditional experience.

You know you’re not going to have any types of droning or Lag. You know this is a naturally aspirated engine with a traditional transmission.

So there is no there’s no area where you have any lag or anything like that and a lot of the competition kind of suffers from that, Having maybe a turbo pair to the CVT. That’s just extra areas to lag and feel slower than it needs to feel.

We can still shift manually right here down on the shifter, but you’re not gon na have paddle shifters. Unless you go for the premium Last year we did drive the premium model, So I will say that kind of missed the paddles.

I think this being a sport oriented model Mazda should just go ahead and throw in the paddle shifters on the lower trims as well.
But I guess you can’t have everything Yeah Boy, it is nice. I I really have to applaud Mazda on the fact that they want with a more traditional setup here, because You know they know their clientele.

You know Their clientele is not gon na want a CVT and they threw in the regular transmission.

That’s right, I mean Mazda still. This is a obviously a lot more premium than the Mazda 3 ever has been in the past, But at the same time they haven’t thrown to the wind The fact that they’re just a more sporty brand than the vast majority of brands out there.

If we can find a little some corners around here and we can’t gon na Toss it around, but I cannot, you know You can just tell us soon as you get behind the wheel, all the traditional Mazda characteristics like a really tight button down suspension, Fantastic steering. You know super accurate.
It has nice heft responds instantly, You know these are things that are impressive in all class as a vehicle, but especially in these compact cars, which kind of have the Tendency to be uninspired Now, as we have mentioned, all-wheel-drive is an option of this particular model.

Has just a regular front-wheel drive, But in terms of fuel economy? Let’s go ahead and discuss that for this Mazda 3, You do have cylinder deactivation on the all-wheel drive or premium models which is rare for the class. But obviously this model is gon na miss out on that.

But as far as your fuel economy is concerned, for the front wheel, drive model, that’s going to come in at 26 City 35, highway 30 combined and if you opt for the all-wheel-drive system, that’s going to come in at 25 City 33, highway 28 combined. That is worth noting that that is on the lower end of the segment.

I pretty much expected that you are going to get worse field economy with the naturally aspirated engine, a regular transmission. You know it really. Doesn’T I mean that’s the price you pay for it.

So, if you’re looking more for driving dynamics as opposed to the most economical car with the best fuel economy, You know this is going to be a good option for you. But if you’re, looking just for the best fuel economy, I want to look type corolla or a corolla hybrid, actually, and that’s incredible.

Good feeling, Let’s you conclude, I’m just gon na brag about this car a little bit more. Really, it’s a fantastic package.

I mean when you consider Like how nice this cabin is, how quiet and hushed it is while driving You really. This is probably one of the most luxurious Experiences. I don’t think I can think of anything $ 25,000 Yeah.

Then the fact that you combine it with traditional strong suits from Mazda like great driving Dynamics and a powerful, more powerful powertrain than typical in the class.

There was really nothing bad. I can say about it honestly. I guess Mazda like If you could let that 2
5 turbo from the Mazda 6 in here with all-wheel drive. That would be nice.

You know sign me up after that, But yeah that’s! The only thing I could say is if this could definitely handle more power. So if you listen a Mazda give it give us that turbo engine in here
Give us more power, But otherwise this is a fantastic driving package, All righty and now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for the 2020 Mazda 3.

So I’m going to mention these prices and keep in mind that is, for the front wheel, drive version of all of these trim levels So for the base model. That’s gon na start at twenty one thousand five hundred Dollars, and it is worth knowing that.

That’s a five hundred dollar increase because of the newly standard safety systems, And then you have the select trim.

Which is twenty two thousand seven hundred The preferred, which is what we have here for twenty four thousand two hundred and then finally, of the top-end Premium trim For twenty six thousand.

Five hundred all wheel drive is going to add an additional Fourteen hundred dollars to all of those prices that I mentioned now We do have the preferred model and we do also have the optional paint color, this beautiful red for five hundred ninety-five Dollars and then

When you add the destination charge of nine hundred and twenty, This particular model has equipped comes in a twenty five thousand seven fifteen, Which I have to say.

I mean that’s right in line with the competitors And you’re getting a lot more bang.

For your buck, when you go with the mazda3 than something like More plebeian like a Corolla, because this is a really really upscale feeling cabin and you have the awesome driving dynamics Which we just talked about Well guys, we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the two Thousand and twenty ,’must a3 sedan preferred.

Please look those like and subscribe button if you enjoyed, we really appreciate you watching And we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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