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PortalKota – 5 ADVANCED TECHIQUES for MORE KILLS in VALORANT!. Welcome today’s video is about learning, to move properly to maximize your impact in game. Movement is a fundamental skill in nearly any first person.

Game and valorem is no different. Valrant also has subtle but pronounced differences from other games and how the movement is designed.

So let’s talk about how to master your movement and contribute more to your team and, if you’re serious, about improving, then go to skillcap.com to unlock our hyper improvement system.

That will teach you how to win more gunfights master, your agent and so much more backed by our rank improvement guarantee you have nothing to lose so come join over half a million satisfied members of skill cap, improve that kda and get the rank.

You’Ve always wanted at skillcap.com link in the description below before we get into some of the advanced techniques. We need to start with the basics movement.


Inaccuracy is the first thing to always have in mind when considering movement in valorem.

If you’re watching this guide, there’s a high chance, you are already familiar with this idea, but it is important to be cognizant of how exactly it works in valorant, much like in pretty much any fps standing still while shooting is important.

It guarantees first shot accuracy and makes aiming something you can control and not reliant on randomness.

However, unlike other shooters riot, did not want to make valrant’s movement system overly, punishing nick wu, a game designer a riot working on weapon balance mentioned that they did not want the penalty for moving to be too substantial.

It’S easy to see just from playing the game that riot did not want to punish players too aggressively for movement when moving.

You have significantly more control over where your bullets go than in counter-strike, although randomness is, of course, still a factor that can be valuable to take into consideration.

There are situations where you need to move, maybe due to a molly and in those situations trying to shoot your enemy while you move isn’t as hopeless as in tactical shooters.

That being said, your accuracy is still much better when you’re standing still, and that is always going to be the best way to approach combat.

This principle is important to drill into your brain, because it is the foundation upon which the advanced concepts are built, diving into our next concept, counter strafing, which is, of course dependent on the idea of movement, inaccuracy and the goal of attaining first shot accuracy. When you can, if you have a background in csgo, you will definitely know about counter strafing.

In fact, in cs, go counter. Striping is an essential skill. What is counter strafing? It boils down to moving laterally or strafing using the a or d key and then tapping the opposite key to stop dead in your tracks. The reason this technique is seen as so vital in cs go is twofold.

First of all, you keep your momentum for longer. After releasing the movement key in csgo and secondly, movement and accuracy is much more punishing.

These factors lead to counter strafing resetting your movement in accuracy 300, faster than simply releasing the strafe key.

Compared to that, how effective is counter strafing in valorem in this clip? You can see how fast stopping is when releasing the a nd key, followed by counter strafing, it’s very hard to perceive a difference between the two.

So many people have questioned whether or not there is even a benefit to counter strafing while playing valorent.

The most common line of reasoning is that just releasing the key stops at the same speed as counter strafing, while proponents of counter strafing argue back that they can feel a distinct difference between counter strafing and just releasing to give a definitive final answer and resolve the Debate counter-strafing does reset your accuracy faster than just releasing the key senior game designer ride.

Volcano confirmed that counter-strafing in valorem is a minor optimization.

Our own frame-by-frame analysis of the crosshair and accuracy indicator shows that it is just over ten percent faster to regain your first shot.

Accuracy by counter strafing, rather than just stopping ten percent, is a far cry from the three hundred percent boost gained in cs go.

But here at skill cap we are giving you pro tips and edges wherever we can, when the margins are as slim as they are in valorem, it is more than worth learning this intuitive skill to get more kills by regaining your accuracy faster building on counter strafing Is the valuable ability to strafe shoot? This is particularly useful in pistol rounds, but can be employed in any situation.

Strafe shooting is maximizing both the benefits of counter strafing and the reduced movement penalty, inherent devouring to strafe, shoot you simply strafe, as if you are going to stop in place by counter strafing. Instead of stopping.

However, you hold down the opposite: strafe key and change your direction completely at the instant when you stop moving in one direction and start to move in, the other, you’ll have a chance to fire off an accurate shot.

After that, first fully accurate shot.

You can fire a few more shots before you accelerate too much, and your shots start to become very inaccurate. This is taking advantage of valrant’s movement leniency relative to other games.

This is most valuable on pistol rounds, because the rate of fire of pistols is lower.

Your ability to move dynamically while shooting pretty accurately means you are harder to hit by the enemy’s sporadic shots.

While you get your shots off on normal gun rounds, your inaccuracy, while straight shooting, is a much more notable disadvantage, because, while you dodge the opponent’s higher rate of fire means they can gun you down, while you aren’t shooting as accurately as they are, there is less Punishment on your opponent from missing a shot while you strafe and they are using an automatic gun.

To sum it all up counter strafing resets, your inaccuracy faster than just releasing the strafe key.

So it’s always worth it, and by using the accuracy counter strafing gives you you can gain advantages by being a harder target without losing too much accuracy, especially on pistol rounds.

There is another mechanic that takes advantage of counter-strafing in this game and that is jiggle peeking jiggle peeking is extremely common, but not many players recognize just how much of its strength comes from the counter strafe.

When you jiggle peek, you are clearly quickly strafing back and forth, which will result in resetting your inaccuracy at the moment of direction.

Switch as discussed earlier. That moment is perfect to use for a quick, accurate, shot to maximize the power of jiggle peaking, which largely relies on avoiding danger as much as possible.

You want to only expose yourself at that moment of accuracy reset too little, and you will not have an angle to shoot too much and you will be overextended once you master jiggle peaking.

You should not be a shootable target until you need to be, and when you are exposed, your accuracy should be as if you’re standing still so, you can maximize the opportunity.

This next topic is a very common strategy in a higher level counter-strike and it’s best employed in the valorem scene by sentinel’s pro player dapper.

He brought attention to this mechanic in valerian in tournament play with clips like this, where he effectively gathered information, while minimally exposing himself to danger.

This is called a strafe jump peak and works slightly different in valorem than in other games, due to the way that air movement is coded, unlike counter-strike, valrant has extremely high air acceleration, meaning, theoretically, this technique can be achieved only using your keyboard.

Although mouse movement does make it easier in order to perform this maneuver, you run towards the angle.

You want to jump peak and, as you jump you strafe away from the wall and flick your mouse away, then quickly turn back to cover and both strafe towards cover and move backwards or forwards in cs.

You only need to strafe and move your mouse, but because of higher air acceleration and valorent.

All you need is your keyboard and the mouse movements just make your directional control easier.

This peak is incredibly advantageous and a great way to take advantage of valoran’s air movement.

It allows you to gain information at a very low risk to yourself even allowing you to bait out op shots. In some cases your information doesn’t always even need to be visual. Just forcing out a shot or ability is extremely useful.

The final technique for gaining a better understanding of movement is bunny hopping, similar to counter strafing riot wanted to implement advanced fps techniques into valorem, even though the game’s movement does not inherently reward it.

So what they did was manually make these technique into minor optimizations bunny hopping can be difficult if you’re, a beginner or even, if you have some basic experience with it.

Thankfully, you can check out our premium bunny hopping guide for pro tips on technique to make your movement way more efficient, and although people have debated whether or not bunny hopping actually does anything just like with counter strafing senior designer ride, volcano confirmed bunny hopping is an Optimization that makes you move 10 percent faster and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank.

You’Ve always wanted, then check out skillcap.com link in the description below.

So what part of these concepts do you need to work on? Are you missing all your shots because you aren’t stopping fast enough? Are you getting one tapped in pistol rounds without shooting accurately or do you need to find ways to peek while avoiding damage? Let us know in the comment section below, as it gives us great feedback on what to tailor our guides towards and while you’re down there make sure to subscribe, hit the bell icon and like the video to get more premium guides.

Just like this one, with the one goal in mind, helping you become a better player.

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