Abitur mit der Note 0,8

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Nisar Ahmad proudly shows us his diploma He has had an unprecedented achievement at school Diploma with a grade point average of eighteen For me, the average is one, eighth, one and two tenths It does not matter; It is important to be an example of a successful person To see has been proven for others The sooner I connect with this community This is the most important thing for me To be able to present a positive image of my country From my people As well as other immigrants living in this country The 18-year-old Afghan is a well-known figure at his school in Golden City Especially with library staff He helps others a lot He teaches what he has learned to others I think this is extremely good He has made such progress and persevered without the help of others And he has not only kept what he learned, but also taught it to others I think his behavior is great His diploma grade point average is eighteenth Didn't you know? Not; I did not know I said: The busiest young man in the world He spends hours here every day at his desk Nisar Ahmad has only been in Germany for 5 years He has always pursued a clear goal It was hard at first because I did not know German I went straight to Realshole Everything went well since I entered high school Because I had learned German well I knew from the beginning that I wanted to study medicine And that's why my grade point average should be one Naturally, I worked very hard She lives with her father and cousin Her cousin has a technical and nursing career The two would not have achieved their goal without the support of Nisar's father The GPA in this short period of time is extraordinary I was a teacher in Afghanistan I have been working for both of them for five years; I cook I was both a mother and a father to them I wanted these two boys to be useful people for society in the future That has been my goal Let's see what happens I was able to get a Real Schole degree here Then I passed the technical and professional nursing course And recently I went through a course of artificial respiration outside the clinic And I work as a nurse in the intensive care unit I owe all this to him If he was not here, things would not be so easy We see the loneliness of human beings every day in Europe Most of all, not knowing the language Without language, there can be no social cohesion This is the most important point And we owe all our achievements to our uncle Although he is not fluent in German He always told us in Persian what we should do I am very satisfied with what I have achieved so far I am also happy and satisfied that I have been able to fulfill my father's wishes and desires as well Because he wanted us to integrate into society And be among the educated class He also wanted us to get somewhere one day That we can help others I think my cousin has reached this point Because she is a nurse and helps others I also hope that after studying medicine Be a good doctor and be able to help others And I can continue to do what my father wanted All three laugh proudly