Android APPs Keep Crashing ? Easy Way to Fix it! (SAMSUNG/PIXEL & MORE)

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Hello guys welcome back to Tenorshare channel.These two days many android users found outthat their apps kept crashing and couldntget loaded Just like this, But luckily after searching on twitter and reddit, I found aneasy to get this issue solved.
Lets check it out.The reason: your apps keep crashing dohave something to do with this App called Android System, Webview Hereare, two ways to uninstall itsupdate. You can go to Google play store.

And search for android system, webview
Here, it is What you need to do is to tap onuninstall And everything will be. Alright.You can also go to settings and apps and find the Android system webview.Then tap on the three dot button, onthe top right.
And uninstall updates.

nd go on with the OK button.No matter, which method you use after uninstallthe updates. You need to restart your android.When. It reboots
You will find that thistime all the apps become normal Thats it.

ut. If you didnt install this beforebut, your apps still keep crashing.You can consider to use Reiboot forAndroid to repair your android system.It can also fix apps crashing issue.
You canfind the download link in description below.

o. All you need to do is to connectyour Android, to your computer.Then, select repair android system to get yourphone fixed Sooner. The issue will get solved.Okay, so this is the tutorial of howto fix.