Best Cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

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PortalKota – Best cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Many companies sent out their cases for me to look at, and I like to use all the cases for At least a few days before, I could recommend them to you guys, So you might see a few scuffs or scratches on some of these cases After personally testing all these cases on my iPhone 12, I have selected a few which I think are the best and That you guys might like, I will be showing how these cases look and fit the iPhone 12, but since the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have exact same dimensions, all these cases fit and protect the iPhone 12 Pro as well.

Now I have separate videos coming up for the best cases for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, And I will be showing different cases in those videos.

So if you have got any of those phones make sure to stick around to the channel and check those videos out, Actually all the companies make these cases for all the 12 series iPhone.

So if you want to check out the different case options, I suggest you guy check out all 3 videos.

If you like, any of these cases, Links to purchase all of them are in the description section, While the glass back makes these iPhone look and feel premium. I am not a big fan of the glossy glass back.

It is not good at hiding fingerprints and smudges, specially the Blue and Black coloured ones, And once they start gathering these smudges, they can become really slippery And no matter how tough of a glass Apple says they have used on these new iPhones.

It is still glass and it will still shatter if it falls on a hard surface.

So after spending a lot of money on your new iPhone, I am sure you would like to protect your investment by putting a case on it.

Applying a skin to the back might help you hide the fingerprints and make it less slippery and even let you add, a bit of customisation to your phone, but it barely adds any protection to the back or rest of the phone.

And therefore a case is the best way to provide all round protection to your phone.

All the cases with just one exception, (, which I will mention when we get to it. ) allow your iPhone to charge wirelessly with a normal wireless charger, But just one of these cases is compatible with the new MagSafe wireless charger.

So keep that in mind. We will start with the thinnest cases and then move up towards the thicker or the more bulkier ones that provide more protection to your phone.

And at the end, I will let you guys know the ones that I liked and ended up using the most

First up we have these thin but hard MagEZ Cases from Pitaka. These cases are made from Aerospace grade Aramid fibers, so even if they are so thin, they provide very good protection to your phone.

These cases just snap on snug to your phone, while barely adding any bulk or weight to it, While the back corners and the front edges of the metal frame are very well protected. By this case, it leaves the top bottom and buttons open.

So of the phone falls at certain angels, the case wont be able to protect these parts from getting damaged.

There is a ribber lip at the back to help protect the camera bump and lenses when you place the phone down on any surface.

These are the only cases in this list which are compatible with the new MagSafe Wireless charger. If you dont, like the black carbon fibre pattern, it comes in other colours and pattern options as well.

There is barely any lip at the front, leaving the display vulnerable, so I suggest using a good quality tempered glass screen protector with this case.

Actually, it is a good idea to use a scene protector, no matter which case you are using.

I am using the one from Spigen Now this video is not sponsored by Spigen or any other case manufacturer and Spigen didnt. Even send me this screen protector.

I purchased it myself from amazon for all the iphone 12s that I got. I just feel it is the best quality screen protector and It also comes with an installation kit, so you dont have to worry about it being misaligned or bubbles being trapped inside it.

The best thing is: this pack comes with 2 screen protectors. If you want a thin case that protects all sides of your phone.

This Dual Grip case is for you. It is a thin matte plastic case which barely has any weight to it, But when applied on your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, it provides all round.

Protection from scratches and minor drops. There are precise cutouts for ports and buttons are very tactile.

This case gets the Dial Grip name because of this textured grip on both of its sides.

This lets you grip the phone better and makes sure it wont slip out of your hand, There isnt a lip of any sorts at the front, but the camera module stays protected due to the raised border around it.

While this case gives you excellent scratch resistance, it might not be able to protect the phone if it falls down from a considerable height, So with scratch protection.

If you want better drop protection as well, you should check out this Nano POP case from Caseology

It is a flexible TPU case with a velvet like soft back When on the phone it looks and feels like a Silicon case.

It is also fairly thin and barely adds any weight to the phone while providing it an all round. Protection.

All sides of the phone are covered, leaving just a few open areas for the speaker, grill and the charging port at the bottom.

This case feels really good in your hands and while adding a lot of protection to the phone, it also adds a ton of grip to it.

You can get these in variety of colours to match the colour of your phone or just go for the colour that you feel looks the best. My favourite amongst these is this blue one with yellow accents which matches my iPhone 12

There is a small lip at the front and around the camera bump, to protect them. Next is this Premium Genuine Leather case from Mujjo.

It is roughly of the same thickness at the Nano Pop cases, but this one has a hard leather back, with soft microfibre lining on the inside, to protect the back of your iPhone from gathering any scratches.

I really love this Tan leather colour, but if you dont like it, it is also available in few other colours like Black Slate, Green and Monaco Blue.

It provides good protection to the overall phone, but leaves the speaker grill and charging port exposed.

I like that this case is not too thick, so it doesnt make the phone bulky. The buttons might be a bit rigid when you first get the case, but with a little bit of use, they break in quite nicely.

You can get this case with or without this wallet at the back.

I? Dont! Like? To: put my; money? Or? Cards in? Here but? If? You? Want? To! You? Can! Comfortably? Have! It! Hold? 2 or even! 3? Of! Your? Cards? I! Have used! Mujjo cases? On my! Iphone 11 and 11? Pro? Max last year – and I really like the ages leather – look that these cases have after you use it for a few months, Then we have these couple of cases with a transparent back.

These are Skyfall series cases from Caseology. These cases are perfect. If you want to show off your new iPhone, 12 or 12 Pro, but still have it protected,

Back is made of hard transparent tpU material, and this material wont turn yellow quickly, like some other transparent cases. The back of this case is also pretty resilient against scratches.

You get an extra layer of protection to the sides with these coloured bands. I have these red and black bands here, but there are other colour options to choose from as well.

Like the previous Caseology cases that we saw, these ones also provide all round protection to your iPhone.

It also has a raised lip at the front and around the camera module, to help it keep protected. The buttons on this case are very soft, right from the 1st day.

The only thing that I dont like is, these cases just like the glass back of the iPhone gather and show a lot of fingerprints and smudges, so you have to keep on wiping it so it stays clean. Following that, we have this Camo case from Million Cases.

Now this is a hard plastic back case with slightly softer rubber edges. And these ridged edges provide a lot of grip to the case.

There are quite a few finishes to the back. First off, we have this Camo design, then there is some sort of nylon mesh on top of it, and there is a leather stitched border.

On top of that, there is few millimetres of soft foam like material inside the camp cloth. I think all of this is there to cushion the blow if the phone falls on its back.

Even with all these layers going on, the case doesnt feel too think or heavy. It provides all round protection to the phone, but doesnt have a distinctive lip at the front or back to protect the display or the camera module.

If you decide on getting this case, also be aware that some dust or debris from the pocket can get lodged into these ridges, so you will have to clean it form time to time.

Next, there are these Impact cases from Casetify. These cases provide amazing protection to your phones, and the best thing is, the backs are completely customisable.

These are made from pretty hard plastic and can withstand a drop from 9.8 feet. As tough as that might sound, these sides are actually softer to hold.

There are precise cutouts for ports at the bottom, and the buttons feel nice and tactile. It also provides a good amount of lip at the front, and these cases are endlessly customisable.

You can get one with clear back, or choose from one of the collection that Casetify has to offer.

Or you can even customise and design your personal case, like I have here with my name and initials on them. If you remember, I have even made a dedicated video about these cases.

I will leave a card to it on the top right of your screen. The only thing that I wish these cases had were flat sides like the new iPhone 12 series phones.

Because I feel the flat edged cases are more grippier to hold, than these round edged ones.

Then we have these 3 cases from Caseology. Out these, this green one is from their Parallax Series.

It gets this name because of this 3D pattern on its back, which looks as it is changing its shape, when light hits it at different angles.

This case is mostly made of TPU, and it feels silky soft to the touch.

The buttons on this case are very tactile, and ports get precise cutouts. These other 2 cases are from Caseologys Legion series.

Their back has a rough finish to the top part, and these metal finish plastic plates for rest of the back. This gives them a retro look.

Now theses plates at the back are very slippery, so you get this pattern on its side, so you can grip the phone better.

Just like other cases from this company, these cases provide all round protection with a little lip at the front, to keep the display raised.

Since the back of this case is a bit thicker, the camera module also sits flushed in and stays protected.

I have seen many people carrying their phones in folio style cases. If you like these style of cases, this next folio case again from Caseology is the one for you.

Once you put your iPhone in this case, you know that it is protected, no matter what.

Once the flap is closed and secured with this magnetic strap, even the display stays protected. There are also multiple slots in the top flap, which can hold cards, IDs and cash.

So this is truly a wallet case. With all of this bulk, this is the only case in this video, through which wireless charging doesnt work. So if you use wireless charging frequently, you should not get this case.

With that we come to the end of this list. Most of these cases provide good amount of protection to your iPhone.

And which one you end up using, depends on your needs, taste and style.

Out of all these, The Mujjo Leather case, Pitaka MagEZ case and the Dual Grip case are my favourite. Which ones did you like?

Let me know in the comments. Links to all these cases are in the description section, if you want to buy them for yourself.

That is it for this video guys. Please hit the like button if you enjoyed this video, and subscribe to the channel for more quality tech videos like this.You can also check out some of the other videos from this channel.

This has been Sagar, and ill catch you guys in the next video. Take Care.

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