Best Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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PortalKota – Best Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max. In this moment we are going to take a look at some of the best casesfor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. We all know thatthis 12.

Pro Max is a massive and heavy phone and adding a case on top of that only makes it more bulky.So. I had to think about lot of things beforechoosing the best cases for this moment, If you guys missed it.

In my lastmoment I showed some of the bestcases that you can get forthe iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, and those cases are also available for theiPhone 12 Pro Max.

So if you guys want to lookat a few more case, make sure to watch thatmoment after you are done watching this one. If you like any of these casesthat, I show in this moment Links to purchase all of themare in the description section.

I just love this matte glass back on this phone. That, combined with the stainless steel frame, makes it look so good.

This matte backis very good at hiding fingerprints, but this shiny frame is not, and no matterhow tough of a glass Apple has used chances are that it will break if it falls.

Ona hard surface So to protect your investment, It is very important that you usea case with your shiny new iPhone. It is also important to protect the display ofyour phone, so no matter which case you are using make sure to also use a good quality.

Temperedglass screen protector. There are some cheapones in the market, but they dont offer youthe best clarity fit or oleophobic coating.

So you might not want to cheap out on that. Let us start with this very thin. Matte blackcase for the back of your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Since. This phone is so massive, some of youmight not want to use any case with it at all, but then you are taking a big risk.

Thisthink and light case is the next bestthing to using your phone without a case.

It barely adds any weight or bulk to your phone, but helps it stay protectedfrom fingerprints and scratches These is also a raised portion to cover the cameramodule and protect it from getting.

Scratched.These type of cases are available from manymanufacturers, but no matter which companyyou use. This kind of case provides very littleprotection to the phone, so there is no pointputting a lot of money into it.

This one isthe cheapest option that I found on Amazon and it looks and feels just as good as thisone from Peel that I got for the iPhone XR back when I had it, But the one from Peelcosts almost 4 times as much as this one.

While this case is great to save yourphone from little scuffs and scratches, it wont be of any use if the phone falls down. So to add a little more drop protection, whilekeeping the weight and bulk down.

You should checkout this Dual Grip case. It is a bit thicker, thanthe previous one and has a hard back and offersmuch.

More protection of the phone falls formsmall heights. It also gets this textured grip, oneither sides, making it very easy to hold on to.Camera module stays safe.

Thanks to thisprojected lip, There isnt a big lip at the front to help protect the display. So this is where atempered glass screen protector will come in veryhandy.

There are precise cutouts for all the portsand speaker, grills and buttons are very tactile. If you dont, like cases with hardmaterials, you should check this. Case.It is a silicon case with a rigid backbut. It has a silky.

Soft touch feel to it.It is not much thicker than the previous case butsince. This is a rubber like material, it providesa bit more cushioning and it can withstanda few higher drops as well.

All the buttonsare easy to press and the cutouts on the case perfectly align with the ports of the phone Itgets, a very nice microfibre lining on the inside, so the back of your phone wont get scratched.While.

This case looks like the best of the bunch. It has a big issue for me, Since the siliconmaterial is very grippy, it is very difficultto, put it in or take it out of. My jeans, pocket.

It also attracts a lot of dust and debris. Soi have to constantly wipe it to keep it clean.

If you wear trousers and not jeans or if youwant, to carry your phone in your bag or purse, then you might not face these problems, and this will be a very good case for you.

If you like, to show off the colour of your shinynew iPhone Here are a bunch of transparentcases from ESR that you might like. First off, there is thin flexible, transparent, TPU case.

Like, the first 2 cases that we saw in thismoment. It fits your iPhone 12 Pro Max perfectly without adding any bulk or weight to it.

am not sure, but these kind of flexiblecases tend to turn yellow over time, so ifyou dont want that to happen. With your case, I suggest you try out one of these 2 cases.

They are also from ESR, but the quality of the plasticis much better, and they end up providing a lotmore protection to your phone.

This one also hasextra bit of protection on all 4 corners, so thephone should survive few sever droops as well.If.

You are not worried about dropping yourphone, but want to add a bit of utility to it.

Try this case It gets a built in kickstand which will let you position the at various angles, and it can come in handy when youwant to consume media on your phone or also while making and receiving moment calls.

I know many people love to use these transparentcases as it allows them To show off the colouror model of their new phone, but just likethe glossy backs of glass phones.

It is verydifficult to keep these clean of fingerprintsand smudges So while I am showing these casein this moment, because they are very good, Ijust dont like using them for a long time, This is the semi, transparent or translucent. Casethat have used for a few days on my 12 Pro Max, and I really liked it.

Thiscase is from Million Cases.I like that. You can subtly show off thecolour of your phone through this case and thanks to this carbon fibre structure, theback doesnt gather a lot of fingerprints.

While. This pattern looks embossed the actual backis very soft to touch, and you barely feel thispattern.

As you move your hand over the back, Sides get a nice soft rubber material which protects the frame of your phone Andthe buttons are also very easy to. Press.

There is no noticeable branding on thiscase, which is really nice. All in all this case adds a lot of protection to your iPhone12 Pro Max without adding too much bulk to it. Now this next case is probably one of my favouriteone It is the Full leather case from Mujjo.

ts made from genuine leather and hasa felt, like soft material on the insideto, protect. The back of your phone from scratches.

I have got it in tan colour, but on their site they have a few other colour options as well.Having. This case on gives your phone a verypremium look.

The buttons on either sides canbe a bit hard to press at first but onceyou start using the case. They break in andbecome a lot softer in just a few days.

This case leaves the bottom part of thephone open for easy accessibility, tothe charging, port and speaker grill, so it doesnt provide all round protection, But there is a small 1mm lip at the frontand. There is a raised portion at theback to help protect the camera.

Hump really like this case, because, as you use it, the leather back ages and changes its colourand with all the strains, scuffs and other thingsit gathers over time.

It forms a unique look: Next, we have the Legion series case, fromCaseology With a different finish to thetop and bottom.

It gives a retro type look toyour phone Top part of the case gets a roughrubbery plastic finish, and the bottom part is aflat, rigid plastic plate painted in a metallicfinish to make it look like metal.

This one provides nice all roundprotection with precise cutouts for ports.

There is a nice texture on both the sides which help you get a better grip on your phone. While this case looks good on your iPhone 12Pro Max, I actually prefer the lookof these next 2 cases on my phone.

These are again from Caseology and it is theirParallax series These cases get this name because of. This 3D pattern on their back, which seemsto change its shape.

When you look at it fromdifferent angles, These cases are a bit flexible, so they wrap around your phone very nicely and feel nice in your hands.

There is a thinplastic like bumper running all around theedges of this case, which gives the edges of yourphone a bit more protection in case of falls.As, with all other cases, buttons areeasy to press and cutouts on the caseperfectly match, with the ports on the phone.

The texture on the back has a very soft touch feel so the case feels great when youare using it with your phone There are 2 other cases that I like, and I haveused them on few of my phones in the past, as well.Those are this leather case from Bellroy and the Pathfinder series case from UAG.While.

None of these cases are too heavy. Butthey do make the 12 Pro Max feel even biggerbecause of how these cases are build.

So whileI am not using these cases on my 12 Pro Max. If you have bigger hands or if you like biggercases, you should give these cases a try.

So those were all the cases for the iPhone12 Pro Max that I think you guys would like My favourite one of the bunch is theMujjo Leather case in tan colour.

Just like how this case feels on the phone. Andit is not too thick or heavy, so it doesnt bulk, upmy, already massive iPhone 12 Pro Max Which oneis your favourite, let me know in the comments.If, you guys have any other good cases in mind that I should try out for next years. Iphones.

Let me know in the comments – and I willtry to include some of them in the moment Link to all these cases, isin the description section, if you want to check them, outor purchase them for your phone And dont forget to check out my nextmoment about best cases for iPhone 12 Mini.

Those cases are different than theones. I have showed in this moment and they are also availablefor the iPhone 12 Pro Max That is it for this moment guys, Please hitthe like button.

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This has been Sagar and Ill catch. You guys. The next moment Take Care.

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