Come Together | Crit Recap Animated | Campaign 2, Episodes 1-8

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(air whooshes)
(whimsical music begins) (Dani laughs) (dice clatters)
(whimsical music ends) (paper tears)
DANI: Oh, hello! I'm Dani Carr, the Lore Keeper at Critical Role! I'm here to welcome you to the world of Exandria. (upbeat dramatic music begins) Here on the continent of Wildemount, the Dwendalian Empire has absorbed most of the western region. Within the Empire is a town called Trostenwald, where seven very different people have just converged. Eventually, they will face would-be gods on land and sea, and uncover the secrets behind a war between nations. But for now, they're just getting acquainted. They spring for some bonding time by attending the circus that Molly and Yasha are members of. A night of impressive performances culminates with a young girl, Toya, singing beautifully to a devil toad. Suddenly, an elderly man transforms into a zombie, attacking the crowd! (crowd screaming) YASHA: You, sir, are not part of the show! DANI: Those associated with the circus are arrested, so the group attempts to clear their names by conducting their own investigation. JESTER & NOTT: We're on the case! DANI: Turns out, the devil toad, named Kylrie, is a fiend; sucking on the life force of poor Toya.

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(swords clanking)
(monster bellows) BEAU: Eh? Eh? DANI: Though they successfully prove the innocence of the whole circus, the ringleader, Gustave, is ordered to stay and work off the debt of the damages. MOLLYMAUK: Well that's just not fair. DANI: Citing strength in numbers, the group decides to stay together and embark on a journey to the Soltryce Academy, a mage school in Rexxentrum that has caught Fjord's curiosity. Yasha will meet up with them later in Zadash. YASHA: I have things to do.
(gentle upbeat music) DANI: With their newfound camaraderie, they begin to slowly reveal bits about their past to each other. BEAU: I'm part of a secret order of librarian spy monks! FJORD: I'm a shipwrecked sailor who found a sword that gives me magical powers and weird dreams! JESTER: My mama is a famous courtesan, and I'm looking for my dad, and I got banished from Nicodranas, because I played a prank on a lord and…


Oh yeah! My god is the Traveler, and only I can talk to him and see him and but, um… Oh, I haven't even told you guys about– DANI: While on the road, they come upon the town of Alfield; currently under siege by gnolls. (gnoll cackling)
BRYCE: Help, please! (gnoll growls) NOTT: For money? BRYCE: Sure?
(coins jingle) NOTT: Great! (dramatic music begins) (gnoll cackles) DANI: They track the gnolls to a mine, where they discover a demon-worshiping gnoll cult that's sacrificing villagers to a manticore. (body crunching)
Fun! But they also discover the coolest person in the entire world. (Shakaste grunts)
(gnoll yelps) BEAU: Holy shit, that guy's cool. DANI: Shakaste, a blind cleric vigilante, helps the group kill the cult and free the remaining villagers.

(gnoll screaming) Unfortunately, some clear trauma is unearthed during the fight. MOLLYMAUK: Time for that later! Monsters to kill! (dramatic music continues) (Shakaste shushing) JESTER: So cool. DANI: The group returns to Alfield victorious with the missing villagers, where Bryce asks. BRYCE: What do I call you in my report? CALEB: We are the Mighty Nein.
(glorious music) BRYCE: But there's only seven of you. DANI: Thusly christened, they depart Alfield and continue their travels, finally arriving at Zadash. There you have it! Critters, you are now caught up on Episodes one through eight of Critical Role! Until next time! (door thuds) Oh Mighty Nein. (lively music begins) (lively music ends).

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