Create your own 3d avatar instagram filter (EN Captions)

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Create your own 3d avatar instagram filter (EN Captions) – Hello! You are in Emiliusvgs! Did you know that you can quickly create an avatar by taking from a simple photo? And that you can also implement it inside spark ar to create filters? Yes!

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You are listening well! Today I will explain an interesting creation option. Merge 3D avatars created in ‘Ready player me’ and add them to Spark AR. As always, I leave all my files on my Patreon Are you ready? Let’s start!

Last week I made a video about the importance of creating a virtual identity and how we can create it with ‘Ready player me’.
I leave you the link where you will see the whole explanation. Immersive communications are more powerful than a call or meeting by Zoom. Therefore having a digital presence is increasingly important.

With this we can express ourselves and show ourselves in different scenarios of augmented or virtual reality.

Create your own 3d avatar instagram filter (EN Captions)

With ‘Ready Player Me’, we can easily create an avatar. We enter their website and click this option. Then we take a photo or choose one of our file.

After uploading we will see the first draft of the avatar, you can modify it to your liking. Choose a skin color, modify the hair your outfit and of course add a beard if you like.

The options are diverse, once you have finished they will give you a link. That link can be used to download it in GLB format . Immediately we are going to create another avatar for our example.

Try different options, the truth is that you will spend some time experimenting and changing your look depending on the occasion and what you want to transmit. Ready!

We already have two avatars. Let’s go to Spark AR.
We create a blank template with plane tracking. We import our first file. We drag it into the placer hierarchy.

We visualize it immediately. ‘Ready Player Me’ adds default animation that you can use. Click on “animation” to create a new “animation controller”. Inside the playbackcontroller, You can choose a list of options. I use those related to eye movements.

You can adjust if you want.
Our avatar it already includes a differentiated skeleton and it also highlights parts of the face.

Vital to work with precision. For this example, we are going to hide the avatar’s hands. We continue experimenting with its options.

Now we will add the other avatar and drag it into the placer hierarchy as well. We will do the same process. Perfect!! Let’s try it!

It has a good appearance, these avatars are very well humanized. I like the effect of blinking eyes.

It’s very subtle. The plane tracking template allows you to control objects with ease. Now we are going to do another example with a full body avatar.

Yes! We can also create a complete avatar. We enter full body (point) ‘Ready player me’, the process is similar with the difference that when we go to customize we will see different postures and also complete outfits.

I will try to maintain a similar design to my first avatar. Our downloaded file will be used in Spark AR .

When importing the file we have to check the size so as not to exceed the 4 megabytes of limit.
All the textures add up to almost 6 megabytes. That’s why we have to make adjustments. We enter this option and we change the format to JPEG quality will be the lowest. We do the same with android and older android.

Now yes, we have less than 4 megabytes. We raise our full body avatar in the hierarchy of placer.

We adjust its scale, we can eliminate our second avatar, we will no longer use it now. Also with that we will reduce the size a bit. It’s time to make a small interaction.

We drag our first avatar towards the patch.
Then we call the object tap. We will also call the switch and then connect it with the visible of the full body.

I want the first avatar to disappear when I tap, for this, we will add a NOT and connect with the visible of the first object. To complete the interaction, we drag the full body object and connect it with a object tap.

This will be connected with the “turn off”. That’s it! Ready! we’re going to try it! This is the interaction I wanted, simple but interesting.

I’m surprised by the detail of the avatar. That’s why I’m constantly moving away and closer. I know what you’re waiting for: animated avatars! Let’s do an experiment! By the way I leave my full body avatar on Sketchfab.

You can follow me here you can download it directly in gLTF format. This file can easily be worked in Blender.

One of my favorite software. We open the program and import the avatar. For this example I will have to remove the bonus for better handling.

We choose the whole skeleton, and we delete it! Perfect we export it in FBX format You already know that using Blender you can create your own animations and experiences.
Right now we will use Mixamo. With Mixamo we can create default animations. When entering the platform we have to upload our fbx file.

Then we have to choose the strategic points of the movement, after this process, we can go to “animations”.

You can choose from capoeira, jumps, attacks to zombie movement. We chose this animation. Now we download it. It’s important to use FBX format with Skin for the texture.

This would be the result We are going to Spark AR. We have a new file with the plane tracking template.

We import the file and we drag it to the placer we are going to activate the default animation. We lower the scale of the object a little. We have everything!

We’re going to try it! The example is impeccable, I like the result.
You can create your animated avatar for your next filters an interesting use of your virtual identity with augmented reality. What do you think of the video? if you liked it, leave me a good like and subscribe.

This is all for the moment, Emiliusvgs says goodbye! See you in the metaverse. Byeee!.
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