Fix couldn’t authenticate connection wifi problem in samsung mobile

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Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “ Theta box”. So today i get the following one error: notification.

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While i try to connect my samsung mobile wifi network and it shows Couldn’t authenticate connection so how to fix this issue. So before going to our tutorial.

First of all why this error happening, So my guessing is, if you use fiber connection sometime, if your fiber cable is broken or lost their network connection, that fiber modem continuously blink red colour warning message.

So at that time, if you connect your mobile with this wifi router, this type of error is occurring. So, first of all check your wifi router.

If it is shows any warning message or not so once you check it and then open your settings menu. So here you can locate General management and click to open it.
And slightly scroll down and then press Reset.

So here i try to reset my network settings like wifi, mobile data and bluetooth, So just press Reset settings and then click to “ Reset”.

So after you done this processes, just close all the windows And don’t forget to restart your mobile So after the restarting is completed now, one more time i try to connect my mobile into that same wifi network.

Now this time my mobile is successfully connected with my wifi network, So friend’s sometime.

This error is happening if you enter the wrong password while try to connect with your wifi network, so just check your correct wifi, password
So anyway, if this trick may be not works, just comment to me: i give some other ideas to fix this problem, so otherwise just leave a one like
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