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Friday Night Funkin MobileAndroid iOS iPhone – Download – Friday Night Funkin Mobile. Guys. Finaly this game is ported for iOS and Android devices. Learn how to get Friday Night Mobile on iOS or Android. This is unofficial port from some indie developers.

If you want to try it and test  on your phone, follow my tutorial to install it on i OS. For Android instruction is the same but  you will get APK file to download.

On your iPhone first open Settings  app. Go to General category and then to Background App Refresh.  Disable this feature to allow install Friday Night Funky Mobile from the external source.

Friday Night Funkin Mobile Download

Now Android users can follow tutorial too. To download Friday Night Funkin Mobile i OS you need  to open Safari browser. To download android version, you need to open Chrome browser. Type adress: Again adress: unlockdownload.

com/fnf This website not belongs to me. It’s hosting where indie developers put Friday Night Funkin Mobile  version. On the next page you have to unlock download before you can process the installation.  To get Friday Night Funkin Mobile you must to complete 2 free tasks on this page. I think port creators, indie developers are just making money for their job.

I don’t have a problem  with that. We are not paying for anything. I am going to show you how to complete it. To download Friday Night Funkin Mobile we need to install 2 apps from official appstore or  Google Play. Then run them for 30 seconds.

After that we get Friday Night Funkin Mobile  APK in Android case. In iPhone case, we get game installed on home screen.  I have choosen solitare for my first app. Install it and run for 30 seconds. Read task instruction, you can have different tasks.

Remember. You need to play in this game or app for 30  seconds.
You cannot just run them. App can messure activity. So please tap anywhere on screen for 30  seconds.

Later you can just uninstall such app, we need it only to unlock downloading Friday Night  Funkin Mobile. It’s weird, but this is the way how developers getting money from advertisers. 

After you complete 30 seconds with first app, Solitare in my case. You need to complete  second app. I have choosen some survival game because you can also run it for 30 seconds.

Tasks can have different instructions. My friends on Android have to install  apps from Google Play and for example create free account in app.
Task instruction depends to operating system and your location. My friend from Indonesia cannot unlock this  downloading because there is no offers for him. Anyaway for USA or UK we can do it.

Let’s download second app and unlock Friday Night Funkin Mobile installation. As you can see, the whole process is free but it’s little time consuming for us.  We are not paying for anything. The unlock apps or games are installed from official Appstore or Google Play, so it’s also safe. We are downloading any shady stuff.

Once the last unlock app is installed, we need to open it and according to the instruction, open it for 30 seconds. After that we will get finaly Friday Night Funkin Mobile on  iPhone home screen. In Android case it will ask you to download APK and install it manualy. 

Again remember, while running unlocking game or app, tap anywhere on screen for 30 seconds.  Just play in that game, later you can uninstall it as we need it only to unlock Friday Night Funkin  Mobile download.

I have iPhone, so it will be Friday Night Funkin Mobile iOS version. After  that we are going to get FNF Mobile icon on iPhone home screen. The whole process took me 3 minutes.  Let’s complete running the app for 30 seconds and then run Friday Night Funkin Mobile..

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