How to Change Background in Google Meet | Add Virtual Background

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Are you wondering how your friendsand colleagues have Google Meetvirtual backgrounds and you'd like to add oneto your video feed? Well, today, we're goingto show you exactly how to add a backgroundin Google Meet.

It'S really easy to do you canadd your own personal pictures? Maybe you wantone from your holiday, or you can add, somethinglike this a galactic background or even a pictureof, a beach there's a whole bunch of preset ones. Inthere.

How to Change Background in Google Meet

It'S really easy to change so check it out, hey everyone! My name is Ken, and this is NorthernViking Everyday.

If you are new here, we bring youvideos on reviews and how to's so please considersubscribing. It would really help me out well todayas. I'D already mentioned, we are going to beshowing you how to add a virtual backgroundto.

Your Google Meet video feed. It'S really easyto. Do let's dive on over to my computer, get rightinto it and show you how it's done all right! Sohere we are on my computer in google me and youcan go ahead and either join your meetingright here with a code or a link or createa new meeting, which is what we're going to bedoing today for the purposes of this video soi'm going to do that, i'm Going to start an instantmeeting, that's going to load up this preview videoso we can make changes here to our video beforewe, actually join the meeting, we're not in ameeting right now.