How to Change Background in Google Meet | Add Virtual Background

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Are you wondering how your friendsand colleagues have Google Meetvirtual backgrounds and you’d like to add oneto your video feed? Well, today, we’re goingto show you exactly how to add a backgroundin Google Meet.

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It’S really easy to do you canadd your own personal pictures? Maybe you wantone from your holiday, or you can add, somethinglike this a galactic background or even a pictureof, a beach there’s a whole bunch of preset ones. Inthere.

How to Change Background in Google Meet

It’S really easy to change so check it out, hey everyone! My name is Ken, and this is NorthernViking Everyday.

If you are new here, we bring youvideos on reviews and how to’s so please considersubscribing. It would really help me out well todayas. I’D already mentioned, we are going to beshowing you how to add a virtual backgroundto.

Your Google Meet video feed. It’S really easyto. Do let’s dive on over to my computer, get rightinto it and show you how it’s done all right! Sohere we are on my computer in google me and youcan go ahead and either join your meetingright here with a code or a link or createa new meeting, which is what we’re going to bedoing today for the purposes of this video soi’m going to do that, i’m Going to start an instantmeeting, that’s going to load up this preview videoso we can make changes here to our video beforewe, actually join the meeting, we’re not in ameeting right now.

So we can make changes now, i’mgoing to show you how to change the backgroundhere and then we’re going to log into a meetingand.

Show you how to change the background whileyou’re in a meeting which is really importantif. Something starts to happen in the backgroundof, your video and you need to turn it off soit’s not distracting to others, so we’re going tojump in and do both of those.

So first off on thisscreen here to make your changes before you joinyour meeting. You can mute your audio here or yourmicrophone. I should say you can turn off yourcamera, but you’ll see this new circle here andwhen i hover over it.

It says Change Background now. We could go ahead and left click on that ifyou’re, not seeing that option.

You’Re gon na seethree dots here in the top right hand, cornerof your little preview screen and it says moreoptions you can go ahead and left click on thatand, you’re gon na see an option in here that saysChange Background.

You can go ahead and left clickon that now i’m going to just go ahead and leftclick on the circle here on my preview, video whereit says background change or Change Background and. Once you do that, you’re going to see a wholebunch of preview, video backgrounds that come upnow, there’s a couple options here.

The firstone here is to slightly blur your backgroundif. I do this watch what happens to my backgroundhere you’re gon na see it gives it a little bit ofa blur.

So people can’t quite see what’s going onin the background, you can do a heavy blur so fullyblur your background and it’s very difficult forothers to see now.

This is great if you’re workingin a messy room and you don’t want everybody tosee everything. This will really help with thathere’s the plus sign.

This is where you’dgo to actually add your own pictures, we’lldo that in a minute, once we actually log into ameeting and then you can get into some of theirpre-done backgrounds, so there’s blurry beach let’ssee. What else there is, if you like space, you cango galactic there you can dofireworks, which is kind of cooland.

Maybe you like um staying in a trailer sothere’s, a really nice trailer background thereas! Well, so there’s a whole bunch of them. I’Lllet you go through those.

So once you’ve foundone, you like i’m actually just going to turnit off for now and then we’re going to joinour meeting and we’ll show you how to add yourown custom background. So, let’s click on join nowand. This is going to load up a full meeting.

Forus, i’m the only one in the meeting currently butit should look something like this for you now toadd your backgrounds, while you’re in your meetingthere’s, three dots in the very bottom right, handcorner go ahead and left click on that and you’regoing to see an option right here That says changebackground so we’ll left.

Click on that and againa similar window is going to pop up here on theright hand, side and you can start selecting thedifferent options.

Again. You can add the blur thereor, you can add one of their custom ones, maybe youlike mountains or, of course, the beach everybodyloves, the beach.

So let’s go ahead and actuallymaybe add our own background. So, in order to dothat we’re going to click on this plus sign hereand, that’s going to allow you to search yourcomputer for your picture, so maybe they’re in yourpictures file. I’Ve got them here on my desktopso.

Let’S go ahead and left click on this oneand hit open and it’s going to load up this imageof the beach in white rock british columbia.

That itook and use that, as our background, so maybe youwant to show off some of your pictures from yourholiday. You can easily do that there as well let’sgo ahead and do one more so click on the plus signsearch, your computer, for the filei know this one is from vancouverand.

This is another picture that i took invancouver this past summer, so you can make changeshowever you like there, the cool thing that happenswhen you do this. Is it preloads them here, intoyour pictures, so i could just easily switch backand forth then and for future videos or futuremeetings.

I can go ahead and select those rightaway rather than having to search for them. Onmy computer, and it’s that simple, really toadd background pictures or background blurshere in Google Meet so hope.

This tutorial, onadding Google Meet virtual backgrounds, did helpyou out if it did make sure to give this video athumbs up.

Also, if you’re interested, i have createdsome gmail tutorials on how to add signatureswith links and logos, as well as how to addout of office replies i’ll, have thosevideos linked below in the descriptionalso.

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Thank you so much forwatching today and until next time take care. You

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