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PortalKotaHow To Choose The Correct iPhone Camera LensiPhone Photo Academy. The latest iPhone models come with multiple lenses at the back of your iPhone. For example, this iPhone 11 Pro has three different lenses.

It has the standard wide angle lens, which is the 1x. It has an ultra wide angle lens, or 0.5x.

And it also has a telephoto lens, which is the 2x view. Now, depending on which iPhone model you have, you might not have three lenses. In fact you might only have two or one lens and that's okay.

For years, when I started doing iPhone photography, all I had was just one lens, and during these years, I was able to take some really, really special photos with that one lens.

So if you only have one lens on your iPhone, it is going to give you fewer creative options than having multiple lenses would give you, but you can still do really great photography with just one lens.

But if you have more than one lens, then how do you choose which lens to use? Well, that's what we're gonna talk about in this video.

So I'm gonna show you exactly how the different lenses of your iPhone affect your photos, and I'll also give you some tips for when to use each one of these lenses. So let's start by opening the Camera app.