How to Connect Teamviewer Android Mobile To Mobile | Remote Control Android with Team Viewer

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How to Connect Teamviewer Android Mobile To Mobile – Hello guys, I'm Tushar, and you are watching UBOX TECH. Today I'll show you, how to use TeamViewer app to remote control android to android devices.

firstly, download Teamviewer QS app on the phone you want to remotely control (host) Type QS on play store, and it will appear on top, now download this app Download links of all the apps from this video are in the description.

After downloading quick support app, open it Now give all the permissions is ask and start the app. make sure to allow all the permissions, otherwise it may not work after that, it will ask you to download TeamViewer addon, make sure to download it.

How to Connect Teamviewer Android Mobile To Mobile

if it doesn't ask you to download this app, then download it manually from the description after downloading the addon

Open the TeamViewer QS app now wait for few seconds, it will give you an ID this ID is unique for every device when you will enter this id on the TeamViewer remote control app, you can directly control this device.
But before that, give Teamviewer QS app all the permissions Some permissions it doesn't ask, so you have to manually enable them from the settings app After giving all the permissions I just gave it

Only enable storage permission when u have to transfer files between the phones after that, open settings app go to accessibility settings allow teamviewer addon now you can see that, the permission is denied for teamviewer app so turn it on If you don't enable this permission