How to create a complex Excel Formula

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PortalKota – How to create a complex Excel Formula. Today I am going to demonstrate slightly more complex formula  that you can create in excel sheets.

I hope you have seen the last video  where i demonstrated how to do Addition Multiplication Division and Subtraction . These complex formulas uses all those simple operations. Assuming that you have seen that let’s go into creating these formula into the excel sheet.

How to create a complex Excel Formula 

So the formulae I have chosen are for Simple Interest and Compound Interest you use this in  calculating your finances especially if you have a loan or if you have put a deposit into the bank.

For ease I’m going to copy-paste this as an image into our excel sheet so for that I  press Win-Shift-S button. And that allows me to catch a snap from the screen the chosen area. I go into our excel sheet and paste it resizing it  to a fairly reasonable size. 

This will be here on the right side for our reference  and in the left side we will create the formula. You can see that both these formula have  three variables principal number of years and rate of interest here.