How to Create Instagram Reels for 2021

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PortalKota – How to Create Instagram Reels for 2021. Instagram Reels, everyone is talking about Instagram Reels and, more importantly, the amazing reach they are getting with this new content type.

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But I get it when we get new toys to play with on social media, it can be quite daunting trying to figure out how it all works. So I thought the best thing to do was to take you along. While I create an Instagram Reel today. Now a couple of things before we get started Number one.

I do recommend you just dive in and give it a go.
You’Re not going to go wrong Sure you might not get it perfect, the first time, but there’s so much clarity in action. So I recommend just diving in and having a go And number two.

How to Create Instagram Reels for 2021

The way that I’m going to show you today is the way that I make Instagram Reels now, there’s lots of different ways, So you can create the video in another app and upload it
You can upload short video clips and pop them together. You know things that you’ve prerecorded
And so this is always more than one way to skin a cat, So don’t feel like this is the only way And if this way doesn’t work for you absolutely fine, You go for gold.

Use the the the method that works best for you Right, Let’s jump on in, So let me just close down the camera And what I’m going to teach you is, as I mentioned as my way, this is how I create Reels and it might sound a bit Funny but the first thing that I do as I actually go and watch some Reels.

So I spend some time having a look at other people’s Reels scrolling through the Reels, feed and getting some ideas Now by ideas.

I don’t necessarily mean finding Reels that I want to copy or content that I want to duplicate, But more it’s more about the audio. I’M looking for audio tracks that are going to give me some inspiration or get my creative juices flowing
So I’m going to click on the Reel icon at the bottom there in the center
Now, I’m just going to mute that audio there, but this is literally what I would do is I would just scroll through Music, “ Kind of love, ..

” Cool. So if I hear that audio – and I said yes, I can work with that audio. What I’m going to do is click on the name of the song at the bottom, so we can see it there.
It’S kind of scrolling across the screen, So I’m going to click on that And what that does is it opens up all of the videos that have used that audio and that’s really cool. It’S kind of like the audio acts like a hashtag
So when I drive in here, I might spend some time scrolling through these videos.

Now I don’t know, I might not know any of these creators. I don’t know that they exist.
I’Ve never seen their accounts before, But suddenly I’m being exposed to the content because of the audio that I’ve used.
And that’s why I think when I create Reels, I look for audio. That is, that is popular.

That’S trending, that has lots of videos and that’s going to help me increase my reach. So once I’ve done that, I can do one of two things Number one. I can click on save audio at the top
So if I click on that, that has saved that audio or I could dive right in and click on use audio at the bottom. But I’m not going to do that.
I’M going to just save that audio and then I can use it later.

So, let’s take a step back, I’m going to go back to my profile at the bottom there. So what I’m going to do now is click on that plus button at the top
As I mentioned, there’s lots of different ways to create a Reel, but what it’s going to do is ask me what type of content I’m creating
I’Ll select Reel, So let’s do that now And when I click on Reel, it’s going to open up my camera.

So don’t get a fright because I won’t have a filter on You’ll. See me in all my imperfect glory.
So here I am So let’s work through each of the different settings for our Reel.

So this is the basic Reel camera. On the left hand side you can see some icons running down, So the first one is the number 15. If we click on that that switches to 30

If we click it again back to 15 Now that is the length that our Reel is going to be, So we can either do a 15 second Reel or a 30 second Reel.

Now I tend to go with the 15 second, because the shorter the Reel is the more through-plays that I can get on that Reel, which really increases my reach.
So I know it sounds a little bit sneaky, but just having a shorter Reel is, in my opinion, is better Next one down is the audio, So I’m going to click on that Now I have an account that doesn’t have the good music.

So I don’t have access to the songs that you know the songs that we know and love.

I have all the royalty-free music. You might have heard lots of people talking about what kind of music they have access to with their account.

And I suspect it’s to do with the fact that I have a business account. Although I have heard of people with business accounts that have the good stuff
But it doesn’t really matter because remember: we’ve saved that audio.

So instead of scrolling through all of these songs that I’ve never heard of I’m going to click on Saved and it’s going to open up all of the audio that I’ve saved.

And so when I’ve been scrolling through Reels, I’ve just been saving that audio thinking at some point I’ll use it. So now I’m going to pick my song

Now, if I wanted to have a quick listen, I would just click on the little a little play icon. So now I think yip, that’s a song. I want to use I’m going to click on the little icon on the left, Like the little cover image.

“ And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick the 15 seconds of that song that I want to use.

So the whole song is quite long, but we’re making a 15 second Reel. So we need to use that slider to pick the portion of the song that we want to use.
So I’m going to turn the volume back on again, so you won’t be able to hear me for a minute, But I’m going to find the point of the song that I want using that slider at the bottom: No .

So once I was happy with that selection of music, I just clicked done up in the corner.
So I’ll whip back in and I’ll show you again And then, when we’re happy, we click done Cool awesome.

So now we’re onto the third icon the 1x. So if I click on that, I’ve got lots of different options and that is relating to our recording speed.

So if we use a higher number, our recording speed will slow down And that’s really good if you’re trying to lip sync and the words are quite fast.

So you might want to choose to slow down that recording. It will stop play back at the normal speed, but it just gives you some options of your recording
And obviously the 0
5. 0.3: that’s speeding up the recording!

So if you wanted to look like you are moving quite fast or some different jerky actions, Next, one down is our effects. So if we click on that, you’ll notice that these are all the effects that we have access to. In Stories, so I quite like this Paris Preset so much better .
And then the next one down is our Touch Up. So if we click on that it just improves our skin a little bit So now I feel really confident and really ready to give this Reel a go Next one down is this little flowery? Looking one?

That’S our filters. So again, we’ve got all those filters that we have in our Stories.

So you’re probably familiar with these, I’m not going to pick a filter, so I’m just going to go back out of it And that last icon there is our stopwatch.

So there’s two settings in there that we want to change. I’M going to dive and the music will start for a second, But I will just pause.

Ok, so see how I’m sliding in that in that end slider. So we know that our Reel is 15 seconds because it’s the length we chose, But if we want to slide it in, we can reduce the length so say we just wanted to record a 10. Second Reel: we would slide it into there.
Now the other thing we have in this setting here is our countdown timer. So at the moment it’s set to three seconds.

So that means that when I push record, I have a three second countdown until it starts recording

Now, if I was to tap that again, that would change to 10 seconds So if I needed to quickly run across the back yard to get into position before it starts recording, I might want 10 seconds instead of three But for this Reel, because I am right Here, right in front of my camera, I’m going to leave it on three seconds, so I’ll just slide that back out and I’ll just set that timer And there we have it we’re all ready to record Now before we get started. I just want to tell you a little bit about where your Reel is going to appear.

So you know how we scrolled, through the Reels feed at the start, So our Reel will definitely appear and there and depending on you, know our captions and the time of day, we’ve posted it and how much engagement we get and all those sorts of things.

The audio that we’ve used that will really determine how many people see that Reel in the Reels Feed
Now the other place we can post our Reel is to our normal news feed. So our followers, you know if we’ve used hashtags the people that follow those hashtags.

They could see this Reel just when they’re scrolling their normal news feed And that’s a decision we make before we publish Do.

We want it to be in the news feed or do we just want it to be in the Reels?
The way I see it as we’ve put in all this time and effort, why wouldn’t we want to put it everywhere? We can So because of that, when it is shown in the Reels feed, we will say this whole camera screen.

So it’s all good, but it is shown in the feed it reduces it down to a portrait size.

So if you’re familiar with Instagram portrait sizing, it’s basically cutting off sort of the top in the bottom of the Reel.

So when we record, we don’t want to put anything sort of above here and we don’t want to put anything sort of below about there.
So we want to keep the bulk of our Reel in the center, particularly if we’re going to add text.
Because if we add text, you know if we were to put text right along the top here, and someone sees the Reel on the news – feed they’re that not even going to see that text they’re going to have to click through to the actual Reels feed.

To see it, And they may do that, And it could be your strategy getting more clicks, You might want them to have to go out and watch it there. My preference is to just try and keep it all within that portrait Size.
So because of that before I start recording I’m going to take a big step backwards, So I want to make sure that I have nothing sort of at the top and nothing down the bottom. And with this one I am going to add some text.
So what I’m going to do now is jump into recording. Normally, this takes me probably about 10 goes

So I would record cancel record, cancel record, cancel I’m not going to do that today, because you would get so sick and tired of it.

So instead I’m just going to record it and make a bit of a fool of myself. But you know it’s all in the name of learning, so don’t laugh too hard. But let’s go
I’M going to hit that big button in the centre there and I’m going to get my three second countdown, So big step back Now, So that will just keep playing back over and over again, while I’m doing a little bit of editing.

So now we can edit. This Reel – and this is where it does get a little bit – fiddly
So, let’s just have a look at the at the top there.

So the first thing we’re going to do is add our text. So I’m going to click on the little Aa there on the top right hand corner and I’m going to start typing some text And then, when I’m happy with it, I might just put a little background on that.

Obviously we can change the colour of our text.
We new functionality where we can do the animated text, but I won’t do that And once I’m happy with it, I’m just going to click on Done and then I’m going to move it around and a little bit higher. But we don’t want to do too high.

I’M going to pop it maybe there And then what we see is down on the left hand corner. We can see a little text box.
So if I click on that, that shows me where that text is going to show up in the Reel.
So, instead of having that text showing for the whole Reel, I just want it to show at the start and then disappear. So let’s try that So see how now the text is kind of grey-ed out, and that tells me that the text is going to disappear.

But if we wait for that, the timer to get right back to the start and play through again you’ll see what happens.
So it’s showing for a little bit and then it’ll disappear And once we’re happy with that, we can click on Done and then we can add some more text.
And again well format: it done move it around resize. It click on the little icon at the bottom, I’m going to have it playing after the other. One has disappeared, but not too long About there Done.

And a little bit more Format, it Done Move it around. Click on the icon on the bottom,
Change the timing a little bit, So you can see how this editing can take you all day when you’re fiddling around with it, but once you and we’ll click Done again I’ll just show you some other quick things.
So we’ve got our Pen tool. So if we wanted to highlight something we could put a line there, I’m going to undo that
We also have stickers, So if we click on them, we don’t have all of the stickers that we do in Stories, but a lot of them and we have GIFs.

So I might choose a little GIF to add there, But you can see how you can really play around with it And then, when you’re ready we’re going to click down the bottom on Share to Now, don’t worry it’s not going to post.

It’S just going to give us more editing options.
So now what we need to do is write our caption Now, in my opinion, long captions don’t perform as well.

So when I have a lot of thought into, my caption told a really good story or packed a lot of value, people don’t really read it. So the way I see it is that the value needs to be, or the message needs to be in the actual Reel itself.
So not necessarily in your caption but in your Reel
So we’ll keep it nice and simple, OK and then, of course, we can pop all our hashtags in here, So hashtags work and the same way as they do with other content on Instagram.

So it’s really going to increase our reach, So you can either put your hashtags here in the caption or you can pop your hashtags in the first comment entirely up to you. Both will work the same way.
I will just delete that for now and once we’re ready with that, then we can click OK.

And then we have our others setting here So see that little toggle there that says’Also Share to Feed’. This is what I was talking about when your Reel will show up in the newsfeed
So I always leave it on, But when I’m creating my Reel, I know that I need to think about the different layout and then, when we’re ready to go, we can just click on Share at the bottom.

Now you might get this far and then think, oh gosh, you know so late at night. I might not post it now.

So in that case you can just click on Save as a draft. The other thing is that being able to save, as a draft means that you can batch your Reels, so you might spend an afternoon creating half a dozen Reels and then drip feed them out from your drafts over Idon’t know a couple of weeks or something like That So, if I click on Save as draft cool, so now, where do we find your drafts? So I’m on my profile,
I’M going to click on the Reels icon here And then here we have our drafts folder.

So if I click on that, you’ll see a whole lot of really cringy drafts, And so what we can do is we can click on one of those and then we’re all ready to share it. So, as I mentioned, this is the way that I create Reels.
I’M not saying that is the only way and in fact I’m saying it’s definitely not the only way.
It is just the way that I do it. That’S the way that I do it quickly, so that I’m not spending a heck of a lot of effort and entirely up to you.

If you want to give this way a go or try it a different way. But at least now, hopefully, you’ve got a few tools: a bit of knowledge, a bit of an understanding and you’re ready to use that newfound confidence and give Reels a go.

If you do make sure you tag me, because I would love to see your Reel and check out your work, So yeah go forth and have lots of fun with it.

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