How to Download and Use Zoom Application

how to download and use zoom application
How to Download and Use Zoom Application

PortalKota – How to Download and Use Zoom Application. Hello every one. In this video I’m going to show you how to download and use Zoom application. Lets get started. First of all go to google and search for Zoom. In the result page you will see download menu.

Once you click it will redirect you to the download page. Click on the download button under Zoom client for meetings. The download will start automatically.

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I’ve already downloaded the file. Now lets see how to Install. Click on the Installation file to Install the appllication.

How to Download and Use Zoom Application

Once the application installed , a pop-up will appear with two options ‘Join Meeting’ or ‘Sign In’.

Click on the sign in button to login or to create account After clicking the button, it will redirect you to sign in or sign-up page. If you already have a Zoom account, enter your email and password to sign in.

If you are new to Zoom then, you may sign-up by clicking one of the options on your right-hand side.

I’m going to log in with my email. Once loggged in the Zoom application will launch and also creates a desktop shortcut. You can also Sign in by Facebook This is the home menu. You will find 4 options such as New meeting, Join meeting, Scheduling and Share screen.

Click on the new meeting button to launch a meeting.

After clicking the button, there will be a pop-up ask you to connect to audio. Click the ‘Join with Computer Audio’ button to connect to microphone and launch meeting. To test the microphone or the speaker, click on the ‘test speaker and microphone’ option. After launched the meeting, you will come across 10 features of Zoom meeting.

1.Mute / Unmute. To mute or unmute audio

2. Start / Stop Video. To start or stop video

3. Security. To control meeting and participants settings

4. Participants. To view the number and name of participants

5.Chat. To chat

6.Share Screen. Allows host / user to share screen

7. Record. To start or stop record the meeting

8. Reactions. Emoji interactions

9. End. To end meeting

10. Meeting Information. To get or to view meeting ID, password, link, Host and other additional informations.

This is the Join tab. This option is to allow users to join a meeting. After clicking the button, it will ask for a meeting ID or link name.

Below that will be a tab to write the user name. There also will be 2 checkboxes for ‘Do not connect to audio’ and ‘Turn off my video’.

Once you filled those click on the join button to join meeting. This is schedule tab. This option is to schedule an upcoming meeting.

By clicking this will open a tab that displays some information and options such as, Topic, Meeting ID, Security, Video, Calendar and Advanced Options.

User can adjust the default setting according to their preferences to conduct an upcoming meeting and save it.

This is share screen tab. Clicking this button will allow the user to share screen. But before that it will ask for sharing key or meeting ID. So that you can share your desktop screen. These four are the menu of Zoom.

Home, Chat, Meeting and Contacts. Under the Home menu there will be New Meeting, Join, Schedule and Share Screen options are displayed.

Chats is the second menu next to Home. Under chat menu there will be 6 options.

1.Starred Messages. Starred messages referred to messages has been starred by user in Zoom.

2. Contact Request. In this tab user will find other Zoom users who has requested to chat.

By clicking accept will let the user to chat with others.

3. All files. In this tab, user will finds out all the images or files has been shared to others or received from others.

4.Host tab. Host tab will be labelled as the user’s name. Clicking it will allow the user to create new chat room or channel with selected contacts.

5. Recent. Recent tab will provide the recent activity done or received by the user.

6. Apps. This tab will allow user to connect with certain apps and access apps that has been linked with Zoom. This is meeting menu.

Meeting Menu will allow user to see their personal meeting ID, upcoming meetings and recorded meetings.

This is Contacts menu. In contacts menu there will be two section. First section contains all the starred messages, external messages, apps and cloud contacts information. In second section shows the channels created by user.

Settings option can be found under Home menu with gear shaped icon. This option will let the user to control several settings.

Such as General, Video, Audio, Share Screen, Chats, Background and Filters, Recording, Profile, Statistics, Keyboard Shortcuts and Accessibility.

User can mange setting according to their preferences On top of the settings icon, users may see their profile picture. Clicking it will give the information about the user’s profile.

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