How to Download and Use Zoom Application

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How to Download and Use Zoom Application

PortalKota – How to Download and Use Zoom Application. Hello every one. In this video I'm going to show you how to download and use Zoom application. Lets get started. First of all go to google and search for Zoom. In the result page you will see download menu.

Once you click it will redirect you to the download page. Click on the download button under Zoom client for meetings. The download will start automatically.

I've already downloaded the file. Now lets see how to Install. Click on the Installation file to Install the appllication.

How to Download and Use Zoom Application

Once the application installed , a pop-up will appear with two options ‘Join Meeting' or ‘Sign In'.

Click on the sign in button to login or to create account After clicking the button, it will redirect you to sign in or sign-up page. If you already have a Zoom account, enter your email and password to sign in.

If you are new to Zoom then, you may sign-up by clicking one of the options on your right-hand side.

I'm going to log in with my email. Once loggged in the Zoom application will launch and also creates a desktop shortcut. You can also Sign in by Facebook This is the home menu. You will find 4 options such as New meeting, Join meeting, Scheduling and Share screen.