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PortalKota – How to FIND YOUR PLAYSTYLE in VALORANT. Welcome to another skocap guide.

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Today we’re going to be going over how to find your playstyle and roll in mallory, identifying a certain style or role that you play best in valorem is an aspect that many players overlook.

As a result, these players end up playing multiple styles, of which none have been thoroughly practiced or mastered. This leads to a player becoming very inconsistent and when they unconsciously put themselves into situations in place that they aren’t used to their performance crumbles.


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So what are you waiting for unlock your true potential and get the rank? You’Ve always wanted at link in the description below now before we delve into finding your play style, we need to first identify what different roles are available to you in valorem.

We’Re going to go over five roles in this guide, which are entry, fragger support, player operator, initiator and in-game leader by the end of this guide.

You’Ll learn about all these different styles, so you can identify which role fits you best.

You can then practice playing this specific role to enhance your play and dominate your enemies.

Alright enough of the hype, let’s jump right into the video, the first roll that we’re going to go over is the entry fragger. This role involves a player that really enjoys being self-sufficient and aggressive.

They like to put pressure on enemies and try to grab picks for their team to open up the map on attack and defense. The best agents to fulfill this role are the duelists, including jet, phoenix, reyes and reyna.

These agents all have abilities to allow to gain an upper hand on individual fights without much assistance from the team.

The entry fragger usually is a player who’s, confident in their aim and ability to take engagements as well as a player that is selfless and willing to take risks and plays for the betterment of the team, for example, on attack you’ll usually want to be the first One onto the site pushing forward to identify enemies and taking out as many enemies as you can to give the rest of your team a better chance of taking the site on defense.

You’Re going to want to play relatively close to important choke points in the map.

To ensure you get early information and engagement for your team, there also may be rounds where you’ll want to take riskier plays by pushing certain choke points, early on with abilities to grab a quick pick and back away afterwards.

By doing this, you’re likely to be up in enemies faces and applying pressure, but you’re also likely to be going in with the least amount of information on where enemies are at.

This is why the entry fragger role is usually a love-hate relationship with most players.

It’S a role that can be very flashy and, if done correctly, can absolutely obliterate an enemy team and get much more favorable odds for your team and win the rounds.

However, at the same time, being the first player in you have no idea on what the enemy setup and positioning is and as a result, while playing this role, you can end up getting picked off or surprised by the enemy during certain rounds.

Because of this, it’s important to note that if you want to be an entry fragger, you have to be selfless, though you can pull off. Amazing plays for your team, but also that you may not be getting the most frags and you may get into unfavorable duels.

However, if this happens and you relay enemy positions quickly, your team should be able to easily get the frags back and take advantage of the round due to your selfless play.

If this aggressive and selfless playstyle sounds like, you, then make sure to adapt the principles that we just mentioned to fully immerse yourself in this role. Next, up we’re going to talk about the initiator roll.

This player is the one that sets up the plays for your team, while both attacking and defending they utilize abilities that help to give the rest of the team an edge in the fight.

The two agents that best fulfill this role due to their ability kit, are breech and soba on attack side.

Breech’S abilities all help to create disturbance in the enemy’s defense. His blind will force defenders to have to back up from their position creating more space for the attack.

The rest of his abilities also help to force enemies to reposition, otherwise they get hit and will either take damage or get stunned in which your teammates can then go in for the kill and sweep up anyone on the site.

Likewise, silva’s abilities also can be applied to create disturbance, but in a different manner.

Sola’S recon bolt helps identify enemy positions and figure out what the defense looks like on the site.

His owl drone is another tool that helps to gather this information, and this can force enemies to have to reposition elsewhere to a spot. They aren’t comfortable with with the initiated role.

You’Ll usually want to be further back from your team during the push. This is because, with this role, you’re more focused on using your abilities and as such you’ll be in a much more vulnerable state.

Having teammates in front of you ensures that you won’t get picked off for free and the abilities used are more to help your team get the kills rather than getting killed yourself, which you can also do, but won’t be nearly as effective as an initiator on defense.

You want to use your abilities in a similar manner, especially when trying to retake a sight getting information or giving effective flashes onto enemies for your team, and then sweep up will be monumental for winning rounds.

Likewise, you can also utilize these abilities to get up onto enemy faces. An example would be having an extra teammate with you and as breach you flash through a wall or object in a mirror that you or your teammate can then peek through and grab the kill.

The initiator role is all about helping set up the place for your team to get onto a site, retake a site or create plays for your team to make on defense. If this sounds like your kind of playstyle, then make sure you take on this role.

The role we’re going to go over next is the support player. This is a player that is less concerned about fragging out every game and more concerned about helping the team win.

A support player is going to be playing further back and focus on assisting the team.

In any way to have a better chance of winning rounds on a global scale, examples of this include assisting a teammate with killing a player, helping gain map, control on attack and defense, as well as listening to communication to rotate to where teammates need assistance or stall Enemies to the leia push until teammates are able to come help agents that best fulfill. This role are sage, brimstone and omen.

These agents have abilities that are very helpful for blocking out common player positions and choke points to give the rest of your team a better opportunity to shine and grab kills on site takes or while defending a site support players will really shine on the defense side.

You want to usually play towards the middle of the map in order to allow yourself to rotate as needed as quickly as possible.

If a teammate calls that players becoming a or c the support players will want to go and rotate, if possible or utilize abilities to help them out. For example, sage’s barrier orb and slow orb allow her to block off a choke point for multiple seconds.

If you hear his enemies coming towards her, placing a wall will delay a push and give more time for your teammates to come through to help defend the site or, if enemies are pushing a different site and you’re wary of a lurk.

You may want to place a wall to cover the choke point you’re originally holding, so you can safely rotate.

Similarly, with the range that brimstone and omen smokes can cover, you can also help your team on a more global scale.

If enemies are coming to you smoke them off blind them or throw a molotov to slow them down and same thing, wait for those rotations from your team.

Likewise, if enemies are trying to push a different site and your teammates call it out, you can assist them very early on by throwing smokes at the choke points that they hear them.

The way a support player plays attack will also involve similar ability usage, but also knowing that you’ll want to be further back behind your team, like the initiators to ensure that you use your abilities safely.

Once that is done, you are helping the team by doing as much damage as you can, to get a kill or sister team in getting a kill.

The support player is one that really cares about playing valon on this more gullible scale. Helping keep your teammate in tip-top shape for engagements, while providing them with backup as needed.

It’S particularly a good role for those who are less confident on their aim and want to still make a massive impact onto rounds. If this sounds like the style of play, you want to adapt, then start practicing this role and harness it.

The fourth role we’re going to talk about in this video is the operator. This is a role that is very crucial and often underutilized in lower ranks and abused and higher ranks as an operator.

The goal you have is to get picks for your team, so you can grab a main advantage in a round with the ability to zoom in with a scope, you’re able to take favorable long range engagements against rifles, thus allowing you to get those easy kills. Really. Any agent is able to adapt the operator role.

However, we will mention that jet, in particular, makes for a very good agent to play. The operator as her abilities allow her to get into unorthodox angles, while also having a dash that allows her to back away from a fight.

Should she face multiple enemies or miss a shot when playing defense. You’Ll want to stay relatively far back onto sights, so you can abuse this long range advantage and then scope in and wait for enemies to show up.

Keeping good distance on defense will be key to fulfilling the operator role and grabbing those free picks for your team.

On attack you’ll want to be more proactive when utilizing the operator instead of scoping in and holding an angle, you’ll want to be more proactive and moving, often trying to clear out positions the enemies may be at if they aren’t there.

The area may be clear and your team could push through that position to get closer to the site and prepare for a take.

Essentially, you will rinse and repeat this process and try to get a pick to gradually open up the site for your team.

If you’re a player that really enjoys sniping, then the operator roll will be perfect for you.

One thing to note, though, is that the operator is an expensive weapon and you may not be able to purchase it every round, so make sure that you are practicing sniping, but also spend a bit of time with the rifles.

In case you run into these economic situations.

Lastly, we have the in-game leader role, if you’re a player that loves to think about strategy and tactical play. This is definitely the role for you.

The game leader is the one that communicates the most and calls the shots for the team.

This player also tends to be someone that is very confident, and this will help players believe in the calls they’re about to make with this role.

You want to make sure that you are constantly looking for information in order to track down what the best players are going to be.

Some basic questions that should be going through your mind include: what does your team’s position look like right now? What enemies have been identified so far? What abilities are available for us to attack or defend a site? What are the best strategies we could pull off on attack and defense once these questions are thought out and answered, you want to come up with a game plan and communicate it with your team.

To give you a few examples, based on the information you’ve gathered, some calls an in-game leader may make are to take control of a certain part of the map going for a push onto a certain site, fall back and rotate to another position, as the original plan Was deemed unsafe and so forth.

The principle with this role is to make calls exert confidence and execute and communicate the plan with the team during different parts of the round, to ensure that everyone’s on the same page and when a play needs to be made.

It gets made you can fulfill this role with any agent, but to start things off, you may want to play killjoy or cipher, as these agents are more focused on defensive play and setting up abilities.

With this in mind, once you have your setup done, you can focus your attention towards looking at the map and identifying what should be done in certain parts of each round and remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank you’ve always wanted.

Then check out link in the description below alright.

So what role do you believe fits you, the best in valorem? Let us know in the comment section below and while you’re down there make sure to subscribe like and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides.

Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching we’ll catch you in the next.

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