How To Get Analytics on TikTok

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How To Get Analytics on TikTok – Welcome to a Foxy Tech Tips tutorial on getting the analytics feature for your TikTok account. TikTok analytics allow you to see detailed information and statistics about your followers and videos. If you find this video helpful please consider subscribing to my channel and liking the video! Start by launching TikTok and going to your profile page. Now tap the settings button from the top right of the page.

From settings, tap on ‘manage my account’. Now select ‘switch to pro account’. A professional account is needed to access analytics. You can select a category if one fits you, or just select ‘other’ from the bottom of the list.

Choose your gender, it won’t be displayed publicly.

How To Get Analytics on TikTok

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Now that you have switched to a pro account the analytics page will unlock. Access analytics from the main settings page. Here you can see precise statistics for your videos and followers. You can see your total video views for the selected time period, either 7 or 28 days. Stats for new followers are also here.

If you click on the ‘content’ tab you can see a list of recent posts and access analytics for them the reason it shows nothing for me is because i created this account today. Any trending videos will be displayed here as well. Clicking on the followers tab will give you insights into your followers demographics. You can also access analytics for individual TikTok videos by watching the video, tapping the video settings button, and then selecting ‘analytics’ and that draws an end to this tutorial. Please like the video if you found it helpful, and subscribe to Foxy Tech Tips for more TikTok tips and tricks!