How to get better aim in Valorant – Aimlab Training

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PortalKota How to get better aim in Valorant – Aimlab Training. Do you seem to struggle to get kills in Valorant because you just can’t seem to aim better than the other guy? Today I’ll teach you the exact routine that I’ve been using which has helped me get better aim and rank up to Immortal.

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What’s up guys DEFYED here and welcome to the channel. Today I want to help you guys get better  at Valorant, specifically by improving your aim. 

Now there’s heaps of things you can do to rank  up and improve at Valorant but I believe that aim is the number one most important thing that you can do to rank up.

 How to get better aim in Valorant – Aimlab Training

Abilities aside, if your aim is the best you will out aim and dominate every other  player in the game.

Add some basic strategy, game sense and ability usage on top of your insane aim  and you will be winning more games and ranking up to Immortal or even higher in no time.

To get us started I just want to show you guys my rank and how this training has worked for me.  

So as you can see this is my account, this is my main, DEFYED. If we go to career up here, you can see that currently I’m Immortal 2.

If we go back to Act 1 which is where it all started I actually started playing Valorant about 4 months ago, in Act 1.

It was quite close to the end of Act 1 that I started and I actually started in Platinum 1.

So that was my first rank. I quickly dropped down to Gold 3 though But soon after that my training sorta kicked in and I went up to Platinum 3 As you can see, Act 2 it changed quite dramatically.

I hit Diamond, Diamond 2, I spent a lot of games in Diamond 2, quite a few in Diamond 3 And at the end of Act 2 I actually hit Immortal which was quite an accomplishment for me.

And as you can see now moving into Act 3 which started about a week ago, you can see that I actually calibrated Diamond 2 but quickly ranked up to Immortal 1 and Immortal 2.

I haven’t yet played a game in Immortal 2 but that’s my current rank.

So as you can see this training routines worked for me and I want to basically take you through this and share what I’ve done so far so that you can have the same sort of results and see some improvement to your gameplay as well and your aim, specifically. Enough about me though guys.
I wanna share what I’ve done so far and I’m actually going to break this up into three seperate categories.

The first one is  for your Muscle Memory which I’ve actually used AimLab and I’ve set up a routine in there which I’ll share with you.

Secondly I’ve got a warmup routine which I’ll share which I basically use before every single game that I play.

And the third one will just basically go through some good habits that will help you be a lot more deadly ingame.

So the first thing you might notice when playing with other players is that they just seem to be  much better or more consistent than you and that’s okay because you can actually learn this as well. A lot of  the time, this actually just comes down to muscle memory.

Now I started out in Platinum which is  higher than a lot of players but I already have a long history in FPS games including Apex Legends,  Counterstrike and COD so I’ve actually got built in muscle memory which helps me  whenever I play an FPS game.

Now, I hadn’t played FPS games for a while though which is why I  wasn’t quite at the top of my ability and so that is where the AimLab training comes in.

So, for those that don’t know, AimLab is basically a free aim training software that you can find on Steam  and it’s probably the best way that I’ve found to actually train and improve my aim. It’s a little bit like Kovaaks.

A lot of people used to use Kovaaks to train their aim, but I find it’s better than Kovaaks because it’s a lot more refined, even though there’s not as big a range of training tasks, it’s still a lot better software in my opinion anyway.

So when you first load up Aimlab it might be a little bit confusing, there’s a lot of settings, a lot of different things you can do but essentially, once you’ve got through the tutorial and you’ve entered your basic settings you’ll be good to go and you’ll be able to follow along.  

Don’t forget, go to your settings tab and ensure that your game profile is set to Valorant.
This will basically just make sure that ingame Valorant is similar to ingame Aimlab so your settings will be a little bit closer to matched.

Now just quickly, finding the right sensitivity is  Now of course your sensitivity settings are really important as well and I actually plan to make a video on how to find the right sensitivity setting for yourself Now, I’ll put a link in the description when that video is ready but for now, just put your Valorant sensitivity in here.

If you want to change it you can but just make sure that this sensitivty and your Valorant sensitivity are the same.

Now I’ve played a lot of different tasks in Aimlab but I found six that actually, consistently helped me to improve and get better.
And I’ve made a playlist out of this and if you have Aimlab you can actually get this as well.

So to do that you just go to Custom, Workshop, click on playlists and just type in Valorant Immortal Prac and then if you just search for this it should come up. So you can see it here, it’s down the bottom. It’s this last one here.

It basically just has an Immortal symbol and Valorant at the bottom and it says by DEFYED. So if you click on that, you can open it and you can like it and just play through it there.

Favourite it if you want. But basically everything in this playlist has been designed to help you be more accurate and precise with your crosshair and mouse when you try to aim at someone.

A lot of the tasks in Aim lab seem to reward speed over  accuracy but I find that’s actually probably not the best way to do it because you want to be accurate more so than fast and then sort of improve your speed over time.

Because if you’re fast but you miss your shot, you’re gonna die, so, try be accurate before increasing the speed because that way you’ll have a much higher accuracy and then be better than a lot of players who miss all their shots.

So the first task here is Strafetrack on precision mode which is a really simple one with a single target  that will move side to side at constant speed and it will sometimes changes directions as well The better you do though, the smaller the target gets which  makes the task harder but it increases your precision as well. 

The second task here is Motiontrack and this one’s similar to the first task but it’s a little bit harder  as you’ve got to flick to the randomly moving target after first shooting the centre dot.  

I like this one because it helps with aiming at targets in unexpected positions. Next up we have Microshot on precision which helps with fine adjustments of aim and being accurate  to targets near your crosshair.

Now in Valorant, this is how you want enemies to appear most of the time and so  this training task is actually the most important out of all of the other ones as accuracy here will  dramatically help in game if your crosshair is positioned correctly.

I’ll talk about this a little bit more in the Good Habits section coming up, but for this task, essentially you just shoot the middle target, then shoot the  target that appears and quickly snap back to the middle target and then just repeat that over and over.

Next up is Motion shot on Precision mode and this one’s basically the same as the second task but instead of tracking the target you’ve gotta shoot the target this time and also the target’s gonna get smaller the better you do.
Again,  this one helps with hitting unexpected targets but also being accurate at the same time. Now next up is a task to help with your speed and that is Spidershot Speed.  

This one is similar to the third task micro shot except that the targets remain large and will also appear  at further distances.

This one will help with your accuracy and flicking to further away targets as well as being quick while doing it.

And the last task here is Sixshot which is probably one of my favourites and it helps you basically to quickly switch between targets.

Now the good thing about this one is that again the targets are small  so your accuracy is going to improve while also being able to choose between multiple targets.

Don’t forget though to work slowly and accurately first and then as you get better, slowly try to increase your speed.

Now here I like to do each task about 5 times in order from 1 to 6 before moving on to the next task.

So I’ll do 5 Strafe tracks and then I’ll do 5 Motion tracks and so on.
This is gonna take about 30 to 40 minutes depending on how long you look at the results after each run but if you’ve got a longer time to practice, you could do this up to 10 times if you want which would take about double what I mentioned before so about an hour or so.

Also it’s really important that you do this daily or as close to daily as possible and the reason for this is basically your muscle memory, if you don’t use it you’re gonna lose it so make sure you use it as much as possible and try to do it daily if you can.
If you can’t do it daily or if you’ve only got a little bit of time, you can shorten the exercises as that will still help a little bit as well.

So that’s basically the training routine that I used to get Immortal level in Valorant but that’s not the full picture.

I also used a warmup routine before every single competitive match, so that I was ready and warmed up before I started playing.
This is super important because you want every shot you take in  a competitive match to be crisp and on target.  

But sometimes you might have cold hands or you just can’t seem to land your shots but I find a  quick warmup will release any tension and get you ready for on target aim when it matters the most.

Now what I like to do is run through my AimLab playlist about 2 or 3 times first and then I’ll  jump into Valorant and play through a couple of deathmatches until my aim feels like it’s good  enough for competitive.
The first deathmatch I’ll usually use my favourite rifle so I’ll pick up  the Vandal and then maybe halfway through I’ll swap to the Phantom.

In the second deathmatch,  I’ll usually use a different weapon.

This is often the other rifle, so the phantom,  or maybe I’ll pick up the operator and if I’m feeling like I need to change it up a little bit I’ll use a  pistol but I find this is a lot harder since you are almost always going up against players with  rifles but if you’re up to the challenge, this can be quite good training as well.

Now raw aim and muscle memory is good and a warmup is important but without  some basic good habits, you’ll miss a lot of the kills that you could’ve easily hit.
So the first good habit to get into is just aiming at head height and positioning your crosshair at head height.

I see a lot of new players when they first start they seem to aim at the ground for some reason.

I don’t really understand why. I even did this when I first started but try get into a habit of just holding your crosshair and positioning your crosshair at head level and try to think where the enemy might come from and what level their head will be so you can position it early.

Now another good habit to get into is when holding angles trying to position your crosshair where the enemy might be when they come around a corner.

So if you’re expecting the enemy to play a bit slow or to jiggle peek you, you want to hold a tight angle.

But if you think they might run around a corner full speed and peek you quite wide you want to have your crosshair further out from the edge of the wall.

And the reason is so that you just don’t have to move your crosshair as far when they swing you.

The same kind of habit applies when you’re trying to swing corners yourself. If you’re swinging a close corner, then you want to do this as wide and as fast as possible.

But if you’re swinging a far corner or you’re expecting the enemies to be quite far away when you swing, then you want to probably jiggle peek it just to get information and then use that information to decide if you want to peek that again, or if you want to go somewhere else.

Doing these things when holding angles or swinging corners is basically so that you don’t have to move your crosshair as far and this will help you get onto target quicker and be more accurate and get the kill much faster.

Another good habit to get into is basically just trying not to move too much when you’re shooting.
If you’re running at full speed and you’re trying to shoot the enemy, your bullets are just going to fly everywhere and not be very accurate.

So the best way is to basically stand still and then shoot a couple of bullets, strafe left or right and then stop and then shoot another couple of bullets. Now this takes a lot of practice.

It’s called counterstrafing but this will help you be a lot more accurate when you shoot as well and also dodge the enemies bullets a little bit too.

Now, I’m not actually saying you can’t shoot when you’re running or walking as sometimes it does work if you’re taken by surprise or if the enemy is really close and you’re just trying to dodge their bullets while you spray at them.
Sometimes this can work but most of the time if you’re full spraying and full running it’s not going to hit the target so you want to try and stand still as much as you can.

Alright that’s pretty much it for this aim guide guys. Thank you for watching. I hope it has helped you out in some way.

If it has, maybe leave a like on the video and share it with your friends if you think it might help them as well. Don’t forget, if you want more like this, subscribe to the channel.

Put notifications on as well so you don’t miss any other videos and if you’ve got a question or suggestion, or just wanna say hi, make sure you drop me a comment in the comment section below.
Thanks again for watching everyone, I hope you have a good day. Once again, I’m DEFYED and HAPPY GAMING!

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