How to get better aim in Valorant – Aimlab Training

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PortalKota How to get better aim in ValorantAimlab Training. Do you seem to struggle to get kills in Valorant because you just can't seem to aim better than the other guy? Today I'll teach you the exact routine that I've been using which has helped me get better aim and rank up to Immortal.

What's up guys DEFYED here and welcome to the channel. Today I want to help you guys get better  at Valorant, specifically by improving your aim. 

Now there's heaps of things you can do to rank  up and improve at Valorant but I believe that aim is the number one most important thing that you can do to rank up.

 How to get better aim in Valorant – Aimlab Training

Abilities aside, if your aim is the best you will out aim and dominate every other  player in the game.

Add some basic strategy, game sense and ability usage on top of your insane aim  and you will be winning more games and ranking up to Immortal or even higher in no time.

To get us started I just want to show you guys my rank and how this training has worked for me.  

So as you can see this is my account, this is my main, DEFYED. If we go to career up here, you can see that currently I'm Immortal 2.