How to Get the No Beard Filter on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram

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How to Get the No Beard Filter on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram – Hey y’all: this is Grace from Kapwing andi’m, going to quickly show you how to getthe no beard filter.

That’S been going viral ontiktok, which essentially shows what you looklike without facial hair.

Let’S get into it. Sothis filter is actually in snapchat, not tiktokso. To get the filter.

Go to snapchat and thenclick the little smiley icon at the very bottomclick, the explore button at thebottom right and then you can searchfor no beard and it should be the one withthe blue slashed through it, so click thatand.

Obviously i do not have a beard so youcan flip the camera or use your front cameraand, take a photo by clicking the buttonor hold down the button to record a videoand.

How to Get the No Beard Filter on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram

This works, as i said, with the front or theback camera, so i’ve got some pictures of keanureeves up here and if we click one of themyou see that it takes away the uh, the beardso you’re, basically going to record the contentyou, want in snapchat and then take That video andupload it to tik tok and publish it as a tiktokso, i’m going to hold down to record here and then to save the video and get itto tiktok or wherever else you wantclick the save button at the very bottom in themiddle.

And then it should be in your camera rollnow if you do want to make some quick edits, toyour video, for example, merging multiple clipstogether or adding whatever audio you want.

You can do that easily in kapwing, which is an onlinevideo editor that works on any device to get therejust click.

The first link in the description belowyou’ll be able to upload the video that youjust saved to your camera roll from snapchatand.

Then you can do things in the top bar like addtext or even image: overlays audio or subtitles orother things, so i’m actually gon na just do animage overlay of keanu with with the facialhair for comparison and then once you’re ready, toget your video to tick-tock.

Then click the exportvideo red button in the corner to remove thewatermark for free, just sign in to your kapwingaccount and then to save a video, just clickdownload, download again and click the top rightarrow click.

The project you just made and thenthe bottom left, icon and click. Save video so nowthat video is in your camera, roll and then headto tick, tock click, the plus button at the bottomand, then click the upload button and choose theproject.

You just made then regular, tiktok, stepsjust click. Next make any other edits. You wantand publish your video.

Hopefully, this video washelpful, if it was please give it a like and makesure to subscribe to stay up to date with all ofthe video creation trends and tutorials that wepublish every week we’ll see you in the next video .
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