How to Install Java JDK JRE on Windows 10 2021

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PortalKota – How to Install Java JDK JRE on Windows 10 2021. If you’re looking for how you can download and install java development kit, then you are in the right place.

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Watch this video until the end, because i’m about to show you step by step process to download and install the latest version of jdk from the official website on windows, 10 machine.

So without further ado, let’s get started: [ Music ]. Firstly, we have need to download and install the latest version of jdk to download it copy this link.

I have provided this link in the video description now open up your favorite web browser.

How to Install Java JDK JRE on Windows 10 2021

I am using microsoft edge here, then paste the copied link into the search bar and hit enter.

This is the official page for downloading the latest version of java development kit. Now, click on this jdk download link.

It will redirect you to the java sc development kit, downloads, page scroll down, and you can see we have here download links for jdk for linux, mac, os and windows. Currently its size is 159 mb.

Click on this download link check. I have reviewed and accept the license agreement and finally, click on this long, green download button, and now you can see our jdk installer exe file is started downloading here.

It will take some time to download all depend on your internet connection. Speed our jdk installer setup file is downloaded successfully click on show in folder. Let me expand the window.

We need to install this file right. Click on this file and select run as administrator click on yes, and it will start the setup wizard.

Let me close all other windows so that we can focus on installation part welcome to the installation wizard for java and click on the next button.

No need to change installation folder, we’ll just stick to the default and press on next button. It will take some time to install it says jdk successfully installed.

Now we can click on close button good job. Now, let’s check java is working or not. Click on windows. Button then type cmd and then click on command prompt.

Now, let’s first check for java version here: type java, space, minus minus version and press enter, and if you see something like this, then congratulations.

You have successfully installed java on your windows, 10 machine.

Now, let’s check for java c type java c space, minus minus version and press enter as you can see, we have the latest javascript version installed here subscribe and turn on the notifications.

So you don’t miss more videos, helping you to learn how to code and become a successful programmer and i’ll see you in the next video take care.

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