How to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode 2021 (2 Free Ways)

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PortalKota – How to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode 2021 (2 Free Ways). For some reasons you may want to restore youriPhone.

But, to start with, the first thing you need to do is to put your iPhone in Recovery Mode.

So in today’s moment I’ll show you how to putan iPhone 10 in Recovery Mode Lets jump in So the first method is to enter Recovery Mode manually.

How to Put iPhone X in Recovery Mode 2021 (2 Free Ways)

First connect your iPhoneto, your computer, with a lightning cable For aniPhone 10 to enter Recovery Mode is to press and release the volume up.

Then, press and release, the volume down, then press and hold. The side button Now lets get started.

Volume up volume to hold the side button. Don’t, let go of your finger.

Evenwhen, you see the Apple logo, then you see the screen showing support. That means you’ve put your iPhone in Recovery Mode successfully.

When you launch iTunes on your computer You’ll, see a pop up window, saying that your iPhone is required to be updated or restored.

If you just want to simply refresh youriPhone, then you can choose the update option.

If you need to factory reset. It then go with the restore button. The second method Ill introduce in this moment is a third-party tool called Tenorshare, Reiboot Withthis tool.

You can put your iPhone in Recovery Mode with 1 click And what’s more, this feature is totally free Now lets see how it works I’ll leave the download link in the description below.

If you have interests Once downloaded, launch Reiboot Also connects your iPhone toyour computer, Then click on enter or exit the Recovery Mode on the bottom left corner.

When your iPhone is detected by Reboot choose the right section, Then click to enter Recovery Mode And boom in seconds your iPhone willbe put in Recovery Mode Just with one click.

You can make this happen without any complexfinger combination.

Definitely you should try it Okay, so this is the tutorial about howto. Put an iPhone 10 into recovery. Mode.

‘Ve mentioned two free ways to help you out. If, you succeeded by following the instruction don’t forget to give us a thumb up: Ill begrateful. If you subscribe, See you in next moment.

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