How to Quickly Download Facebook Captions and Subtitles as SRT or TXT Using SaveSubs

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PortalKota – How to Quickly Download Facebook Captions and Subtitles as SRT or TXT Using SaveSubs. In this moment I’ll show you how you can quickly download Facebook, captions and Subtitles as SRT Subtitles or text files using SaveSubs Hi.

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How to Quickly Download Facebook Captions and Subtitles as SRT or TXT Using SaveSubs

So I did a moment a while back on how to easily download Facebook, captions or Subtitles, And this method particularly used something called inspecting code where we’d get the code for this particular moment.

And then, when we do the inspect code, we’d extract the URL with the SRT subtitle file. Now Facebook has changed some few codes here and there And for some strange reason you may or may not see the particular URL to the subtitle.

But that should not worry you, because in this moment I’ll show you how you can easily –.

All you need to know is just the URL of the moment and you’ll be able to download the Subtitles for that Facebook, moment as SRT or text.

Now, let’s go to Facebook And here have a moment And this moment has automatic captions, let’s just click on this particular title, so that we can get the URL of this particular moment. Now click on it.

We and I’ll just pause it and when I click on the gear or the Settings, icon, you’ll see auto generated captions, And this is intentional.

I’Ve done this intentionally so that you can see that this particular method also works with auto-generated captions, especially if you do live moments on Facebook, you can use this particular method.

So what we need is this particular URL here This one just right: click on it to copy And then we go to the website. Now, SaveSubs Com is an excellent website. You can use it to download Subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So all we need to do is just enter the URL here. Right, click and paste. And once we click on paste, click on extract and download, Let’s just do that And there it’s done.

Now, if we scroll down slightly to the bottom, you’ll see the title And then you’ll see the settings.

You can download the Facebook moment because it’s already been downloaded on this particular server Or you can just download the SRT or the text.

Lets just click on SRT to download the SRT Subtitles And it’s already downloaded just click on open and you’ll see the SRT Subtitles here.

Next up, let’s see the text file, just click on it. You may want this, especially if you want to repurpose this into a blog post. Let’s just open it up. And here we have it.

So if we just let’s just move this to the side slightly, that’s the text file And then this is the SRT subtitle file.

So if we look at them both of them side by side, they are identical. Its just that the SRT has the numbers and the time codes.

The text file has been stripped of the numbers and the time codes. So that’s a super awesome and quick way to download Facebook, captions or Subtitles as SRT or text files.

Super quick super easy using SaveSubs And just a note here is that once you download a new tab, pops up here – titled “, My Files” and if you click on it, you’ll see that your files will be stored for 24 hours locally.

But if you don’t want, you can clear all.

But if you still want them, You can also download this, but I’d recommend once you’re done just clear all your files, So I’ll clear all And that’s it for this moment That’S how you can quickly download Facebook, captions and Subtitles as SRT or text using SaveSubs Thanks for watching this moment.

I hope it has been of value And until next time, stay safe and never stop learning. Thank you so much for watching this moment.

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