How to Recover Unsaved Word Document [The Easiest Way 2021]

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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document – Today tip I have this word file. It’S a pretty long document.

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It took a lot of my effort and my time and to show you the moral of this video I’ll, add some extra text now to save your time.

I’Ll use, “ equal rand” trick. = rand, ( ), you can learn more about “ equal rand” trick in my previous video titled how to insert random text in a microsoft.

Word document I’ll drop a link to that video in the description box down below now. Let’S format, some of my added content.

Let me bold this word using shortcut key Ctrl B, and this word too underline this sentence using shortcut key Ctrl: U and double space lines in this paragraph using shortcut key Ctrl: 2. Ok, I’m done with this file. I like it this way. I’Ll close Microsoft.

Word Word asks me as usual. If i want to save – and yes I want to save so I click yes, but somehow I’ve got distracted by something.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

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A kid, a pet, a mobile phone – something happened and made me mistakenly choose No. Instead of Yes.

What should i do now?

Okay, don’t panic, I might be able to restore my work, but let me first advise you not to rush and to watch this video to the end. It’S strongly recommended to recover my unsaved file.

Just reopen microsoft. Word: go to file open, recover, unsaved documents, and here is my file: double click on it and yes, it looks like my file.

I hit ctrl End to move the cursor to the end of the document and here’s my added content with all format. I made a minute ago now: I should save this file.

Don’T rush, don’t close this video, it’s not over, yet there’s an option must be enable in order to be able to use this feature go to file options.

Save here. It is it’s enabled by default and it’s very meaningful keep the last autorecovered version.

If i close without save it is a child option, so you must enable its parent in order to enable it. If you like this video kindly hit like if you are a Microsoft, Word, fan, consider, subscribing and ring the bell.

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