How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 8/8 Plus 2021

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PortalKota – How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 8/8 Plus 2021. If you want to have an iPhone with both the Touch ID and A11 Bionic, iPhone 8 would be the one, and the one only.

As you can see, my iPhone 8 is on the Activation Lock screen.

In this tutorial, Im going to show you how to remove this without using the Apple ID or passcode, just in case you forgot them.

So, lets get started. The tool we are using here is 4MeKey, youll find the link in the description below if youd like to download.

So once launched it, plug your iPhone into the computer. Then go to the Remove iCloud Activation Lock section. click on start and agree to the disclaimer.

4MeKey will download the jailbreak tool first. Now insert an empty USB thumb drive into the computer, once detected, hit start to create the jailbreak drive.

Once done, youll see a guide showing you step by step how to complete the jailbreak on Windows.

You can scan the QR code here to view the guide on your other iPhone or iPad.

So lets now restart the computer, When it boots up, press F12 key to enter the boot option, then boot your computer from the UEFI hard drive.

Then well see the checkrein jailbreak wizard, make sure your iPhone is still connected at this point, then you should see the device information right here.It says the iOS is not supported at this point.