How to Setup DUALSHOCK 4 Controller on Apple TV – iPhone & Games

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PortalKotaHow to Setup DUALSHOCK 4

So, let's go explore. Let'S go to setting in apple tv and find remoteand devices press enter and go to bluetooth devices so where you found how to pair gamecontroller option now time to connect dualshock 4 with apple tv, you need to press ps and a sharebutton together for 3 to 5.

Second, so when you get a notification on the controller tries to connectwith apple tv here, you go, gets a notification on apple tv, so it's connected successfully time to play, games on apple tv and enjoy also we can use dualshock 4 controller, foroperating apple tv, other applications.

I'M showing you example on youtubeapplication and see the results now: let's connect the dualshock 4 controller with iphonejust key press, the ps button for3 to 5 seconds, so you get the option to pair the controller withiphone and enjoy the gaming experience.

I hope this moment is helpful for those whowants to use gaming controller with apple tv or with iphone, if you are interestedin product reviews. Click on this playlist thanks for watching and i willsee you in the next one.