How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android phone & from Android Phone to iPhone in Hindi

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How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android phone & from Android Phone to iPhone – So friends, in today, video we will see how to transfer file from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone Whether any video file, an audio file, picture file, document file or anything Seamlessly.

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You can transfer from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone The app we will use, is’Jio Switch’ app, Which doesn’t require any internet and it doesn’t show any ads.

We will show you the complete process step by step, So the video might be a little long.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android phone & from Android Phone to iPhone

So I have given timestamp in the video description, If you only wan na know how to transfer file from Android to iPhone.

So simply you can understand that process And if you wan na, only know how to transfer file from iPhone to Android.

So you can understand that process by clicking on the timestamp. Let’S start the video, If you like the video, then press the like button, Jai Hind, my name is Pushkar and you are watching TechScrew.

Let’S start So. I have one Samsung galaxy M 51, which is an Android mobile, And this is iPhone. Se 2020.

We have put a timer here with the help of which we will show you.

The transfer speed iPhone to Android mobile Android to iPhone mobile, And we will show you by transferring a very big file So that you can get a proper Idea. We are going to use’Jio Switch’ app So quickly.

Let’S start, This is our Android phone’Samsung M 51′, And this is our iPhone And let me show you the settings in both.

So if talk about iPhone setting So in connectivity, you can see the mobile data is off.

Wifi and Bluetooth are also off. Personal hotspot is also off If talks about Android, So here you can see, WiFi is off, Hotspot is off Bluetooth and mobile data are also off Now, let’s move to the main screen And let’s open Jio Switch app on Android mobile and except it.

If talks about the iPhone, So let’s open the Jio Switch app on iPhone too, you will get to see something like this home screen of Jio Switch.

You can clear such notification, So, let’s clear So this type of Screen you will get. First of all, let’s show you how to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

We will show you mainly video And the same way you can transfer the data First of all, click on’Send’ on Android. After that, you will see the sharing file option If you wan na share all the video file. So simply just click on this checkbox.

But if you wan na select the video Tap on this arrow and you will get to see all the video file of the mobile Here – I am selecting this one, video of 11 Minute and 52 Seconds duration And definitely its size will be large. So I have selected It and then tap on’Done’ After clicking on’Done’ Tap on Send after tapping you will get 2 option.

Let me show you from a closer 1st is’Send data to Jio phone’ And 2nd is’Send data to iPhone’.

We have to tap on 2nd option After that it is showing 2 steps.

First, is you have to go to iPhone WiFi settings And connect this WiFi by entering this password? So now, let’s go to iPhone. We have to open our WiFi on iPhone.

So, let’s open the WiFi, So you can see the similar WiFi is showing on iPhone Tap on it.

We get an option to enter the password. Let’S enter the password quickly After entering the password, You simply have to tap on the Join button After clicking go to the Jio Switch app And after that you have to tap on’Receive’ After tapping on Receive.

The signal. Emit animation has come on the iPhone, come back again to Samsung M51, So you will get to see the iPhone symbol in Android.

So as soon as we will tap on it, the process will start So we will start the process and timer together.

We will tap both together, So you can see, transfer has been started, It is a 4 GB video file And we are transferring it. We have started the timer so that you will get the exact idea How much time it takes to transfer a 4 GB file.

So friends, you can see it has taken 12 minutes 36 Seconds of time to transfer a 4 GB file from Android to iPhone, Which is definitely more, But even then it is justifiable Why We will tell you at the end of this video Now, let’s start the Next step In this, we will transfer the same 4 GB file from iPhone to Android And will see the transfer speed And how to do the transfer Process. Understanding is very important.

Currently, click on done. Your app will come again on the home page And, let’s clear this notification from here, So such home page, you will get except it.

Let’S turn off all the connection Like we have turned off the Wifi. Other connection were already off. Wifi was ON in android mobile, so I have turned it off.

Bluetooth, hotspot and data are disabled. Now, when we have to transfer data from iPhone to Android phone So tap on this’Send’ button Again, it will start to show all the files you can transfer Click on.

Checkbox, if you wan na, select complete video file, click on this arrow to seperately select the videos.

The recent video file this iPhone has received is of 11 minutes 52 seconds. I hope you are able to see on the screen So directly select this file And, let’s tap on done And then tap.

On’Send’ 2 option has come 1st.
Send data to Jio phone 2nd, Send data to non-IOS devices. We have to select the 2nd option. Some steps have come. What are they?

First of all, you have to open the settings of your IOS device, Go to WiFi And connect to the WiFi created by receiver. Phone Come back to Jio, Switch app and collab with the screen.

So, first of all, we will create a WiFi hotspot from our Android mobile Here. Remember we are not turning internet ON Simply create the hotspot. After creating we have come back to Android’s home screen.

Now we will go to settings in iPhone. We have to connect it from hotspot, which we have created in receiver mobile, which is Android mobile, Long tap on WiFi, Again long tap after enable The WiFi connection will show here.

So you can see’Galaxy M51′ WiFi is enabled It is showing, but our iPhone is currently not connected to it.

We will tap on it. It is not showing here, okay, Because we had connected with it before, But we have changed the password so that we can explain you You have to enter the password again.

So, let’s go to WiFi settings Newly WiFi (, which is not connected before ), will show here.

So WiFi is enabled here And here, Galaxy M51 is showing We will tap on it And we have to enter the password in it. So it is showing an incorrect password for galaxy M 51, And now we will enter its password First, we had kept the password’12345678′.

Now we have kept the password’87654321′ Then tap on, join after tapping on join It will connect. I think It should connect Okay, so it has connected after connect.

You can see Jio Switch on the status bar tap on it. We have come to the Jio Switch app. It is not showing M51 because we haven’t tap on Receive on the Android mobile Tap on Receive After tapping on receive.

It has enabled on Samsung M51 (, Android Mobile, ) And Icon will start to show in your iPhone Now as soon as we will tap on it, the transfer will start So, let’s start the transfer To start the transfer, we will tap on it and also we Will start the timer, So we have started and the transfer and timer has been started after the complete transfer. We will show you the transfer, speed.

So friends, you can see the 4 GB file has been transferred from iPhone to Android And it has taken 10 Minute.

31 Seconds Means 2 minutes less to transfer files from iPhone to Android, And if you are on the video till now so press the like button And subscribing to the channel is free. So do subscribe.

So friends in this video, you have seen how to transfer the file from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone With the help of the Jio Switch app.

The process has taken around 12 minutes 35 seconds in transferring the file from Android to iPhone, And it has taken around 10 Minute 31 seconds in transferring the file from iPhone to Android.

After taking so much. We are saying this process justifiable, because These 2 ecosystems, Android and IOS, It is very hard to transfer the file in between these IOS, doesn’t want to keep any type of connection with Android.

That’S why you have to use a 3rd party app Now all the 3rd party apps, like we have tried’Zapiya’ And’Send File Anywhere’.

So we have tried so many apps, but you will get to see so many ads in all such apps And in the Jio Switch app. You haven’t got any type of ads during the transfer of file.

Pop-Up ads come in every other app. This means until you cut it. The transfer process will not start So.

After watching all these, I found the Jio Switch app more reliable Except it.

We are more assured with Jio Switch related to privacy and security, Because the way Google is giant so it is true that Jio is a giant in India, Indian brand and Indian app.

So we feel more secure related to privacy and security. So you can use this Jio Switch app for transferring the file from iPhone to Android and Android to iPhone Process Is very simple.

If you have liked the video, then press the like button Subscribe to the channel, See you in the next video till then use the technology to a limit. Thank you for reading.

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