How to Unlock Lost Mode iPhone without Passcode or Apple ID 2021

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PortalKota – How to Unlock Lost Mode iPhone without Passcode or Apple ID 2021. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can turn on lost mode like this to find my iPhone on

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So that others cannot access your personal information, But when you find it or report it as lost accidentally, how can you turn it off? Its actually quite easy to do that In todays, tutorial I’m going to show you 3 different ways to quit lost mode with or without the passcode or Apple ID So, let’s get started At best.

How to Unlock Lost Mode iPhone without Passcode or Apple ID 2021

If you found the device eventually, you can simply get out of lost mode like this. Yes, just the passcode, then everything is back.

If the device is not with you, you can stop lost mode remotely on Enter your Apple ID and password Head to find iPhone Click all devices on the top bar Select your iPhone, Then go ahead and stop lost mode See your device is out of lost mode.

Now. Moving on, if you forgot, the passcode and Apple ID Here, is how to turn it off and start afresh using iTunes and 4MeKey.

So once you open iTunes to connect, your phone to the computer, Then put it into recovery mode For iPhone 10 or later is press and quickly release the volume up button.

Then, press and quickly release the volume down. Then press and hold the side button till you see the connect to lap top icon Now proceed with the restore option in iTunes Download the firmware.

Then here we go. If iTunes is giving you errors, 4uKey will be a nice alternative.

So once completed your device will show you the hello screen Now lets head to the activation lock screen, so we can bypass it Here.

We are To bypass this well, be using a tool called 4MeKey There’s, a link in the description below if you’d like to download So once you open it up, Make sure your iPhone is still connected with the computer.

Then head to the remove iCloud activation lock section Follow the on-screen instruction to download the jailbreak tool, Then insert an empty USB thumb drive into the computer once detected hit start to create the jailbreak drive.

Once done, you’ll see a guide showing you step by step, how to complete the jailbreak on Windows.

You can scan the QR code here to view the guide on your other iPhone or iPad. So lets now restart the computer When it boots up press F12 key to enter the boot option.

Then boot, your computer from the UEFI hard drive, Then well see the checkrein jailbreak wizard make sure your iPhone is still connected.

At this point, then, you should see the device information right here. It says the iOS is not supported at this point. No worries we should head to the Option.

First check off, allow untested iOS and skip A11 BRP check, then go ahead and quit back Now. It says iPhone is only partially supported.

Thats fine! Let’S proceed! The device will be put into recovery mode.

First, press next to confirm: Once in press start, then quickly follow the instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode before the countdown is over For an iPhone 10 is press and hold both the side and volume down button for 4 seconds.

Then let go of the side button but continue holding the volume down for another 10 seconds Once in DFU mode, you’ll see the jailbreak code running on your device.

Well done now lets reboot the computer and open 4MeKey to start over This time. You’ll get right to the device information page Go head and start removing It’ll be done within a minute.

Ok now it says the removal is successful. Lets go ahead and check it out When you see this data and privacy option, you know you have exited the lost mode.

Lets move on Make sure not to create passcode Touch ID or Face ID and skip signing in to your own Apple ID.

When you got here, Then you can proceed to the Home screen. Then in settings you’ll see the apple account has been signed out and apparently it’s no longer in lost mode That’s.

It Thanks for watching, I hope this video helps you guys Have a nice day, See you in the next video.

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